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Review: "Born of betrayal" by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Book 10 in series The league
Main characters: Fain and Galene

I had such a good plan when I started reading this book... :) I figured that I would read it in four days, cause that's when another book I've been really looking forward to was getting published ;) and it was all going really well... until I reached about half of the book... cause then it was like BAM!!! one surprise after another... shocking turns of events... and I was glued to the book until the very last page... at which point I was like "NOOOOO!!! what do you mean the end?!? I need to know what happens next!!!" and at this moment I would like to say to all of you... don't worry, all the stuff between the main couple is resolved... my reaction was about the people from the next book which makes me that much curious... damn, june is looking sooo far away right now... ;) so instead of crying about that, let me tell you more about this fantastic story :) and don't be discouraged by the fact that it's a bit sci-fi with different planets and races, cause it only adds to the story and the world... :)

Fain and Galene are both Andarions... they actually knew each other years ago... and pretty well I might add, cause they were pledged to one another... yes, it started as an agreement between their parents, but turned into something much more... but at the day of the graduation he leaves her for another woman... or so it seems... when in fact, the truth is different... and to top all that, he doesn't even know, that she's already pregnant... and the story of their son was actually in the previous book :) now it's thirty years later (don't worry, the Andarions age much more slower than humans), and the two of them have to work together to prepare the attack against The League... I could babble much more about the details of it all, but since I don't want to spoil you anything, I won't ;) all you need to know is that all of the books can be read as standalones, cause you get all the necessary informations to understand what's going on, but I really recommend to read them in order, to better understand the dynamics and relationships between the characters... :) especially in case of this book, it's really important to read at least the previous one first, otherwise you will have a bunch of spoilers in this story... not to mention that reading about a true happy ending for Talyn and his Felicia will be much more satisfying once you know the whole story :)

Since Galene and Fain have all this past between them, it's no surprise that when she sees him for the first time after all this time, she shoots him :) but in her defense, she certainly wasn't expecting to see the love of her life and father of her son, when he appeared to work with her... fortunately all the vital informations are out in the open pretty quickly... the fact that Fain has a grown up son, and the truth what was the real reason behind his behaviour all those years ago... and now they are both older and stronger and all of their emotions rush back to the surface... and I was really glad for that, cause I was afraid that all this drama between them would last longer... :) fortunately for me, and for all of us, it was resolved pretty quickly, but don't worry, there were plenty of things happening around them, so there was never a dull moment :) I actually can't believe, now that I think about it, how little time passed in all of this book... :) it was really a matter of days :) but with the romance between the main couple and the traitor and the attacks and everything... ;) I know, I'm horrible, cause I can't tell you anything more, just this few words, but I hope they will make you curious enough to read this book ;)

I loved how quickly a relationship between Galene and Fain developed... they both were robbed of too much time together by other people... why waste another day? :) not to mention that she wasn't the only one suffering after the whole scandal... his life wasn't as easy as some might think... and to finally see him happy was beyond precious... and besides his relationship with Galene, to see the change in the interactions between him and his son was absolutely adorable... ;) I know it's not a very manly adjective, but I'm gonna use it anyway ;) and one of the best scenes in the book were the ones were Talyn (the son) was very protective of Galene and actually acted as her chaperone... ;)

We see soooo many characters from all other books that we already know and love very much :) they appear in a scene here and there, and in case of a few of them, they have a much bigger impact than I expected :) but we also get to meet some new and very interesting people... which makes me that much more curious about future books ;) and there is a one HUGE and surprising transformation of a certain character we already knew... I'm not gonna say anything more, not even a hint, cause I want you guys to be surprised by this as much as I was when I read it... :) I was totally not expecting that but I think it's a pretty genius move :) congratulations Sherrilyn Kenyon ;)

