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Review: "Seduce me at sunrise" by Lisa Kleypas

Author: Lisa Kleypas
Book 2 in series The Hathaways
Main characters: Kev Merripen and Winnifred "Win" Hathaway

This is the second book in this lovely and charming series :) I absolutely adore Lisa Kleypas and her fantastic style of writing... seriously people... it's smart, funny and sexy all in one ;) and it's like that in every single one of her books I read so far :) and this one was no exception :) so let us dive into more details ;)

Merripen is a gypsy who as a kid was badly beaten and left to die... the Hathaways found him and helped him, and when he was healthy again, instead of leaving them, he decided to stay... and yes, a certain someone... <cough> Win <cough> is the true reason behind that decision :) now his this big and silent type, protector of the family... you know that saying "still waters run deep"? it's definitely true in this case :) there is so much more under this stoic and calm facade... :) and Win... she is the most fragile of the siblings, but that's only because of the scarlet fever she endured... it left her weak, but alive... she appears to be the most calm of all the Hathaways, but as with Merripen, there is much more to her than it seems ;)

We learned in previous book that Merripen loved Win for years... but very quickly in this one we discover that the feeling wasn't onesided... unfortunately for them, very early in the book we have a more than two years jump in time... because Win and Leo, her older brother, leave for France, so she can go to a special clinic... she wants to become stronger, so she can have a normal life... well, as normal life as one can have when one belongs to the Hathaway family ;) when they come back she discovers that he's even more cold and distant than before... at least that's how things seem to be... but she learns very fast that there is a passion behind all of that... unfortunately for me, cause I'm not a fan of this I-love-you-but-I-can't-be-with-you-cause-I'm-not-good-enough-for-you-and-yet-I-can't-seem-to-stay-away situations... we have this push and pull thing going on between them... and the fact that a doctor from the clinic comes back with Win and Leo because he's interested in courting her certainly don't help this whole situation... cause for me, you can't say that you love her, but can't be with her and yet you constantly act jealous and stand in her way of interacting and getting to know other men... I'm sorry, it doesn't work like that... :) so that's my one teeny tiny flaw in this story... ;) but then again... when you learn more about him, his past and what he endured... you can't help but forgive him for all that... :) plus, I was really surprised who finally got through to him and helped him see clearly that he was living in fear and wasting time he could be spending with Win... it was a scene both hilarious and absolutely charming :)

Because the Hathaways are so close to each other we get to see throughout the book all of them :) and the more I get to know them, the more I'm curious about each of their stories :) we also get to meet Catherine Marks, a companion of two youngest sisters, who has an instant dislike against Leo... I wonder why...? ;) and more important how is THIS gonna turn out ;) and there is of course the doctor from France ;) and as a wonderful bonus, we get to see, or just hear about, our beloved wallflowers :) we get to know more about Merripen, but also about Cam... more about their pasts and how did they get here... :) I know I sound very mysterious but I'm trying really hard to write about stuff without actually spoiling anything :) so maybe let's change the subject ;) I love the scenes with Merripen and Win when they were younger... it shows how far back this bond and connection between them reach... :) and although there were moments when I wanted to shake Merripen for the way he was acting... or more accurately, punch him or something... :) I was really glad when he finally came to his senses... :) because Win deserve a man who will cherish her and love her as much as he does... :)

Even though all of the books theoretically can be read as standalones, I would really recommend you to read this series in order... :) it will give you so much more this way... :) you can see how certain characters grow and change with time... and because it's a very close family, it's just wonderful to see interactions between them and all the love they have for each other :) oh, before I forget, this book have a truly lovely epilogue... :) set some time in the future ;) but if you want something more, there is also a short (five chapters) free short story called "A Hathaway wedding" :) it's about the wedding (well, duh ;) ) between Merripen and Win :) you can find it here :) and it's like a charming second epilogue to this wonderful book :)

I have for you a few quotes today showing how amazing this whole family is ;) happy reading ;)

Something about Merripen and his feelings for Win... :)
"Kev loved her. Not in the way that novelists and poets described. Nothing so tame. He loved her beyond earth, heaven or hell. Every moment out of her company was agony; every moment with her was the only peace he had ever known. Every touch of her hands left an imprint that ate down to his soul. He would have killed himself before admitting it to anyone. The truth was buried deep in his heart. Kev did not know if Win loved him in return. All he knew was that he didn't want her to."

Part of the conversation between Merripen, Win and Amelia :)
"'Get rid of him,' Win told her sister hoarsely, her head resting on Kev's shoulder. 'He's torturing me.'
'Well, we've always known he was a fiend,' Amelia said in a reasonable tone, coming to stand at the bed side. 'How dare you, Merripen? Coming into an unsuspecting girl's room and feeding her toast.'"

Conversation between Kev and Cam Rohan ;)
"Rohan watched as Kev began to leave. 'Where are you going?' Rohan asked lazily. 'Meeting with your tailor? Going to discuss latest political events at the local coffeehouse?'
'If your goal is to annoy me,' Kev informed him, 'there's no need to make an effort. You annoy me just by breathing.'
'Forgive me. I would try to refrain from the habit, but I've become rather fond of it.'"

Amelia and Leo, when he returned :)
"She flew to him, and was swallowed in a strong embrace. 'The French wouldn't have you?' she asked, her voice muffled against his chest.
'On the contrary, they adored me. But there's no entertainment in staying where one is wanted.'"

A litle something with Catherine and Leo ;)
"'I am aware of your reputation as a skirt-chaser, my lord. I find no cause for humor in it.'
Leo didn't think she found cause for humor in much of anything. 'My reputation has lasted in spite of a two-year absence?' he asked, affecting a tone of pleased surprise.
'You're proud of it?'
'Well, of course. It's easy to have a good reputation... you merely have to do nothing. But earning a bad reputation... well, that takes some effort.'"

Something between sisters :) Beatrix, Poppy and Win :)
"'Oh, Win never does anything wrong,' Beatrix told Miss Marks.
'Win is a saint,' Poppy agreed.' It's very trying. But we do our best to tolerate her.'
Win smiled at them. 'For your information,' she told them lightly, 'I intend to break at least three rules of etiquette before the ball is over.'"

And last one with Kev and Leo :)
"'I've been warned on pain of death not to say anything,' was Leo's first comment as he joined Merripen.
'Good advice,' Kex said. 'You should take it.'
'I never take advice, good or bad. That would only encourage more of it.'"


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