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Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) december edition

Hello my awesome people... :) once again it is this time of the month when I share with you books that I can't wait to read :) and this time I have a theme of sorts ;) cause all the books I'm gonna be discussing with you are paranormal :) or paranormal-ish ;) so, are you ready to start? :) then follow me ;)

Ok, so the first book I'd like to talk to you about is "Shadow's end" by Thea Harrison :) it's book #9 in her Elder races series :) if you are not familiar with it, it's a paranormal romance series where humans are aware of all kinds of magical and mystical creatures like vampires, shapeshifters, griffons, a djinn or two and much more :) each full lenght book tells the story of a different couple, but most of the characters appear throughout the whole series... which is a good thing, because the more you know about them, the more you want to see them :) and another vital information, you need to read those books in order, cause there are archs that last for a few books, and actions in one of them have consequences in other ones and it's the best way to avoid some huge spoilers ;) and if a full lenght book would not be enough for you, there's also gonna be a new novella, "Liam takes Manhattan" :) it's the conclusion to the three-part arch started in "Dragos goes to Washington" and continued in "Pia does Hollywood" :) so we will all get our share of dragons and other shifters :)

Next book that I want to tell you about is "Sweet ruin" by Kresley Cole :) it's the newest addition to her Immortals after dark series... and ok, I may be like five books behind this one, but still ;) it's a really interesting and entertaining series :) and again, I would really recommend you to read those books in order, cause the events in them overlap each other all the time :) and yes, it's sometimes confusing, so it really helps if you read them in order :) to be honest, I have a bit of an up and down relationship with this series... there are books that I can't put down, cause I need to know how the story will end... but there are also books that I struggle a bit with finishing... but don't get me wrong, they are always written really well, and are full of hilarious interactions and characters... it's just that... I don't know... I can't really put my finger on it... some stories are just better than others :) but hey, we all have different tastes, and I'm sure that some of the books that I haven't enjoyed as much may be your favourites :) and that's what I love about reading... :)

Another book that I'd like to tell you about is "Oblivion" by Jennifer L. Armentrout :) it's a companion novel to her already finished Lux series :) I have to say that I already read quite a few of her books and her style of writing is fantastic :) she creates interesting characters and engaging stories and they are always a pleasure to read :) this one however is a bit different than the others :) it's written from the perspective of the main hero from the series, as oppose to the heroine like in other books and it's... well, apparently it's mostly scenes and events that we saw in the first book, but there are also gonna be some new stuff... :) I have for you a link to the message that the author posted on her website so you can read it for yourself ;) I can also say that this series is YA / NA and it involves some paranormal / sci-fi stuff and absolutely have to be read in order, especially since it's only like five books :) but it's written really well, and definitely don't be discouraged by this whole YA label... cause there are actually some pretty serious stuff in it besides the drama and angst ;) just kidding, you know I would not recommend you that kind of a book... with unnecessary angst... <shudders> ;)

The last book that I want to write about comes with a super special dedication for my sister... cause I'm not gonna read it :) and it's "Blood kiss" by J. R. Ward... it's the beginning of a brand new Black dagger legacy series, a spin-off of the Black dagger brotherhood series... it's a pretty dark series about vampires... we met Paradise, the heroine of this book in "The shadows" and J, my awesome sister, said that she was the best part of that book :) and after hearing how it ended I have to agree with her... without spoilers, but there's a reason why I will never read that book... if you know me and my taste a bit from reading my reviews, you can probably guess why... ;) but I was still considering to give her and her books another chance... but then my blog helper, M (I would have written your whole name, but I'm not sure if you would be ok with that, so I'm just gonna write the initial and hope that you know that I'm talking about you) :) wrote to me about "The Bourbon kings"... well, answered my questions, cause I asked her first... :) I don't have book friends who randomly go about and tell everyone some huge spoilers from books ;) and after she shared with me some stuff from that book, I was sure it's not for me... I'm sure that some of you still love her and count down the days to the release of each new addition, but she's just not for me :) but my sister will probably give this one a try, and if so, it will appear as a guest review on my blog at some point in the future :)

If you want more info or just want to talk about books, be sure to contact me :) the fastest way to do it is through the official fb page of my blog :) but you can also leave a comment here or send me an e-mail ( :) I really love to hear from you guys :)



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Review: "Dragos goes to Washington" by Thea Harrison

Author: Thea Harrison
Book 8,5 in series Elder races
Main characters: Dragos and Pia

This is a novella with the couple from the very first book :) the whole series takes place in a world where humans are aware of... let's just say, other creatures ;) you know, like vampires, witches, shapeshifters (or Wyr as they are called here) and many more... :) it's a very interesting world, and I enjoy stories about it immensly :) and although my personal favourite is book #4, Dragos and Pia are on a very close second place, and I always love getting to know them better :)

This particular novella is about a summit in Washington between humans and leaders of all Demesnes (vampire, wyr and so on) :) our main couple is attending it :) it is held because of some dramatic events that happened earlier, and I don't want to spoil you anything if you haven't read the books yet, so I'm gonna stop here :) I just want to say, that this one is a series that you really should read in order... including the novellas, or at least some of them... cause they are all very connected to one another :) this one is actually the first part of a three-part arch :) the second one is already available, with the last one being published very soon :) don't worry, you can enjoy the story in this one all by itself, but be warned... you will be curious about what will happen next ;)

I really loved to see our alpha couple again :) to experience their dynamic with each other :) Dragos is still this dangerous dominant predator, even though that mating with Pia helped him develop some new sides of his personality... it did not soften his instincts... :) I also enjoyed seeing some of the familiar faces again... :) I am truly sorry, that I can't really say too much about the events in this book without spoilers... or about events that led up to this book ;) or more about certain characters... :) so let me just say that if you love paranormal romances that are set up in a colorful and interesting world, with captivating characters and stories that will make you turn pages cause you simply must know what's gonna happen next... ;) and you still don't know this one, you have to check it out ;)

Since the story is shorter than usual I have for you only three quotes today :) but they are really good ;) happy reading :)

Dragos, Pia and being together for some time ;)
"His eyes narrowed on her. 'We are both half naked on the bed, about to practice getting pregnant and giving each other multiple pows, and we're arguing about laundry?'
Her glare faded into uncertainty. After a pause, she said, 'I guess so?'
Immensly satisfied, he nodded and pulled her up against his chest. 'We are so married.'"

Dragos and Pia again :) women can so relate to that conversation ;)
"'There's time to eat, and you can take a nap before we go.'
She shook her head at him with a smile filled with feminine pity. 'Oh no, I can't. I've never been to the White House before. I'm not going to just throw on clean clothes and run my fingers through my hair, like you do.'
One corner of his mouth lifted. 'Well, at some point I am going to shave too.'"

And the last one with Dragos and Pia :) he may be dangerous and all, but there's more to him... <sigh> ;)
"'Why do you keep rubbing yourself like that?'
'You don't have to make it sound so dirty.' She scowled back at him. 'My leg itches. Do you have to take note of every little thing I do? I mean every tiny, little thing, Dragos?'
'Yes,' he said simply. 'When I look at you, even when things are going to hell, somehow everything is all right.'"



