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Review: "Winter" by Marissa Meyer

Author: Marissa Meyer
Title: "Winter"
Book 4 in series The Lunar chronicles
Main characters: well... about that... ;)

So first of all, let me explain that last line... although theoretically the book is titled "Winter" and yes, we do get to know more about her and Jacin... I can't really say that she is the main character... I feel like this is more of an ensemble book :) the previous ones were also a bit like that, but here, there's no other way to say that :) and don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved it :) which brings me to my second of all... this was one of the best... conclusions... to a series... EVER!!! :) seriously people... it is hard for me to find words good enough to show you how much I loved it :) but I will do my best :) and before we start, let me just add... this is gonna be a review not only about "Winter" but also about the whole series, but I'm gonna make it spoiler free, so if you are new to it... or just haven't read the last one yet, you won't have any nasty surprises along the way :) so let's begin... ;)

I have to say... so many emotions, feelings and thoughts are fighting for my attention inside of my head right now, and it's hard to decide where to start... so first let me tell you a bit more about the series... we have our world years in the future... with cyborgs, androids, new technology... we have a plague, uncurable disease that cost lifes of so many humans... and we have Lunars and their queen Levana... they live on the Moon and are a bit different than people... and their queen... her plans are much more deeper and sinister than you can imagine... it's really hard for me to tell you more without spoilers, cause after reading all of the books, I know things that you might discover in book #2 or #3 and I don't want to give away too many details accidentaly... but what I can say is that there's no events or characters that appear in this book without a cause... Marissa Meyer really knew where she was going with this story, cause everything comes toghether in the end in an epic conclusion as I previously mentioned ;) and it is amazing, because I have been disappointed a few times as a reader, when it seemed that author used all of his/her good ideas on the first book and it all went down from there... we have the exact opposite situation here :) book #1 is great and it only gets better from there :) so just believe me when I say... it is a perfect combination of an interesting world, fascinating characters, adventure, mystery and romance with as many funny and hilarious moments as well as "aaawww..." ones... :) from the moment you start reading, the story, and the world that Marissa Meyer created will pull you in and won't let go... you will keep turning pages, wanting to know more... wanting to see what happens next... how all of this will end... :)

As of now, we have four full lenght books, one novella and four short stories in a wonderful series that is The Lunar chronicles :) there is also a bonus information, but I will tell you all about it in a moment... :) let me start with full lenght books :) all of them are titled after characters, who are loosely based on fairy tale stories... :) so we have "Cinder", mechanic and cyborg with a mysterious past as a version of Cinderella, then there is "Scarlet", a brave and kick-ass version of Red Riding Hood, next one is "Cress", lovely hacker version of Rapunzel and of course "Winter", a heartbreaking version of Snow White... all of those books also include other people and events that reminds you of the stories we know so well... :) and I have to say, that the idea of a cyborg Cinderella caught my attention in the first place... and this whole world blew my mind... :) I have to congratulate Marissa Meyer on her imagination and talent... because she created a fascinating and rich world, with so many interesting characters that you just want more and more... no matter how long the story is, you keep wanting more... :) we have also one novella in this series, and I really do encourage you to read it between "Cress" and "Winter"... because "Fairest" gives you an amazing insight into queen Levana... and I did my best not to use any adjectives before her name, although a few of them came to mind... ;) let's just say that she is not a good person, and leave it at that... but it was a great read :) although I'm still amazed that this woman is a creation of the same mind that gave us so many wonderful characters... when I think that Levana, Cinder, Scarlet and all others, cause the list is too long to mention them all here by name, all came from one mind... it's scary how good Marissa Meyer is... :) now about that short stories... they all allow us additional glimpses into this world... but you don't have to read them to understand what's happening in the books... although they are really good and you absolutely should read them at some point ;) "Glitches" is about Cinder when she first met her adoptive family, "The little android" is loosely based on "The little mermaid" and is the first short story ever that made me cry, "The queen's army" show us beginnings of a character that we meet in "Scarlet", and "Carswell's guide to being lucky" is a glimpse into the life of a young captain Carswell Thorne, the most charming character in this whole series... :) but, if you wait till february next year, so not very long... ;) "Stars above" will be published then :) it will not only include the four already known stories, but I'm hearing it will have not two, as we previously assumed, but four or five brand new gems for us to read over and over again ;) so I leave the decision to you :)

We have a great ensemble of characters in this series :) I will try to tell you a bit more about the key players that we meet throughout the whole series without giving away too much ;) so we have Cinder, a gifted mechanic and part cyborg :) and there is much more to her than even she knows :) and then there's Kai, prince of the Eastern Commonwealth and a future emperor :) he's a bit more serious, and for good reasons... then we meet Scarlet... a kick-ass, determined and brave Scarlet :) and of course there's Wolf ;) I kid you not... :) he has a real name, but for a long time it's just Wolf :) he's a fighter with secrets of his own :) then it's Cress, a brilliant and shy but absolutely lovely hacker who spent almost all of her life alone on a satellite :) and Carswell Thorne... sorry, Captain Carswell Thorne ;) he's the most charming, flirting, smooth-talking guy ever... :) he melted my heart more than once ;) and let's not forget about Winter, stepdaughter of queen Levana... beautiful and kind and a bit crazy... because she refuses to use her gift she suffers from hallucinations... and then there's Jacin, a royal guard... loyal and protecting always by her side... :) and as a bonus there is also Iko :) she's an android, but with a peculiar personality glitch, so she's not... she's very... she's the best, you'll love her ;) and all of them are different :) I love how Marissa Meyer created them, and other more and less important characters in this series... they are different but all of them capture your attention... you either root for them or hope they will die a gruesome death ;) and with that delightful thought let me tell you my feelings about "Winter"... :) finally... ;)

