Monday, November 30, 2015

Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) december edition

Hello my awesome people... :) once again it is this time of the month when I share with you books that I can't wait to read :) and this time I have a theme of sorts ;) cause all the books I'm gonna be discussing with you are paranormal :) or paranormal-ish ;) so, are you ready to start? :) then follow me ;)

Ok, so the first book I'd like to talk to you about is "Shadow's end" by Thea Harrison :) it's book #9 in her Elder races series :) if you are not familiar with it, it's a paranormal romance series where humans are aware of all kinds of magical and mystical creatures like vampires, shapeshifters, griffons, a djinn or two and much more :) each full lenght book tells the story of a different couple, but most of the characters appear throughout the whole series... which is a good thing, because the more you know about them, the more you want to see them :) and another vital information, you need to read those books in order, cause there are archs that last for a few books, and actions in one of them have consequences in other ones and it's the best way to avoid some huge spoilers ;) and if a full lenght book would not be enough for you, there's also gonna be a new novella, "Liam takes Manhattan" :) it's the conclusion to the three-part arch started in "Dragos goes to Washington" and continued in "Pia does Hollywood" :) so we will all get our share of dragons and other shifters :)

Next book that I want to tell you about is "Sweet ruin" by Kresley Cole :) it's the newest addition to her Immortals after dark series... and ok, I may be like five books behind this one, but still ;) it's a really interesting and entertaining series :) and again, I would really recommend you to read those books in order, cause the events in them overlap each other all the time :) and yes, it's sometimes confusing, so it really helps if you read them in order :) to be honest, I have a bit of an up and down relationship with this series... there are books that I can't put down, cause I need to know how the story will end... but there are also books that I struggle a bit with finishing... but don't get me wrong, they are always written really well, and are full of hilarious interactions and characters... it's just that... I don't know... I can't really put my finger on it... some stories are just better than others :) but hey, we all have different tastes, and I'm sure that some of the books that I haven't enjoyed as much may be your favourites :) and that's what I love about reading... :)

Another book that I'd like to tell you about is "Oblivion" by Jennifer L. Armentrout :) it's a companion novel to her already finished Lux series :) I have to say that I already read quite a few of her books and her style of writing is fantastic :) she creates interesting characters and engaging stories and they are always a pleasure to read :) this one however is a bit different than the others :) it's written from the perspective of the main hero from the series, as oppose to the heroine like in other books and it's... well, apparently it's mostly scenes and events that we saw in the first book, but there are also gonna be some new stuff... :) I have for you a link to the message that the author posted on her website so you can read it for yourself ;) I can also say that this series is YA / NA and it involves some paranormal / sci-fi stuff and absolutely have to be read in order, especially since it's only like five books :) but it's written really well, and definitely don't be discouraged by this whole YA label... cause there are actually some pretty serious stuff in it besides the drama and angst ;) just kidding, you know I would not recommend you that kind of a book... with unnecessary angst... <shudders> ;)

The last book that I want to write about comes with a super special dedication for my sister... cause I'm not gonna read it :) and it's "Blood kiss" by J. R. Ward... it's the beginning of a brand new Black dagger legacy series, a spin-off of the Black dagger brotherhood series... it's a pretty dark series about vampires... we met Paradise, the heroine of this book in "The shadows" and J, my awesome sister, said that she was the best part of that book :) and after hearing how it ended I have to agree with her... without spoilers, but there's a reason why I will never read that book... if you know me and my taste a bit from reading my reviews, you can probably guess why... ;) but I was still considering to give her and her books another chance... but then my blog helper, M (I would have written your whole name, but I'm not sure if you would be ok with that, so I'm just gonna write the initial and hope that you know that I'm talking about you) :) wrote to me about "The Bourbon kings"... well, answered my questions, cause I asked her first... :) I don't have book friends who randomly go about and tell everyone some huge spoilers from books ;) and after she shared with me some stuff from that book, I was sure it's not for me... I'm sure that some of you still love her and count down the days to the release of each new addition, but she's just not for me :) but my sister will probably give this one a try, and if so, it will appear as a guest review on my blog at some point in the future :)

If you want more info or just want to talk about books, be sure to contact me :) the fastest way to do it is through the official fb page of my blog :) but you can also leave a comment here or send me an e-mail ( :) I really love to hear from you guys :)



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