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Review: "The game plan" by Kristen Callihan

Book 3 in series Game on
Main characters: Ethan "Dex" Dexter and Fiona "Fi" Mackenzie

Ok, people... I just... this book... gah... ok, get a grip woman ;) sorry, but this book was so awesome that I have troubles putting my thoughts into words, so I can show you in the best possible way how great it was :) it was funny, and sweet, and sexy as hell... it was so hot that it should come with a warning ;) "reading in public places may cause blushing and reactions inappropriate around other people" ;) but let's dive into this one a bit more, shall we? ;) but before I tell you more about the main couple I have to inform you that this book takes place around two years after the previous one, and as all others in this series, can be read as standalone :) but I do encourage you to read them in order cause then appearances of other people will have much more meaning :)

We met Fi in the previous book, because she and Ivy (the heroine of that book) are sisters :) and Ethan... because after reading this book I could never again call him Dex :) I think Ethan appeared for the first time in book #1 :) he is now a professional player in the NFL in New Orleans and Fi works as an interior / furniture designer in New York :) she's cheerful, talkative and open... there's a reason why everyone compares her to Tinker Bell ;) and it's not only cause she's petite with short blond hair ;) Ethan on the other hand is a tall tower of muscles... ;) he's big and bearded ;) <sigh> ;) he's also calm and stoic... but if you add all of his tattoos... and piercings... ;) and I mean plural and in very... interesting places ;) and a side of him that is visible only when it comes to Fi... then damn... ;) you might never be the same again after reading his book... ;) and the way he keeps calling her Cherry is just the cutest thing ever ;)

She caught his eye the moment he met her... but it took some time for her to finally notice him... :) she needed time... but when she finally did saw him... let me just say... they might seem like night and day, but when they are together the chemistry is off the charts... ;) it all clicked for the first time during a week they were both spending with Ivy and Gray (couple from book #2) and their... ok, tiny spoiler alert, but come on, not really... ;) and their baby :) after that, they try to make this long distance thing work :) and let me just say... the messages exchanged between CherryBomb and FearTheBeard are hilarious ;) and their struggles feel real... it's not just your unnecessary angst and drama... you can relate to them and their story... to the way they fight for their relationship... and Kristen Callihan created a full spectrum of emotions between them... so there's not only a blindingly hot passion, but also tenderness and intimacy... not to mention the sarcastic and funny banter ;)  

Besides our main couple we see glimpses of the people we already know and love... :) well... know, if you read the previous books like I did ;) but not only we see Drew and Anna, as well as Ivy and Gray, but there are also appearances from some of the players that you may remember ;) and even though they no longer play in the same team, it's great to see that their friendship is still there... along with that goofy camaraderie ;) not to mention that we meet a bunch of new people... :) and even though some of them appeared in only a scene or two here and there, I would read their own book with great pleasure :) there are Ethan's teammates... and Violet, Fi's hacker friend :) and some more ;) but one of the cutest scenes in the book takes place between Fi and her dad... :) I'm not gonna write you more here, cause I don't want to spoil you anything, but it's just... aaaawwww... ;) one of the things I really love about this book... and the same thing apply to the previous one as well... is the relationship between sisters :) I swear, the love, support and sarcastic banter between Ivy and Fi reminds me so much of me and my own sister, J, that it's scary ;) and it only adds to the overall awesomeness of these books :)

As with her other books in this series, we have again two perspectives :) and again, I absolutely loved it :) it is always a big plus in a book for me, if I can see what is going on inside the mind of not only one, but two main characters :) and Kristen Callihan does it very skillfully, so it does feel like reading the thoughts of two different people, and you don't need to constantly go back to the beginning of the chapter to make sure who is talking now ;) we also have this lovely epilogue, set a bit in the future, that gives us a charming glimpse into the lives of our couple :) so if you are looking for a fun, sexy read, with a beautiful ending and interesting characters... look no further... :) this book, and this series, will be a perfect choice for you :) just trust me... have I ever steered you in the wrong way before? ;)  

I have for you a few quotes ;) believe me, it was very hard to choose, cause they are all over the book... funny quotes, and swoonworthy quotes... <sigh> I did my best to pick not to spoilery ones, and to make sure that there are still some surprises for you along the way ;) but if you like awesome quotes from books, be sure to check out the official fb page of my blog :) cause J (my amazing sister) does this fantastic quote / picture things from different books that she read and I post them there all the time ;) but, you know... no pressure ;) it's just a thought ;)

Fi when she finally sees Ethan ;)
"I do not admire his ass as he walks away. Okay, maybe a little. Because damn." 

Words of truth from Fi ;)
"Man-buns are hot. I blame Jason Momoa. There was only so much watching him bang Khaleesi the female population could take before they wanted their own Khal Drogo."

Sisterly love between Fi and Ivy ;) Fi first
"I'm grumpy and chomping on a slice of buttered whole grain bread like I'm trying to annihilate it. Worse? Ivy is watching me. Her dark eyes track my movements as I pick up my coffee and take a bracing drink. 'You're staring.'
'Well, duh.'
'Are you asking for me to ping you with this bread?' I say before taking another bite and talking with my mouth full. 'Because I totally will.'"

A litte something between Fi and Ethan :)
"'All I'm asking is for the truth,' he says, his big, strong body rock solid in his chair.
Licking my lips, I try to breathe. Truth? I can do truth. It's not so hard. Right? 'Yes.'
One of his dark brows rises. 'Yes to what?'
If I have to elaborate, I might expire on the spot. 'Does it matter when the answer is yes?'
He smiles, and it's like the dawn cresting over the sea. 'When it comes to you, Fiona, the answer always matters. But I'll take that as a yes to all of the above.'"

Gray and Ethan :) Gray first
"'You came to help us out?' His voice is creaky, raw.
'I told you I know babies. So let me give you a break today.'
I swear Grayson goes weepy. He blinks rapidly before taking a breath. 'I love you, man. I'm one step away from kissing you right now.'
'You keep saying that, but I've yet to see any follow-through.'"

And the last one, with Ethan and Fi ;) Fi first
"'I swear, you've got this whole seduction thing down pat.'
Dex's lips twitch, but his pencil doesn't stop making those little scratching noises across the pad. 'Seduction thing?'
'You know, the baby, beautiful garden, drawing me. Are you going to pull out a guitar next and serenade me?'
He laughs at that. 'No guitar. I may or may not have a harmonica in my pocket to use for later. But I prefer to keep you in suspense.'"