It is one of the best conclusions to a series I have ever read... :) without giving away any details I can only focus on my emotions... and they were all over the place while I was reading it... :) first of all, I'm super happy, that this book was so long... after all, we do have many characters that needed to have their moment and their ending... :) and all of them played a very important part in this book :) it was an action packed story with so many surprising twists and turns of events... I was laughing, and crying and gasping from shock all the time... it was an emotional rollercoaster... I swear, the moment I thought I have things figured out, something totally unexpected would happen and I was blown away... :) each book in this series was even better than the last one... cause there were more characters that I loved, great expanding of the world and the story... so my expectations were pretty high before reading this one... I was trying to restrain myself a bit thinking that it cannot possibly be as good as I would like it to be... and it wasn't... it was sooooo.... much... better... :) I know that some of you might say that it's too YA (but it's really not) or it's too sci-fi (again, not really) but I do encourage you to give it a try... cause Marissa Meyer has one of the most captivating writing style I have ever read... her words transport you into the world that she created and you don't ever want to leave... you keep turning pages, mumbling to yourself "just one more chapter" and suddenly it's the end of the book and you look up, realizing that you just finished the last story... when that happened to me a few days ago, when I devoured the second half of "Winter" in one afternoon I was devastated... because I finished it... and it was sooo good I never wanted it to end ;) now I'm impatiently waiting for the additional short stories, and looking forward to check out her new book :) if you would like to talk to me about this book... or, you know... any other book ;) you can find me on facebook :) I'm on my official blog fb profile every day and it's the best way to contact me :) and I always look forward to talking with you, the most awesomnest... yes, that is a word ;) readers ever ;) hugs you guys :)

I hope I convinced you to try this series, even if you think it's not what you usually read... :) cause I had the same thoughts... and it surprised me in the best possible way :) but if you need more, I have for you some of the quotes that hopefully will show you what awesome things wait for you when you pick up this series ;) happy reading :)

Winter and Jacin :)
"'I wanted to be alone with you,' she said, focusing on his face. 'We never get to be alone anymore.'
'It's not proper for seventeen-year-old princesses to be alone with young men who have questionable intentions.'
She laughed. 'And what about young men who she's been best friends with since before she could walk?'
He shook his head. 'Those are the worst.'"

And one more with Winter and Jacin :)
"He thumped his head against the sundial, harder than necessary. 'I'm such an idiot. You should hate me.'
'You may be an idiot, but I assure you, you're quite a lovable one.'
He shook his head. 'You're the only person in the galaxy who would ever call me lovable.'
'I'm the only person in the galaxy crazy enough to believe it.'"

A little something with Cinder and Kai :)
"'Here, hold these wires and don't let them touch.'
Edging against her, Kai took hold of the wires she indicated. 'What happens if they touch?'
'Oh, probably nothing, but there's a small chance the ship would self-destruct.'"

Part of the conversation between Thorne, Cinder and Kai ;) Thorne first
"'Oh, Cinder, I've missed seeing your face when you make sarcastic comments in an attempt to hide your true feelings about me.'
'Please.' Rolling her eyes, Cinder started organizing the guns against the wall.
'See that eye roll? It translates to <How am I possibly keeping my hands off you, Captain?>'
'Yeah, keeping them from strangling you.'
Kai folded his arms, grinning. 'How come no one told me I had such steep competition?'
Cinder glared. 'Don't encourage him.'"

Quick exchange between Kai, Cinder and Iko ;)
"When Kai pulled away, Iko looked from him, to Cinder, then back. Her eyes suddenly rolled up into her head and she collapsed onto the floor. Kai jumped back. 'What happened? Did I hit her power button or something?'
Frowning, Cinder took a step closer. 'Iko, what are you doing?'
'Kai hugged me,' said Iko, eyes still closed. 'So I fainted.'"

Kai and Thorne, Kai first :)
"'I like you too, despite my better judgement.'
'You'd be surprised how often I hear that.'"

Thorne and the rest ;)
"'A liability! You're a liability!' He pointed at Wolf. 'He's a liability, Cress is a liability. We're all liabilities!'
'Am I one too?' asked Iko. 'I don't want to be left out.'"

And the last one, this time with the ladies ;) Scarlet and Winter :) Scarlet first 
"'This would be a bad time for someone to look over and recognize you. They'd probably think I was kidnapping you.'
'You are, in a manner.'
'No, I'm saving you from your psychotic stepmother. There's a difference.'"



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