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Review: "The game plan" by Kristen Callihan

Book 3 in series Game on
Main characters: Ethan "Dex" Dexter and Fiona "Fi" Mackenzie

Ok, people... I just... this book... gah... ok, get a grip woman ;) sorry, but this book was so awesome that I have troubles putting my thoughts into words, so I can show you in the best possible way how great it was :) it was funny, and sweet, and sexy as hell... it was so hot that it should come with a warning ;) "reading in public places may cause blushing and reactions inappropriate around other people" ;) but let's dive into this one a bit more, shall we? ;) but before I tell you more about the main couple I have to inform you that this book takes place around two years after the previous one, and as all others in this series, can be read as standalone :) but I do encourage you to read them in order cause then appearances of other people will have much more meaning :)

We met Fi in the previous book, because she and Ivy (the heroine of that book) are sisters :) and Ethan... because after reading this book I could never again call him Dex :) I think Ethan appeared for the first time in book #1 :) he is now a professional player in the NFL in New Orleans and Fi works as an interior / furniture designer in New York :) she's cheerful, talkative and open... there's a reason why everyone compares her to Tinker Bell ;) and it's not only cause she's petite with short blond hair ;) Ethan on the other hand is a tall tower of muscles... ;) he's big and bearded ;) <sigh> ;) he's also calm and stoic... but if you add all of his tattoos... and piercings... ;) and I mean plural and in very... interesting places ;) and a side of him that is visible only when it comes to Fi... then damn... ;) you might never be the same again after reading his book... ;) and the way he keeps calling her Cherry is just the cutest thing ever ;)

She caught his eye the moment he met her... but it took some time for her to finally notice him... :) she needed time... but when she finally did saw him... let me just say... they might seem like night and day, but when they are together the chemistry is off the charts... ;) it all clicked for the first time during a week they were both spending with Ivy and Gray (couple from book #2) and their... ok, tiny spoiler alert, but come on, not really... ;) and their baby :) after that, they try to make this long distance thing work :) and let me just say... the messages exchanged between CherryBomb and FearTheBeard are hilarious ;) and their struggles feel real... it's not just your unnecessary angst and drama... you can relate to them and their story... to the way they fight for their relationship... and Kristen Callihan created a full spectrum of emotions between them... so there's not only a blindingly hot passion, but also tenderness and intimacy... not to mention the sarcastic and funny banter ;)  

Besides our main couple we see glimpses of the people we already know and love... :) well... know, if you read the previous books like I did ;) but not only we see Drew and Anna, as well as Ivy and Gray, but there are also appearances from some of the players that you may remember ;) and even though they no longer play in the same team, it's great to see that their friendship is still there... along with that goofy camaraderie ;) not to mention that we meet a bunch of new people... :) and even though some of them appeared in only a scene or two here and there, I would read their own book with great pleasure :) there are Ethan's teammates... and Violet, Fi's hacker friend :) and some more ;) but one of the cutest scenes in the book takes place between Fi and her dad... :) I'm not gonna write you more here, cause I don't want to spoil you anything, but it's just... aaaawwww... ;) one of the things I really love about this book... and the same thing apply to the previous one as well... is the relationship between sisters :) I swear, the love, support and sarcastic banter between Ivy and Fi reminds me so much of me and my own sister, J, that it's scary ;) and it only adds to the overall awesomeness of these books :)

As with her other books in this series, we have again two perspectives :) and again, I absolutely loved it :) it is always a big plus in a book for me, if I can see what is going on inside the mind of not only one, but two main characters :) and Kristen Callihan does it very skillfully, so it does feel like reading the thoughts of two different people, and you don't need to constantly go back to the beginning of the chapter to make sure who is talking now ;) we also have this lovely epilogue, set a bit in the future, that gives us a charming glimpse into the lives of our couple :) so if you are looking for a fun, sexy read, with a beautiful ending and interesting characters... look no further... :) this book, and this series, will be a perfect choice for you :) just trust me... have I ever steered you in the wrong way before? ;)  

I have for you a few quotes ;) believe me, it was very hard to choose, cause they are all over the book... funny quotes, and swoonworthy quotes... <sigh> I did my best to pick not to spoilery ones, and to make sure that there are still some surprises for you along the way ;) but if you like awesome quotes from books, be sure to check out the official fb page of my blog :) cause J (my amazing sister) does this fantastic quote / picture things from different books that she read and I post them there all the time ;) but, you know... no pressure ;) it's just a thought ;)

Fi when she finally sees Ethan ;)
"I do not admire his ass as he walks away. Okay, maybe a little. Because damn." 

Words of truth from Fi ;)
"Man-buns are hot. I blame Jason Momoa. There was only so much watching him bang Khaleesi the female population could take before they wanted their own Khal Drogo."

Sisterly love between Fi and Ivy ;) Fi first
"I'm grumpy and chomping on a slice of buttered whole grain bread like I'm trying to annihilate it. Worse? Ivy is watching me. Her dark eyes track my movements as I pick up my coffee and take a bracing drink. 'You're staring.'
'Well, duh.'
'Are you asking for me to ping you with this bread?' I say before taking another bite and talking with my mouth full. 'Because I totally will.'"

A litte something between Fi and Ethan :)
"'All I'm asking is for the truth,' he says, his big, strong body rock solid in his chair.
Licking my lips, I try to breathe. Truth? I can do truth. It's not so hard. Right? 'Yes.'
One of his dark brows rises. 'Yes to what?'
If I have to elaborate, I might expire on the spot. 'Does it matter when the answer is yes?'
He smiles, and it's like the dawn cresting over the sea. 'When it comes to you, Fiona, the answer always matters. But I'll take that as a yes to all of the above.'"

Gray and Ethan :) Gray first
"'You came to help us out?' His voice is creaky, raw.
'I told you I know babies. So let me give you a break today.'
I swear Grayson goes weepy. He blinks rapidly before taking a breath. 'I love you, man. I'm one step away from kissing you right now.'
'You keep saying that, but I've yet to see any follow-through.'"

And the last one, with Ethan and Fi ;) Fi first
"'I swear, you've got this whole seduction thing down pat.'
Dex's lips twitch, but his pencil doesn't stop making those little scratching noises across the pad. 'Seduction thing?'
'You know, the baby, beautiful garden, drawing me. Are you going to pull out a guitar next and serenade me?'
He laughs at that. 'No guitar. I may or may not have a harmonica in my pocket to use for later. But I prefer to keep you in suspense.'"



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