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Review: "Seduce me at sunrise" by Lisa Kleypas

Author: Lisa Kleypas
Book 2 in series The Hathaways
Main characters: Kev Merripen and Winnifred "Win" Hathaway

This is the second book in this lovely and charming series :) I absolutely adore Lisa Kleypas and her fantastic style of writing... seriously people... it's smart, funny and sexy all in one ;) and it's like that in every single one of her books I read so far :) and this one was no exception :) so let us dive into more details ;)

Merripen is a gypsy who as a kid was badly beaten and left to die... the Hathaways found him and helped him, and when he was healthy again, instead of leaving them, he decided to stay... and yes, a certain someone... <cough> Win <cough> is the true reason behind that decision :) now his this big and silent type, protector of the family... you know that saying "still waters run deep"? it's definitely true in this case :) there is so much more under this stoic and calm facade... :) and Win... she is the most fragile of the siblings, but that's only because of the scarlet fever she endured... it left her weak, but alive... she appears to be the most calm of all the Hathaways, but as with Merripen, there is much more to her than it seems ;)

We learned in previous book that Merripen loved Win for years... but very quickly in this one we discover that the feeling wasn't onesided... unfortunately for them, very early in the book we have a more than two years jump in time... because Win and Leo, her older brother, leave for France, so she can go to a special clinic... she wants to become stronger, so she can have a normal life... well, as normal life as one can have when one belongs to the Hathaway family ;) when they come back she discovers that he's even more cold and distant than before... at least that's how things seem to be... but she learns very fast that there is a passion behind all of that... unfortunately for me, cause I'm not a fan of this I-love-you-but-I-can't-be-with-you-cause-I'm-not-good-enough-for-you-and-yet-I-can't-seem-to-stay-away situations... we have this push and pull thing going on between them... and the fact that a doctor from the clinic comes back with Win and Leo because he's interested in courting her certainly don't help this whole situation... cause for me, you can't say that you love her, but can't be with her and yet you constantly act jealous and stand in her way of interacting and getting to know other men... I'm sorry, it doesn't work like that... :) so that's my one teeny tiny flaw in this story... ;) but then again... when you learn more about him, his past and what he endured... you can't help but forgive him for all that... :) plus, I was really surprised who finally got through to him and helped him see clearly that he was living in fear and wasting time he could be spending with Win... it was a scene both hilarious and absolutely charming :)

Because the Hathaways are so close to each other we get to see throughout the book all of them :) and the more I get to know them, the more I'm curious about each of their stories :) we also get to meet Catherine Marks, a companion of two youngest sisters, who has an instant dislike against Leo... I wonder why...? ;) and more important how is THIS gonna turn out ;) and there is of course the doctor from France ;) and as a wonderful bonus, we get to see, or just hear about, our beloved wallflowers :) we get to know more about Merripen, but also about Cam... more about their pasts and how did they get here... :) I know I sound very mysterious but I'm trying really hard to write about stuff without actually spoiling anything :) so maybe let's change the subject ;) I love the scenes with Merripen and Win when they were younger... it shows how far back this bond and connection between them reach... :) and although there were moments when I wanted to shake Merripen for the way he was acting... or more accurately, punch him or something... :) I was really glad when he finally came to his senses... :) because Win deserve a man who will cherish her and love her as much as he does... :)

Even though all of the books theoretically can be read as standalones, I would really recommend you to read this series in order... :) it will give you so much more this way... :) you can see how certain characters grow and change with time... and because it's a very close family, it's just wonderful to see interactions between them and all the love they have for each other :) oh, before I forget, this book have a truly lovely epilogue... :) set some time in the future ;) but if you want something more, there is also a short (five chapters) free short story called "A Hathaway wedding" :) it's about the wedding (well, duh ;) ) between Merripen and Win :) you can find it here :) and it's like a charming second epilogue to this wonderful book :)

I have for you a few quotes today showing how amazing this whole family is ;) happy reading ;)

Something about Merripen and his feelings for Win... :)
"Kev loved her. Not in the way that novelists and poets described. Nothing so tame. He loved her beyond earth, heaven or hell. Every moment out of her company was agony; every moment with her was the only peace he had ever known. Every touch of her hands left an imprint that ate down to his soul. He would have killed himself before admitting it to anyone. The truth was buried deep in his heart. Kev did not know if Win loved him in return. All he knew was that he didn't want her to."

Part of the conversation between Merripen, Win and Amelia :)
"'Get rid of him,' Win told her sister hoarsely, her head resting on Kev's shoulder. 'He's torturing me.'
'Well, we've always known he was a fiend,' Amelia said in a reasonable tone, coming to stand at the bed side. 'How dare you, Merripen? Coming into an unsuspecting girl's room and feeding her toast.'"

Conversation between Kev and Cam Rohan ;)
"Rohan watched as Kev began to leave. 'Where are you going?' Rohan asked lazily. 'Meeting with your tailor? Going to discuss latest political events at the local coffeehouse?'
'If your goal is to annoy me,' Kev informed him, 'there's no need to make an effort. You annoy me just by breathing.'
'Forgive me. I would try to refrain from the habit, but I've become rather fond of it.'"

Amelia and Leo, when he returned :)
"She flew to him, and was swallowed in a strong embrace. 'The French wouldn't have you?' she asked, her voice muffled against his chest.
'On the contrary, they adored me. But there's no entertainment in staying where one is wanted.'"

A litle something with Catherine and Leo ;)
"'I am aware of your reputation as a skirt-chaser, my lord. I find no cause for humor in it.'
Leo didn't think she found cause for humor in much of anything. 'My reputation has lasted in spite of a two-year absence?' he asked, affecting a tone of pleased surprise.
'You're proud of it?'
'Well, of course. It's easy to have a good reputation... you merely have to do nothing. But earning a bad reputation... well, that takes some effort.'"

Something between sisters :) Beatrix, Poppy and Win :)
"'Oh, Win never does anything wrong,' Beatrix told Miss Marks.
'Win is a saint,' Poppy agreed.' It's very trying. But we do our best to tolerate her.'
Win smiled at them. 'For your information,' she told them lightly, 'I intend to break at least three rules of etiquette before the ball is over.'"

And last one with Kev and Leo :)
"'I've been warned on pain of death not to say anything,' was Leo's first comment as he joined Merripen.
'Good advice,' Kex said. 'You should take it.'
'I never take advice, good or bad. That would only encourage more of it.'"


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Review: "Winter" by Marissa Meyer

Author: Marissa Meyer
Title: "Winter"
Book 4 in series The Lunar chronicles
Main characters: well... about that... ;)

So first of all, let me explain that last line... although theoretically the book is titled "Winter" and yes, we do get to know more about her and Jacin... I can't really say that she is the main character... I feel like this is more of an ensemble book :) the previous ones were also a bit like that, but here, there's no other way to say that :) and don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved it :) which brings me to my second of all... this was one of the best... conclusions... to a series... EVER!!! :) seriously people... it is hard for me to find words good enough to show you how much I loved it :) but I will do my best :) and before we start, let me just add... this is gonna be a review not only about "Winter" but also about the whole series, but I'm gonna make it spoiler free, so if you are new to it... or just haven't read the last one yet, you won't have any nasty surprises along the way :) so let's begin... ;)

