Saturday, November 7, 2015

Review: "Mine till midnight" by Lisa Kleypas

Author: Lisa Kleypas
Book 1 in series The Hathaways
Main characters: Cam Rohan and Amelia Hathaway

I have to admit, I was a bit afraid before reading this one... :) don't get me wrong, I loved her Wallflowers series and maybe that's why I wasn't sure if this one will be as good... :) but the answer is yes... :) it was just as good :) the subtle but very sexy seduction... witty banter... charming and swoonworthy characters... all the ingredients of a perfect historical romance were there :) <sigh> it made me a one, happy reader :) cause I was in a perfect mood to be swept off my feet ;)

Now about that main couple... we met Cam before, in "Devil in winter" and I was curious about his story ever since... and I'm very pleased to inform you, that it's even better than I thought it would be :) Cam if half gypsy and half irish... with his dark, slightly longer hair, golden rings and a diamond stud in his ear he looks like a walking sin... <sigh> were was I...? oh, right... the book ;) ok, back to the topic :) he is the right hand of the owner of Jenner's... let's call it a gambling club, cause it's the shortest way to describe it :) he meets Amelia when she comes there looking for her brother :) Amelia is the oldest sister among the four of them in the Hathaway family plus there is also the oldest brother, Leo :) she takes care of everyone... and she's very controlling ;) but more in a I-love-you-so-I'll-do-anything-I-can-to-take-care-of-you kind of way ;)

Their first night together... and I mean the night when they met, when he helped her find her brother... get your mind out of the gutter ;) ends up with a stolen kiss... and a stolen ribbon ;) cause Cam thinks he will never see her again :) but of course fate has other plans... ;) not many days later, when he visits Marcus and Lillian he discoveres that the Hathaways are their new neighbours :) and starts to see how hard it is for him to stay away from the oldest Hathaway sister... ;) and I love their unexpected and a bit accidental courtship... how they seek each other out... how they react to one another... how fast he gets to know her and really understands her... and the nickname he gives her is truly lovely... hummingbird ;) of course there's a story behind it, but I'm gonna let you discover it for yourself when you read the book :) and I truly adore how she can count on him, cause apparently he's always there when she needs help :) and it's just nice to see that she can lean on someone else for a change... :) but I think what I love the most is when Cam realizes, a bit slowly at first, that maybe this elusive place he thinks he have to find to be happy is not actually a place... but a person... :) or an entire family... ;)

We meet a whole bunch of new characters in this book... I mean, it's only logical since it's book #1 in a brand new series :) we have all the Hathaway siblings... and that includes Merripen, a gypsy their family found half alive when he was a kid, and he grew up with them... and you can see in this book why his and Win's story (the second oldest daughter) is next :) I really love this family... although Leo spent most of the book drunk and in a really bad state of mind, I'm kind of hoping it's gonna get better in the next one, especially since he's gonna get his own story :) but all in all this family is absolutely charming and I can't wait to read all of their stories... :) but besides the new ones, we see some of our favourite familiar faces... :) but don't worry, even if you haven't read the Wallflowers series, you can read this one and enjoy it immensly... but of course if you did read it, the little scenes here and there will have much more meaning to you :) plus I really recommend you to read about the lovely wallflower girls, because those are some really great books ;)

I have to say that with each Lisa Kleypas book that I read, I am more and more convinced that the charming mix of humor, seduction and captivating storytelling is not a coincidence... that woman is just that talented... :) and she's becoming my go-to author when I need some smart, sensual and hilarious story with characters that I want to pull from the book and meet in real life :)

I have for you a few quotes, and believe me... there is much more where they came from ;) throughout the entire book I was either laughing or swooning... with an occasional gasp of surprise ;) I hope that I picked good examples to show you how amazing this book was ;) happy reading :)

One of the reasons why I can't wait for Win's book ;)
"Win stirred and blinked. 'Bother,' she said breathlessly. 'I was standing still, feeling fine, and then the floor seemed to rush up toward me. I'm sorry. I despise swooning.'"

Amelia and one of her sisters, Poppy :) I can so relate to Poppy in this scene... ;)
"Sitting on the edge of the mattress, Amelia eased the covers away from her nineteen-year-old sister. Poppy was groggy and sleep-flushed, her cheek imprinted with a line left by a fold of the bedclothes. Her brown hair, a warmer, ruddier tint than Amelia's, was a wild mass of tangles.
'I hate mornings,' Poppy mumbled. 'And I'm sure I don't like being awakened by someone who looks so bloody pleased about it.'"

Amelia after almost being shot ;)
"'Well. I must say the guidebook didn't warn adequately about the occurrence of rocket fire amid the peaceful Hampshire scenery.' She reached down and whacked at the dust and bits of leaf that clung to her skirts. 'I'm sure you don't know the Hathaways well enough to shoot at us. Yet. When we become better acquainted, however, I have no doubt you'll find ample reason to bring out the artillery.'"

Amelia and Cam :)
"'If you're trying to look meek and civilized,' Amelia said, 'it's not working.'
'I assure you, I'm harmless.'
Amelia smiled at that. 'No doubt it would suit you for everyone to think so.'"

And another one with our main couple :)
"'I... I'm a spinster.' She offered the word as if it were a talisman. Everyone knew that rakish gentlemen were supposed to leave spinsters alone. But it appeared no one had told Cam Rohan.
A covert smile deepened the corners of his mouth. 'That's not going to keep you safe from me.'
She tried to turn away from him, but his hands guided her face back to his. 'I can't seem to leave you alone. In fact, I'm reconsidering my entire policy on spinsters.'"

And the last one a bit further in the book with Amelia and Cam :) Amelia first :)
"'I've considered everything you said earlier. I've made a decision. But first I'd like to explain that it has nothing to do with your personal endowments, which are quite considerable. It's just that... '
'My personal endowments?'
'Yes. Your intelligence. Your attractiveness.'
Wondering why his voice sounded odd, Amelia darted a questioning glance at him. The amber eyes were bright with laughter. What had she said to amuse him? 'Are you paying attention?'
'Believe me, when my personal endowments are being discussed, I always pay attention. Go on.'"



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