This is one of my all time favourite series... and I always recommend it to anyone who will listen... and to some of them who won't ;) it has a fantastic writing style and the quality of the stories is still very high... there is a great sense of humor... mostly sarcastic, but since it's my favourite kind I'm not complaining ;) surprising twists and turns of events... amazing characters that can still show me a side of them I haven't seen before... and the truly wonderful stories of romance, brotherhood and family... family connected by so much more than just blood... they are connected by action, experience and bonds of love... :) if you have not read it yet, what are you waitnig for? don't waste any more time and go check it out ;)

I was very determined to find you some quotes to prove to you how awesome this book, and the whole series, is :) and I can proudly say that I found them ;) I present to you only few of the reasons, why I love these characters so much ;) happy reading :)

Something about Galene ;)
"It would be weird to adjust to a new army. A new way of doing things. But she was nothing if not adaptable. Okay, not really. She hated change passionately. But she liked to lie to herself about her inflexible flexibility."

A short conversation between Fain and his friend, Nykyrian ;)
"Fain gestured to the blast mark on his battlesuit, 'She shot me, Nyk. Point blank. No warning. In the heart!'
'Well... we've all had the urge to shoot you, Fain. She just had the fun of it.'
'And you want her to lead your army?'
Nykyrian nodded. 'I'm told you're the only one she hates to this degree. Everyone else should be safe from her aim.'
'You're not funny.'
'I'm a little funny.'"

When Fain finally realizes that Talyn is his son, this is Talyn's reaction ;)
"Hey, Ma! Dad just figured out how to do the math to calculate my age and date of conception. He's having some kind of apoplexy over it. I think you need to come in here before he pisses on your floor. And if he does, I did not do it, so don't yell at me for it. And I will not clean it up."

Part of the conversation between Fain and his brother Dancer when Fain asks him to bring some people to the station ;) Fain first :)
"'Families shouldn't be separated. And while you're at it, why don't you bring Sumi and the kids, too? I know you don't want to be away from them, either.'
A strange shadow appeared in Dancer's red eyes. 'Who are you and what have you done with my I-don't-give-a-shit-about-anything brother?'
Fain snorted at his mock sarcasm. 'Shut the fuck up and do what I said.'
'Now there's the familiar asshole I know so well and love for reasons still unknown.'"

One of the many reasons why Chayden will have to get his own book at some point ;)
"Can someone say awkward? We could cut this tension with a knife, but the hostility's so thick here, I think it's a bad idea to introduce sharp objects into it."

Part of a conversation between Fain and Galene ;)
"Pulling back, he smiled down at her and rubbed his nose against hers. 'Will you have dinner with me?'
'Of course.'
'Will you have sex with me?'
She snorted at him. 'Now you're pushing it.'
'You're the one standing naked in my arms.'
'That's to punish you.'
'It's working.'"

One of many reasons why I love Fain ;)
"He knocked on the door of Galene's room, and waited. No one answered. Scowling, he checked the time. He was a couple of minutes early. Okay, almost half an hour, but it wasn't that early. Her shift had ended hours ago. She should have been back by now and relaxing with her programs. Not that he was a stalker, per se. He just happened to know her schedule. And routines. A little better than his own. Oh, shit, I am a stalker."

Part of the conversation between Fain and Mari, another one of his friends ;)
"'Sorry, Mari. I didn't check the time or your location.'
'Mmmm, it's okay, sexy. Is something up? Besides me and you at this unholy hour.' He yawned again audibly. 'Then again, it may not be unholy wherever you are, but I hope it is. I believe whole-heartedly in sharing my misery.'"

And the last one with Talyn and Hadrian... you guessed it, another friend ;) Talyn first
"'Ah, it's fine. I don't mind.'
Hadrian sucked his breath in sharply. 'Ooo, T. Have a care with that word. It always gives me chills.'
Talyn frowned. 'What word?'
'Fine. I hate it.'
'Uh, yeah. Are you out of your mind? I live with Jayne and two daughters. The most terrifying four-lettered f-word a woman says in my house is <fine>. I swear, every time I hear it, I cringe.'"



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