I have to say... so many emotions, feelings and thoughts are fighting for my attention inside of my head right now, and it's hard to decide where to start... so first let me tell you a bit more about the series... we have our world years in the future... with cyborgs, androids, new technology... we have a plague, uncurable disease that cost lifes of so many humans... and we have Lunars and their queen Levana... they live on the Moon and are a bit different than people... and their queen... her plans are much more deeper and sinister than you can imagine... it's really hard for me to tell you more without spoilers, cause after reading all of the books, I know things that you might discover in book #2 or #3 and I don't want to give away too many details accidentaly... but what I can say is that there's no events or characters that appear in this book without a cause... Marissa Meyer really knew where she was going with this story, cause everything comes toghether in the end in an epic conclusion as I previously mentioned ;) and it is amazing, because I have been disappointed a few times as a reader, when it seemed that author used all of his/her good ideas on the first book and it all went down from there... we have the exact opposite situation here :) book #1 is great and it only gets better from there :) so just believe me when I say... it is a perfect combination of an interesting world, fascinating characters, adventure, mystery and romance with as many funny and hilarious moments as well as "aaawww..." ones... :) from the moment you start reading, the story, and the world that Marissa Meyer created will pull you in and won't let go... you will keep turning pages, wanting to know more... wanting to see what happens next... how all of this will end... :)

As of now, we have four full lenght books, one novella and four short stories in a wonderful series that is The Lunar chronicles :) there is also a bonus information, but I will tell you all about it in a moment... :) let me start with full lenght books :) all of them are titled after characters, who are loosely based on fairy tale stories... :) so we have "Cinder", mechanic and cyborg with a mysterious past as a version of Cinderella, then there is "Scarlet", a brave and kick-ass version of Red Riding Hood, next one is "Cress", lovely hacker version of Rapunzel and of course "Winter", a heartbreaking version of Snow White... all of those books also include other people and events that reminds you of the stories we know so well... :) and I have to say, that the idea of a cyborg Cinderella caught my attention in the first place... and this whole world blew my mind... :) I have to congratulate Marissa Meyer on her imagination and talent... because she created a fascinating and rich world, with so many interesting characters that you just want more and more... no matter how long the story is, you keep wanting more... :) we have also one novella in this series, and I really do encourage you to read it between "Cress" and "Winter"... because "Fairest" gives you an amazing insight into queen Levana... and I did my best not to use any adjectives before her name, although a few of them came to mind... ;) let's just say that she is not a good person, and leave it at that... but it was a great read :) although I'm still amazed that this woman is a creation of the same mind that gave us so many wonderful characters... when I think that Levana, Cinder, Scarlet and all others, cause the list is too long to mention them all here by name, all came from one mind... it's scary how good Marissa Meyer is... :) now about that short stories... they all allow us additional glimpses into this world... but you don't have to read them to understand what's happening in the books... although they are really good and you absolutely should read them at some point ;) "Glitches" is about Cinder when she first met her adoptive family, "The little android" is loosely based on "The little mermaid" and is the first short story ever that made me cry, "The queen's army" show us beginnings of a character that we meet in "Scarlet", and "Carswell's guide to being lucky" is a glimpse into the life of a young captain Carswell Thorne, the most charming character in this whole series... :) but, if you wait till february next year, so not very long... ;) "Stars above" will be published then :) it will not only include the four already known stories, but I'm hearing it will have not two, as we previously assumed, but four or five brand new gems for us to read over and over again ;) so I leave the decision to you :)

We have a great ensemble of characters in this series :) I will try to tell you a bit more about the key players that we meet throughout the whole series without giving away too much ;) so we have Cinder, a gifted mechanic and part cyborg :) and there is much more to her than even she knows :) and then there's Kai, prince of the Eastern Commonwealth and a future emperor :) he's a bit more serious, and for good reasons... then we meet Scarlet... a kick-ass, determined and brave Scarlet :) and of course there's Wolf ;) I kid you not... :) he has a real name, but for a long time it's just Wolf :) he's a fighter with secrets of his own :) then it's Cress, a brilliant and shy but absolutely lovely hacker who spent almost all of her life alone on a satellite :) and Carswell Thorne... sorry, Captain Carswell Thorne ;) he's the most charming, flirting, smooth-talking guy ever... :) he melted my heart more than once ;) and let's not forget about Winter, stepdaughter of queen Levana... beautiful and kind and a bit crazy... because she refuses to use her gift she suffers from hallucinations... and then there's Jacin, a royal guard... loyal and protecting always by her side... :) and as a bonus there is also Iko :) she's an android, but with a peculiar personality glitch, so she's not... she's very... she's the best, you'll love her ;) and all of them are different :) I love how Marissa Meyer created them, and other more and less important characters in this series... they are different but all of them capture your attention... you either root for them or hope they will die a gruesome death ;) and with that delightful thought let me tell you my feelings about "Winter"... :) finally... ;)

It is one of the best conclusions to a series I have ever read... :) without giving away any details I can only focus on my emotions... and they were all over the place while I was reading it... :) first of all, I'm super happy, that this book was so long... after all, we do have many characters that needed to have their moment and their ending... :) and all of them played a very important part in this book :) it was an action packed story with so many surprising twists and turns of events... I was laughing, and crying and gasping from shock all the time... it was an emotional rollercoaster... I swear, the moment I thought I have things figured out, something totally unexpected would happen and I was blown away... :) each book in this series was even better than the last one... cause there were more characters that I loved, great expanding of the world and the story... so my expectations were pretty high before reading this one... I was trying to restrain myself a bit thinking that it cannot possibly be as good as I would like it to be... and it wasn't... it was sooooo.... much... better... :) I know that some of you might say that it's too YA (but it's really not) or it's too sci-fi (again, not really) but I do encourage you to give it a try... cause Marissa Meyer has one of the most captivating writing style I have ever read... her words transport you into the world that she created and you don't ever want to leave... you keep turning pages, mumbling to yourself "just one more chapter" and suddenly it's the end of the book and you look up, realizing that you just finished the last story... when that happened to me a few days ago, when I devoured the second half of "Winter" in one afternoon I was devastated... because I finished it... and it was sooo good I never wanted it to end ;) now I'm impatiently waiting for the additional short stories, and looking forward to check out her new book :) if you would like to talk to me about this book... or, you know... any other book ;) you can find me on facebook :) I'm on my official blog fb profile every day and it's the best way to contact me :) and I always look forward to talking with you, the most awesomnest... yes, that is a word ;) readers ever ;) hugs you guys :)

I hope I convinced you to try this series, even if you think it's not what you usually read... :) cause I had the same thoughts... and it surprised me in the best possible way :) but if you need more, I have for you some of the quotes that hopefully will show you what awesome things wait for you when you pick up this series ;) happy reading :)

Winter and Jacin :)
"'I wanted to be alone with you,' she said, focusing on his face. 'We never get to be alone anymore.'
'It's not proper for seventeen-year-old princesses to be alone with young men who have questionable intentions.'
She laughed. 'And what about young men who she's been best friends with since before she could walk?'
He shook his head. 'Those are the worst.'"

And one more with Winter and Jacin :)
"He thumped his head against the sundial, harder than necessary. 'I'm such an idiot. You should hate me.'
'You may be an idiot, but I assure you, you're quite a lovable one.'
He shook his head. 'You're the only person in the galaxy who would ever call me lovable.'
'I'm the only person in the galaxy crazy enough to believe it.'"

A little something with Cinder and Kai :)
"'Here, hold these wires and don't let them touch.'
Edging against her, Kai took hold of the wires she indicated. 'What happens if they touch?'
'Oh, probably nothing, but there's a small chance the ship would self-destruct.'"

