Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Review: "The year we hid away" by Sarina Bowen

Author: Sarina Bowen
Book 2 in series The ivy years
Main characters: Bridger McCaulley and Scarlet Crowley

I read this one immediately after I finished the first book because I loved her style of writing so much I had to make sure it was not a one-book-fluke ;) and fortunately for me, it wasn't :) the second book was just as good as the first one :) not to mention that I was curious about Bridger, ever since he appeared in the previous book ;) and boy did he get a story of his own... :)

So about that main characters... ;) we met Bridger before, and he was kind of a... let's just say he wasn't a one-woman man... ;) but in this one, we learn that it was more of a do-it-until-you-can-cause-those-days-are-numbered kind of a thing... because now the situation is entirely different... he has a lot of stuff on his plate... school, a couple of jobs... not to mention the fact that he has to hide his 8-year-old sister who lives in his dorm room... it's a lot for just one guy... and Scarlet has a story of her own... she practically ran away from home after she changed her name to avoid all the attention that goes with the fact that her father was indicted of some pretty horrible things... so they are both secretive and in a very hard places in their lifes...

They start this sort of a friendship with a bit of flirting as a twice-a-week thing, since those are the only days when they have classess together and can spend time with each other... from the beginning there is sort of an understanding between them... none of them pressing the other one for answers and declarations of any sort... it's just a nice break for both of them... but after some time it evolves into something more... she learns pretty fast about his sister... well, in terms of pages in the book, because if you look at the time that passed, it takes a bit longer ;) he learns a bit later about the situation with her father... but what I love the most is how rationally they all act... almost all the time ;) there's no angst... maybe a bit of a heartbreak but for very valid reasons... and don't worry, there is a beautiful happy ending waiting for you :)

Since they both live pretty secretive lifes, there aren't many secondary characters... but there are some ;) we do get a glimpse of the couple from book #1 and it is lovely to see how are they doing after some time :) there is Bridger's sister, Lucy, who already stole my heart after our previous meeting ;) Scarlet's uncle and more characters who appear towards the end of the book in the most endearing way ;) I don't really wanna say who exactly and why, cause it may spoil you what happened so you're just gonna have to trust me on this one ;) 

What I really like about her books, is that all of her characters seem so real... I'd like to be their friend... ;) and they do face some pretty hard stuff... but the books are not depressing at all... in fact, they beautifully show how you can fight for yourself and what you want in life... not to mention that all of the issues that the characters face are not magically resolved overnight... :) and that is not as common as one would want in books ;) and it's another story with both perspectives... and I always love that ;) being able to see inside not one, but both minds of the main characters is always a huge plus of a book for me :)

I have for you only two quotes today, but it's because in the beginning, there are a bit less interactions between them, and all the best ones are much later in the book... and of course they are much too spoilerific to put here... ;) so just go and read it for your own ;)

A little interaction between Bridger and Scarlet ;)
"'I have to go,' he whispered after melting my knees one more time.
'I know,' I whispered back. 'Listen to me not complaining.'
'And I do appreciate it,' he said, reaching for his t-shirt where it lay on my floor. He handed me my bra. 'Cover yourself, or I may not make it out the door.'
'This is me, resisting the urge to fling it out the window instead...'"

And just one more with the main couple... :) <sigh> :)
"When I hugged him goodbye, he said, 'Thank you, Scarlet.'
'For what?' I whispered. 'For being your Tuesday and Thursday girl?'
His eyes bored into mine. 'For all seven days. Because I think of you on all of them.'"



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