Saturday, November 28, 2015

Review: "Dragos goes to Washington" by Thea Harrison

Author: Thea Harrison
Book 8,5 in series Elder races
Main characters: Dragos and Pia

This is a novella with the couple from the very first book :) the whole series takes place in a world where humans are aware of... let's just say, other creatures ;) you know, like vampires, witches, shapeshifters (or Wyr as they are called here) and many more... :) it's a very interesting world, and I enjoy stories about it immensly :) and although my personal favourite is book #4, Dragos and Pia are on a very close second place, and I always love getting to know them better :)

This particular novella is about a summit in Washington between humans and leaders of all Demesnes (vampire, wyr and so on) :) our main couple is attending it :) it is held because of some dramatic events that happened earlier, and I don't want to spoil you anything if you haven't read the books yet, so I'm gonna stop here :) I just want to say, that this one is a series that you really should read in order... including the novellas, or at least some of them... cause they are all very connected to one another :) this one is actually the first part of a three-part arch :) the second one is already available, with the last one being published very soon :) don't worry, you can enjoy the story in this one all by itself, but be warned... you will be curious about what will happen next ;)

I really loved to see our alpha couple again :) to experience their dynamic with each other :) Dragos is still this dangerous dominant predator, even though that mating with Pia helped him develop some new sides of his personality... it did not soften his instincts... :) I also enjoyed seeing some of the familiar faces again... :) I am truly sorry, that I can't really say too much about the events in this book without spoilers... or about events that led up to this book ;) or more about certain characters... :) so let me just say that if you love paranormal romances that are set up in a colorful and interesting world, with captivating characters and stories that will make you turn pages cause you simply must know what's gonna happen next... ;) and you still don't know this one, you have to check it out ;)

Since the story is shorter than usual I have for you only three quotes today :) but they are really good ;) happy reading :)

Dragos, Pia and being together for some time ;)
"His eyes narrowed on her. 'We are both half naked on the bed, about to practice getting pregnant and giving each other multiple pows, and we're arguing about laundry?'
Her glare faded into uncertainty. After a pause, she said, 'I guess so?'
Immensly satisfied, he nodded and pulled her up against his chest. 'We are so married.'"

Dragos and Pia again :) women can so relate to that conversation ;)
"'There's time to eat, and you can take a nap before we go.'
She shook her head at him with a smile filled with feminine pity. 'Oh no, I can't. I've never been to the White House before. I'm not going to just throw on clean clothes and run my fingers through my hair, like you do.'
One corner of his mouth lifted. 'Well, at some point I am going to shave too.'"

And the last one with Dragos and Pia :) he may be dangerous and all, but there's more to him... <sigh> ;)
"'Why do you keep rubbing yourself like that?'
'You don't have to make it sound so dirty.' She scowled back at him. 'My leg itches. Do you have to take note of every little thing I do? I mean every tiny, little thing, Dragos?'
'Yes,' he said simply. 'When I look at you, even when things are going to hell, somehow everything is all right.'"



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