Part of the conversation between Thorne, Cinder and Kai ;) Thorne first
"'Oh, Cinder, I've missed seeing your face when you make sarcastic comments in an attempt to hide your true feelings about me.'
'Please.' Rolling her eyes, Cinder started organizing the guns against the wall.
'See that eye roll? It translates to <How am I possibly keeping my hands off you, Captain?>'
'Yeah, keeping them from strangling you.'
Kai folded his arms, grinning. 'How come no one told me I had such steep competition?'
Cinder glared. 'Don't encourage him.'"

Quick exchange between Kai, Cinder and Iko ;)
"When Kai pulled away, Iko looked from him, to Cinder, then back. Her eyes suddenly rolled up into her head and she collapsed onto the floor. Kai jumped back. 'What happened? Did I hit her power button or something?'
Frowning, Cinder took a step closer. 'Iko, what are you doing?'
'Kai hugged me,' said Iko, eyes still closed. 'So I fainted.'"

Kai and Thorne, Kai first :)
"'I like you too, despite my better judgement.'
'You'd be surprised how often I hear that.'"

Thorne and the rest ;)
"'A liability! You're a liability!' He pointed at Wolf. 'He's a liability, Cress is a liability. We're all liabilities!'
'Am I one too?' asked Iko. 'I don't want to be left out.'"

And the last one, this time with the ladies ;) Scarlet and Winter :) Scarlet first 
"'This would be a bad time for someone to look over and recognize you. They'd probably think I was kidnapping you.'
'You are, in a manner.'
'No, I'm saving you from your psychotic stepmother. There's a difference.'"



Sunday, November 15, 2015

Review: "The understatement of the year" by Sarina Bowen

Author: Sarina Bowen
Book 3 in series The ivy years
Main characters: Michael Graham and John Rikker

This is another addition to this fantastic series, but all books can be read as standalones so you can start with the one that interested you the most :) although at this point I feel the need to warn you that this particular one is an M/M book :) so if reading about two guys is not your cup of tea, this is the perfect moment to turn around and read some of my other reviews... and there are many awesome ones I might add ;) if you are still curious and want to read about this amazing story, stay with me... :)

With every next book of hers I read, I'm more and more in awe how she can write about really serious issues, really hard topics, but always does it in a way that makes you think without being judgemental and on more than one occasion puts a smile on your face when you least expect it :) I love her style of writing... :) that's why I wasn't afraid before reading this book... it was more of a curiosity how will she write their story... and the short answer...? she wrote it beautifully.... although I have to admit that my heart broke in more than one place... but it's hard for me to read about intolerance... because for me it is absolutely incomprehensible why would you feel the need to chase down after a couple who was just kissing in the car and want to beat them down... does it really make a difference that it wasn't a guy and a girl but two guys? it shouldn't... but that's exactly what happened to our main characters...

Graham and Rikker met when they were teenagers... they started as friends... but then it turned into something more, and they discovered how a first love is supposed to feel... the infatuation, the passion... first kisses... it shouldn't be tainted by the need to hide from everybody... and yet, that was their situation... and they did it well, until that one faithful afternoon that changed their lives... they were both running, but unfortunately Rikker tripped and fell down and was beaten and Graham ran away... Rikker spent a week in the hospital and then was shipped off to his grandmother because... let's just say that his parents weren't thrilled when they learned the reason of the beating... no one knew that Graham was also there, and he never visited him in the hospital... the first time they see each other after that day is six years later when Rikker is transfered to Harkness University and enters the locker room as the new member of the hockey team... :)

The whole book takes place in the same year as the previous one, and it really last almost all year... but for good reasons... it takes a lot of time for the two of them to even talk to each other... things start to change only after they have to share a room on one of the away games... and after that, slowly, one thing leads to another... I don't want to say too much, because it's better to actually follow the story without spoilers, so all I'm gonna say is that it's truly painful to see how living a life full of lies can destroy you from the inside... and that is exactly what Graham does... he lies to everyone... mostly to himself... but fortunately he reaches a point where enough is enough... and the book has a very lovely ending, so don't worry :)

I always love how Sarina Bowen creates characters... and I don't mean only the main couple... she always has many secondary characters that enrich the story in many ways... in this one it was definitely Bella :) she's friends with Graham and very quickly befriends Rikker too...:)  I loved her, her passion for life and total openness about the way she lives her life... I'm very happy that her book is next in line :) cause I'd love to read about her happy ending ;) but there is also Rikker's grandmother... I swear, I love that woman... :) she stole every scene she was in... :) not to mention that there are also parents of both our main characters and their reactions to the fact that their sons are gay... I'm not gonna say anything more... only that I might have teared up a little.... <sniff> but it was so heart-warming... but that's it, no more details... ;) we also get to see more of the teammates... especially Hartley, team captain, and later in the book, Bridger :) they both got their own books, but again, if you haven't read them, don't worry, you don't need that knowledge to enjoy this one... :) although I really recommend that you would read them, just because they are really good :)

As in previous books, in this one we also have two perspectives, and you probably already know that I'm a big fan of that :) I love to be able to see inside the heads of main characters... :) I have nothing but praises for Sarina Bowen... it's astonishing how she tackles this big, important and difficult issues in a way that allows us to really see it... all of the aspects, the good and the bad... and at the same time gives us books that are funny and entertaining and full of characters that I would love to befriend in real life... the more books I read, the bigger fan I'm becoming... :)

I have for you today some quotes from the book :) they are mostly funny ones, but believe me... there were also so many "aaawww..." moments in there as well... I just figured, it would be better if you would see them for yourself without spoilers from me... :) happy reading

Conversation between Rikker and Bella ;) Bella first
"'Now that you've been with us for two months, you've had time to decide who's the most attractive man on the team.'
'Nice try babe.'
'Seriously, Rikker. How can you be my gay BFF if we can't dish about guys?'
'No can do. I'm not getting my ass kicked just to fulfill your Hollywood fantasies.'
'I'm only half kidding,' she whispered. 'For the past two years I've made a close study of who has the nicest ass on the bus. It's difficult for a girl to keep that kind of thing to herself.'
'You don't keep it to yourself,' I pointed out. 'Not a day goes by when you don't tell each ass's owner just what you think of it.'
'Not true,' she countered. 'I'm very liberal with my praise. A good manager knows to motivate the troops.'"

A quick exchange between Rikker and Graham's mom :)
"'Johnny Rikker! Stop right there, young man.' I turned around to see Graham's mother trotting down the ramp to catch me.
'Hey, Mrs. G! It's good to see you.'
'You are enormous! Look at you!' She actually reached up to ruffle my hair. 'You sat at my kitchen table eating Oreos maybe fifty pounds ago!'
'Are you telling me I've gotten fat?' I teased.'"

One of the many reasons why I love Rikker's grandmother :)
"Downstairs I found Gran rolling out Christmas cookies at the kitchen table. 'When you're famous, you'll still remember the little people, won't you John?' She peered over her glasses at me.
'If there are cookies, I think I can fit you into my busy schedule.'"

