Thursday, November 12, 2015

Guest review: "Night time is my time" by Mary Higgins Clark


First of all, if you are not familiar what a "guest review" is, let me fill you in really quickly ;) it's a post about a book that I haven't actually read personally... ;) but my sister did and after lenghty and detailed discussion I did my best to write down all of her thoughts to maybe give you a bit different book recommendation that I usually write about ;) cause this one is most definitely not a romance of any kind ;) it's more of a... thriller / mystery novel... :) let me tell you a bit more...

We start with a dead woman's body in a pool... police is not sure if it was even a murder, it might have been just an accident... but after some time it's connected to previous "accidents"... and at the high school reunion it turns out that throughout all of that time (from graduation up till now) girls from one picture were dying in what seemed like accidents at the time... and you won't guess who puts that together for the first time... a very nosey kid from the school's newspaper ;) he connects the dots and starts asking questions... and now one of these women is starting to get threats about stuff that she thought she was the only one who knew about... and the plot thickens... ;)

The focus of the book jumps between different characters, including the murderer... although up till the solution we can't even tell if it's a he or a she... and that just makes you more curious... :) the murderer calls his/hers alter ego "Owl"... and let me tell you... he/she is creepy as hell... and that means something from someone who watches "Criminal minds" for pleasure... ;) we also know that he/she is one of the students at that reunion... my sister didn't know who did it, and usually she's pretty good and deducing this stuff so that means the mystery was good... ;) or maybe it's cause all of them had dirty conscience and could have done it... ;)

From the beginning there is a lot of characters thrown at you, so don't get discouraged and just go with it... it will be worth it, to read past the first 40 pages when all of them are introduced practically at once... cause the story is really interesting :) not to mention that there are clues in the book so when it's time for the solution it's not one of those situations when in the last 30 pages you meet a new character who suddenly has this whole big story and it's he/she who did it... and you're sitting there wondering what the hell did you just read this whole book for?!? ;) don't you just hate that kind of situations? ;)

This book definitely keeps you on your toes, constantly making you wonder who did it and why... and how... :) it was recommended to my sister by a friend and it was the first book by that author that she read... it was fresh and different... and she reads more of this thriller-ish books, so she could compare it ;) and apparently, it has a very cute epilogue, set some time later... :) so if you're in a mood for a good mystery give this one a try ;)


A and J

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