Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) january edition

Hello my awesome people... ;) it is this time of the month again... when I share with you books that I just can't wait to read... :) and this time there is only two of them... but what a treat they both are... ;) seriously, I have a really hard time deciding which one I'm looking forward to more... ;) but I think I have to go with...

"Happily ever ninja" by the amazing Penny Reid :) seriously, this woman has the most awesome, smart and quirky writing style I've ever read... and I absolutely love it :) she writes contemporary romances and her books are always funny and sweet and sexy and just hilarious ;) you have to check her out... :) and more about that in a moment ;) this particular book, that I'm gonna devour when I get my hands on it, is book #5 in Knitting in the city series :) but all her books can be read as standalones... and I am looking to this one, cause it will be different than her other books... although to be honest I can say that about all her books... each and every one of them have a different feel to it and yet you can see her hand and heart in all of them which make them that much special... <sigh> but back to this one... it's gonna be about a married couple and I can't wait to read it and share with you my feelings in a review... especially since I'm gonna have a very cool announcement about it... but I'm gonna wait till the review to write you all about it... but I'm super excited ;)

The second and last book that I can't wait to read is "The score" by Elle Kennedy, book #3 in Off-campus series, a NA romance with a bit of a hockey theme in it :) and don't worry it has no unnecessary angst and drama that you can sometimes find in those books about college kids ;) when something is happening, it is happening for very good reasons... believe me... ;) I loved the first two books in this series and have very high hopes when it comes to the story of Dean ;) and from what I heard so far from people who read ARCs... those lucky bastards... ;) it's absolutely worth it.... :) but I'm definitely waiting to see it for my own eyes... and then to immediately share with you guys my opinion in a review ;) and I will add something that we are all thinking... those covers are definitely drawing attention to the books... am I right? ;)

Both authors that I'm writing about today have an excellent writing style and the ability to create compelling stories and fantastic characters... and to make you even more curious about those books, I'm gonna leave you here links to the reviews I wrote of their other books ;) so first we have Elle Kennedy and her previous Off-campus books :) so here's my review of book #1 that I loved so much... I think I see a re-read in the near future ;) and here's book #2, a great addition to the series :) and now for the amazing Penny Reid :) here's the links to the reviews of the fantastic previous Knitting in the city books :) book #1, book #2, book #3 and this one is my favourite of them all... <sigh> Alex... ;) and book #4 :) she also wrote a great NA romance, and you can find my review here :) and let's not forget about the beginning of yet another awesome series, Winston brothers... I dare you not to fall in love with Jessica after reading the quotes I used in my review, that you can find here :) and last but not least, she co-wrote the most funny book I read recently called "The hooker and the hermit" ;) I dare you to read my review and say that you are not curious about it... ;) you can find it here :) and don't worry, even though when I wrote my review I didn't have that information, but now I know for sure that there will be more books after that one, so it's officially the first book of a series :) I hope I gave you enough cool stuff to read and I'll talk to you again in january ;)



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