And another one for Gran ;)
"I flipped the blazing hot cookie into my mouth. That was a mistake.
'Owrrh,' I yelped as my tongue got singed.
Gran watched this foolishness with one eyebrow cocked. 'Should I be worried how you're doing at this school for geniuses?'
And that made me laugh, which made me choke a little bit. I had to set down my coffee mug to get a grip on myself.
'It's a good thing you're handsome,' Gran said, turning back to her rolling pin. 'At least you have that going for you.'"

And the last one with her, I promise... ;)
"'Dear Lord, thank you for these blessings we are about to receive, and for the safe delivery of our guest, who is kind enough to visit an old friend and an old lady. And please bless clueless Edna, whose granddaughter landed in jail again last night, the poor misguided girl,'
I raised my eyes to catch Rikker's and he bit back a smile.
'... And God bless our family and our friends. Especially Gertie, and may you help her to learn before she dies that cheating at poker is wrong. Amen.'"



Thursday, November 12, 2015

Guest review: "Night time is my time" by Mary Higgins Clark


First of all, if you are not familiar what a "guest review" is, let me fill you in really quickly ;) it's a post about a book that I haven't actually read personally... ;) but my sister did and after lenghty and detailed discussion I did my best to write down all of her thoughts to maybe give you a bit different book recommendation that I usually write about ;) cause this one is most definitely not a romance of any kind ;) it's more of a... thriller / mystery novel... :) let me tell you a bit more...

We start with a dead woman's body in a pool... police is not sure if it was even a murder, it might have been just an accident... but after some time it's connected to previous "accidents"... and at the high school reunion it turns out that throughout all of that time (from graduation up till now) girls from one picture were dying in what seemed like accidents at the time... and you won't guess who puts that together for the first time... a very nosey kid from the school's newspaper ;) he connects the dots and starts asking questions... and now one of these women is starting to get threats about stuff that she thought she was the only one who knew about... and the plot thickens... ;)

The focus of the book jumps between different characters, including the murderer... although up till the solution we can't even tell if it's a he or a she... and that just makes you more curious... :) the murderer calls his/hers alter ego "Owl"... and let me tell you... he/she is creepy as hell... and that means something from someone who watches "Criminal minds" for pleasure... ;) we also know that he/she is one of the students at that reunion... my sister didn't know who did it, and usually she's pretty good and deducing this stuff so that means the mystery was good... ;) or maybe it's cause all of them had dirty conscience and could have done it... ;)

From the beginning there is a lot of characters thrown at you, so don't get discouraged and just go with it... it will be worth it, to read past the first 40 pages when all of them are introduced practically at once... cause the story is really interesting :) not to mention that there are clues in the book so when it's time for the solution it's not one of those situations when in the last 30 pages you meet a new character who suddenly has this whole big story and it's he/she who did it... and you're sitting there wondering what the hell did you just read this whole book for?!? ;) don't you just hate that kind of situations? ;)

This book definitely keeps you on your toes, constantly making you wonder who did it and why... and how... :) it was recommended to my sister by a friend and it was the first book by that author that she read... it was fresh and different... and she reads more of this thriller-ish books, so she could compare it ;) and apparently, it has a very cute epilogue, set some time later... :) so if you're in a mood for a good mystery give this one a try ;)


A and J

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Review: "Born of betrayal" by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Book 10 in series The league
Main characters: Fain and Galene

I had such a good plan when I started reading this book... :) I figured that I would read it in four days, cause that's when another book I've been really looking forward to was getting published ;) and it was all going really well... until I reached about half of the book... cause then it was like BAM!!! one surprise after another... shocking turns of events... and I was glued to the book until the very last page... at which point I was like "NOOOOO!!! what do you mean the end?!? I need to know what happens next!!!" and at this moment I would like to say to all of you... don't worry, all the stuff between the main couple is resolved... my reaction was about the people from the next book which makes me that much curious... damn, june is looking sooo far away right now... ;) so instead of crying about that, let me tell you more about this fantastic story :) and don't be discouraged by the fact that it's a bit sci-fi with different planets and races, cause it only adds to the story and the world... :)

Fain and Galene are both Andarions... they actually knew each other years ago... and pretty well I might add, cause they were pledged to one another... yes, it started as an agreement between their parents, but turned into something much more... but at the day of the graduation he leaves her for another woman... or so it seems... when in fact, the truth is different... and to top all that, he doesn't even know, that she's already pregnant... and the story of their son was actually in the previous book :) now it's thirty years later (don't worry, the Andarions age much more slower than humans), and the two of them have to work together to prepare the attack against The League... I could babble much more about the details of it all, but since I don't want to spoil you anything, I won't ;) all you need to know is that all of the books can be read as standalones, cause you get all the necessary informations to understand what's going on, but I really recommend to read them in order, to better understand the dynamics and relationships between the characters... :) especially in case of this book, it's really important to read at least the previous one first, otherwise you will have a bunch of spoilers in this story... not to mention that reading about a true happy ending for Talyn and his Felicia will be much more satisfying once you know the whole story :)

Since Galene and Fain have all this past between them, it's no surprise that when she sees him for the first time after all this time, she shoots him :) but in her defense, she certainly wasn't expecting to see the love of her life and father of her son, when he appeared to work with her... fortunately all the vital informations are out in the open pretty quickly... the fact that Fain has a grown up son, and the truth what was the real reason behind his behaviour all those years ago... and now they are both older and stronger and all of their emotions rush back to the surface... and I was really glad for that, cause I was afraid that all this drama between them would last longer... :) fortunately for me, and for all of us, it was resolved pretty quickly, but don't worry, there were plenty of things happening around them, so there was never a dull moment :) I actually can't believe, now that I think about it, how little time passed in all of this book... :) it was really a matter of days :) but with the romance between the main couple and the traitor and the attacks and everything... ;) I know, I'm horrible, cause I can't tell you anything more, just this few words, but I hope they will make you curious enough to read this book ;)

I loved how quickly a relationship between Galene and Fain developed... they both were robbed of too much time together by other people... why waste another day? :) not to mention that she wasn't the only one suffering after the whole scandal... his life wasn't as easy as some might think... and to finally see him happy was beyond precious... and besides his relationship with Galene, to see the change in the interactions between him and his son was absolutely adorable... ;) I know it's not a very manly adjective, but I'm gonna use it anyway ;) and one of the best scenes in the book were the ones were Talyn (the son) was very protective of Galene and actually acted as her chaperone... ;)

We see soooo many characters from all other books that we already know and love very much :) they appear in a scene here and there, and in case of a few of them, they have a much bigger impact than I expected :) but we also get to meet some new and very interesting people... which makes me that much more curious about future books ;) and there is a one HUGE and surprising transformation of a certain character we already knew... I'm not gonna say anything more, not even a hint, cause I want you guys to be surprised by this as much as I was when I read it... :) I was totally not expecting that but I think it's a pretty genius move :) congratulations Sherrilyn Kenyon ;)

This is one of my all time favourite series... and I always recommend it to anyone who will listen... and to some of them who won't ;) it has a fantastic writing style and the quality of the stories is still very high... there is a great sense of humor... mostly sarcastic, but since it's my favourite kind I'm not complaining ;) surprising twists and turns of events... amazing characters that can still show me a side of them I haven't seen before... and the truly wonderful stories of romance, brotherhood and family... family connected by so much more than just blood... they are connected by action, experience and bonds of love... :) if you have not read it yet, what are you waitnig for? don't waste any more time and go check it out ;)

I was very determined to find you some quotes to prove to you how awesome this book, and the whole series, is :) and I can proudly say that I found them ;) I present to you only few of the reasons, why I love these characters so much ;) happy reading :)

Something about Galene ;)
"It would be weird to adjust to a new army. A new way of doing things. But she was nothing if not adaptable. Okay, not really. She hated change passionately. But she liked to lie to herself about her inflexible flexibility."

A short conversation between Fain and his friend, Nykyrian ;)
"Fain gestured to the blast mark on his battlesuit, 'She shot me, Nyk. Point blank. No warning. In the heart!'
'Well... we've all had the urge to shoot you, Fain. She just had the fun of it.'
'And you want her to lead your army?'
Nykyrian nodded. 'I'm told you're the only one she hates to this degree. Everyone else should be safe from her aim.'
'You're not funny.'
'I'm a little funny.'"

When Fain finally realizes that Talyn is his son, this is Talyn's reaction ;)
"Hey, Ma! Dad just figured out how to do the math to calculate my age and date of conception. He's having some kind of apoplexy over it. I think you need to come in here before he pisses on your floor. And if he does, I did not do it, so don't yell at me for it. And I will not clean it up."

Part of the conversation between Fain and his brother Dancer when Fain asks him to bring some people to the station ;) Fain first :)
"'Families shouldn't be separated. And while you're at it, why don't you bring Sumi and the kids, too? I know you don't want to be away from them, either.'
A strange shadow appeared in Dancer's red eyes. 'Who are you and what have you done with my I-don't-give-a-shit-about-anything brother?'
Fain snorted at his mock sarcasm. 'Shut the fuck up and do what I said.'
'Now there's the familiar asshole I know so well and love for reasons still unknown.'"

One of the many reasons why Chayden will have to get his own book at some point ;)
"Can someone say awkward? We could cut this tension with a knife, but the hostility's so thick here, I think it's a bad idea to introduce sharp objects into it."

Part of a conversation between Fain and Galene ;)
"Pulling back, he smiled down at her and rubbed his nose against hers. 'Will you have dinner with me?'
'Of course.'
'Will you have sex with me?'
She snorted at him. 'Now you're pushing it.'
'You're the one standing naked in my arms.'
'That's to punish you.'
'It's working.'"

One of many reasons why I love Fain ;)
"He knocked on the door of Galene's room, and waited. No one answered. Scowling, he checked the time. He was a couple of minutes early. Okay, almost half an hour, but it wasn't that early. Her shift had ended hours ago. She should have been back by now and relaxing with her programs. Not that he was a stalker, per se. He just happened to know her schedule. And routines. A little better than his own. Oh, shit, I am a stalker."

Part of the conversation between Fain and Mari, another one of his friends ;)
"'Sorry, Mari. I didn't check the time or your location.'
'Mmmm, it's okay, sexy. Is something up? Besides me and you at this unholy hour.' He yawned again audibly. 'Then again, it may not be unholy wherever you are, but I hope it is. I believe whole-heartedly in sharing my misery.'"

And the last one with Talyn and Hadrian... you guessed it, another friend ;) Talyn first
"'Ah, it's fine. I don't mind.'
Hadrian sucked his breath in sharply. 'Ooo, T. Have a care with that word. It always gives me chills.'
Talyn frowned. 'What word?'
'Fine. I hate it.'
'Uh, yeah. Are you out of your mind? I live with Jayne and two daughters. The most terrifying four-lettered f-word a woman says in my house is <fine>. I swear, every time I hear it, I cringe.'"



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Review: "Mine till midnight" by Lisa Kleypas

Author: Lisa Kleypas
Book 1 in series The Hathaways
Main characters: Cam Rohan and Amelia Hathaway

I have to admit, I was a bit afraid before reading this one... :) don't get me wrong, I loved her Wallflowers series and maybe that's why I wasn't sure if this one will be as good... :) but the answer is yes... :) it was just as good :) the subtle but very sexy seduction... witty banter... charming and swoonworthy characters... all the ingredients of a perfect historical romance were there :) <sigh> it made me a one, happy reader :) cause I was in a perfect mood to be swept off my feet ;)

Now about that main couple... we met Cam before, in "Devil in winter" and I was curious about his story ever since... and I'm very pleased to inform you, that it's even better than I thought it would be :) Cam if half gypsy and half irish... with his dark, slightly longer hair, golden rings and a diamond stud in his ear he looks like a walking sin... <sigh> were was I...? oh, right... the book ;) ok, back to the topic :) he is the right hand of the owner of Jenner's... let's call it a gambling club, cause it's the shortest way to describe it :) he meets Amelia when she comes there looking for her brother :) Amelia is the oldest sister among the four of them in the Hathaway family plus there is also the oldest brother, Leo :) she takes care of everyone... and she's very controlling ;) but more in a I-love-you-so-I'll-do-anything-I-can-to-take-care-of-you kind of way ;)

Their first night together... and I mean the night when they met, when he helped her find her brother... get your mind out of the gutter ;) ends up with a stolen kiss... and a stolen ribbon ;) cause Cam thinks he will never see her again :) but of course fate has other plans... ;) not many days later, when he visits Marcus and Lillian he discoveres that the Hathaways are their new neighbours :) and starts to see how hard it is for him to stay away from the oldest Hathaway sister... ;) and I love their unexpected and a bit accidental courtship... how they seek each other out... how they react to one another... how fast he gets to know her and really understands her... and the nickname he gives her is truly lovely... hummingbird ;) of course there's a story behind it, but I'm gonna let you discover it for yourself when you read the book :) and I truly adore how she can count on him, cause apparently he's always there when she needs help :) and it's just nice to see that she can lean on someone else for a change... :) but I think what I love the most is when Cam realizes, a bit slowly at first, that maybe this elusive place he thinks he have to find to be happy is not actually a place... but a person... :) or an entire family... ;)

We meet a whole bunch of new characters in this book... I mean, it's only logical since it's book #1 in a brand new series :) we have all the Hathaway siblings... and that includes Merripen, a gypsy their family found half alive when he was a kid, and he grew up with them... and you can see in this book why his and Win's story (the second oldest daughter) is next :) I really love this family... although Leo spent most of the book drunk and in a really bad state of mind, I'm kind of hoping it's gonna get better in the next one, especially since he's gonna get his own story :) but all in all this family is absolutely charming and I can't wait to read all of their stories... :) but besides the new ones, we see some of our favourite familiar faces... :) but don't worry, even if you haven't read the Wallflowers series, you can read this one and enjoy it immensly... but of course if you did read it, the little scenes here and there will have much more meaning to you :) plus I really recommend you to read about the lovely wallflower girls, because those are some really great books ;)

I have to say that with each Lisa Kleypas book that I read, I am more and more convinced that the charming mix of humor, seduction and captivating storytelling is not a coincidence... that woman is just that talented... :) and she's becoming my go-to author when I need some smart, sensual and hilarious story with characters that I want to pull from the book and meet in real life :)

I have for you a few quotes, and believe me... there is much more where they came from ;) throughout the entire book I was either laughing or swooning... with an occasional gasp of surprise ;) I hope that I picked good examples to show you how amazing this book was ;) happy reading :)

One of the reasons why I can't wait for Win's book ;)
"Win stirred and blinked. 'Bother,' she said breathlessly. 'I was standing still, feeling fine, and then the floor seemed to rush up toward me. I'm sorry. I despise swooning.'"

Amelia and one of her sisters, Poppy :) I can so relate to Poppy in this scene... ;)
"Sitting on the edge of the mattress, Amelia eased the covers away from her nineteen-year-old sister. Poppy was groggy and sleep-flushed, her cheek imprinted with a line left by a fold of the bedclothes. Her brown hair, a warmer, ruddier tint than Amelia's, was a wild mass of tangles.
'I hate mornings,' Poppy mumbled. 'And I'm sure I don't like being awakened by someone who looks so bloody pleased about it.'"

Amelia after almost being shot ;)
"'Well. I must say the guidebook didn't warn adequately about the occurrence of rocket fire amid the peaceful Hampshire scenery.' She reached down and whacked at the dust and bits of leaf that clung to her skirts. 'I'm sure you don't know the Hathaways well enough to shoot at us. Yet. When we become better acquainted, however, I have no doubt you'll find ample reason to bring out the artillery.'"

Amelia and Cam :)
"'If you're trying to look meek and civilized,' Amelia said, 'it's not working.'
'I assure you, I'm harmless.'
Amelia smiled at that. 'No doubt it would suit you for everyone to think so.'"

And another one with our main couple :)
"'I... I'm a spinster.' She offered the word as if it were a talisman. Everyone knew that rakish gentlemen were supposed to leave spinsters alone. But it appeared no one had told Cam Rohan.
A covert smile deepened the corners of his mouth. 'That's not going to keep you safe from me.'
She tried to turn away from him, but his hands guided her face back to his. 'I can't seem to leave you alone. In fact, I'm reconsidering my entire policy on spinsters.'"

And the last one a bit further in the book with Amelia and Cam :) Amelia first :)
"'I've considered everything you said earlier. I've made a decision. But first I'd like to explain that it has nothing to do with your personal endowments, which are quite considerable. It's just that... '
'My personal endowments?'
'Yes. Your intelligence. Your attractiveness.'
Wondering why his voice sounded odd, Amelia darted a questioning glance at him. The amber eyes were bright with laughter. What had she said to amuse him? 'Are you paying attention?'
'Believe me, when my personal endowments are being discussed, I always pay attention. Go on.'"



Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Review: "Night embrace" by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Book 2 in series Dark hunter
Main characters: Talon and Sunshine

This is the perfect example of my practically unconditional love for Sherrilyn Kenyon... ;) because usually I really don't like books that have this reincarnation sort of vibe... and when I read a few chapters and it was mentioned that he feels there is something familiar in her... I knew it would go in the direction she's-got-some-part-of-his-dead-wife-in-her... and I was right about that... ;) and it still was a good book :) if that's not love then I don't know how else to describe it ;)

Talon is a celtic chieftain (or, you know, he was one before) with a coffee addiction and very cool tattoos, who got everyone he loved and cared in the world murdered... before someone murdered him as a sacrifice for gods... but you don't get to become a dark hunter if you're a happy person who lived a long life... he buried his emotions centuries ago and usually is the calm one in dangerous situations... that of course changes when he meets Sunshine... ;) she's this artistic, kind of a crazy type... ;) she's forgetful, her mind goes from one thing to another within the matter of seconds and without a logical connection whatsoever... ;) they are truly like night and day... :)

The romance between them heats up pretty quickly... I mean they do sleep together the same day they meet... not to mention that she agrees to go with him to his place when she barely knows him... I get that it's not your typical situation with all the world-ending-and-people-and-gods-wanting-to-kill-you stuff, but... come on... and it still didn't bothered me as much as it would in other books ;) I really think that it's because of her writing style... :) I really love it, therefore even stories about characters that may not be at the top of my all time favourites, are very enjoyable ;)

We also get to know more about other hunters in this book... and I have to say... I still have no idea how she will turn some of them around, because at this point I don't know how I'm gonna root for happy endings for a few of them ;) not to mention that you never know who will turn out to not be as bad as you thought... ;) but what I loved the most about secondary characters is that we get to see Nick again, my favourite sarcastic squire, and Acheron, the boss... ;) and there are another little bits and pieces about him that makes me that much more curious about everything else about him... I so need to read his book but it's still very far away... ;)

Besides the romance story between the main couple, there is a much bigger plot in this book... we have gods conspiring to take over the world and all that... ;) not to mention that unleashing The Destroyer onto the world does sound ominous... ;) but all of that stuff, plus all of the up-and-down with the main couple is resolved in the book, so you'll have the answers for your most burning questions ;)

I had two sides inside of me, warring against each other a bit, while I was reading this book... :) because I didn't really like main characters... it's especially not my type of heroine... but her style of writing always gets to me... in a good way, so even if it wasn't my favourite book I still enjoyed it very much :) so don't be discouraged... I'm sure there are tons of people who will declare this story as their favourite one... ;) and before I forget, if you haven't been on the official website of Sherrilyn Kenyon, you guys are missing out... there are tons of super fun bonus informations, photos, descriptions... :) I think it might be the best author's website I have ever seen :)

And now a few quotes for you guys :) so you can see at least a few reasons why I love the interactions between characters and the sarcastic humor ;)

This is actually a surprising reason why I can relate to Sunshine ;)
"It was one of those nights. The kind that made Sunshine Runningwolf wonder why she bothered leaving her loft. 'How many times can a person get lost in a city she's lived the whole of her life?' The number seemed to be infinite."

Why I love sarcastic Nick ;)
"After Zarek stalked off, Nick grimaced. 'I know,' he said to Acheron. '<Nick, go after psychoass and show him where he lives.> But might I point out that in doing this, I should qualify for hazard pay?'
Acheron arched a brow. 'Might I point out that staying here with me is far more hazardous to your health?'
Nick feigned surprise. 'What? Am I still here? Oh no, sorry, thought I'd left ten minutes ago.'"

Part of the conversation between Talon and Sunshine :)
"'Tell Swamp Breath I was headed this way. Why was she...' Sunshine stopped and looked at him. 'Oh jeez, am I really having a conversation with a gator?'
He grinned. 'It's all right. I do it all the time.'
'Yes, but no offense, you're kind of weird.'
If that wasn't the pot calling kettle black..."

And just one more with Nick ;) but can you really blame me? ;)
"Nick walked out the door, past the Katagaria, mumbling all the while '<Nick, fetch my car, fetch my clothes, sweep the chimney, make my bed, watch my psychopath, fetch me slippers.> Yeah. I'll fetch those slippers and stick them someplace real uncomfortable.' Just when Talon thought he was through, he heard one last parting comment. 'I swear, my mother should have named me Fido.'"