Friday, October 2, 2015

Review: "The year we fell down" by Sarina Bowen

Author: Sarina Bowen
Book 1 in series The ivy years
Main characters: Adam Hartley and Corey Callahan

This book was... just... amazing :) I really loved it :) my sister read it some time ago and kept telling me that I have to give it a try... and I kept answering that I'll do it when I'll be in the right mood... cause we all know that nothing good ever comes from forcing ourselves to read a book you don't want to... ;) but lately I've been reading a lot of darker, paranormal stuff and I needed a change... something lighter, more optimistic and funny... and this was just a perfect fit for my mood ;)

Both Adam and Corey are students at Harkness university... he's a junior, who broke his leg in two places and gonna wear a cast for 12 weeks and she's a freshman who's in a wheelchair after accident.... and she'll never regain full mobility after her spinal cord injury... he's actually in a relationship with someone else, and I thought that this might annoy me more before I started the book, but actually... it was not a problem... first of all, his girlfriend is not very likable and secondly, she leaves for a whole semester to study abroad and during that time they apparently have some sort of an open relationship... I don't really get it, but hey... no one said that Corey is the only character in this book who has to put her shit together... ;) Adam has stuff of his own that he has to deal with :) but don't worry, it all ends really good ;)

They start off with a friendship... you know, since he's in a relationship... although I really should put <""> around that word... ;) but to be honest she does have a bit of a crush on him from the start... and who can blame her? ;) I mean... if a cute, charming, funny and sexy guy... with dimples and everything... moved across the hall from me I would have a crush on him too... ;) in time, when they get to know each other better, her feelings grow... and he starts to feel something more too... :) I think it's because he begins to see how different would it be like to be with someone like Corey... and even though it takes some time for him, he does the right thing :)

The secondary characters in this book are really interesting... I loved Dana, Corey's roommate from the very moment I met her :) not to mention Adam's friend Bridger... I liked him so much that now I'm really curious about his book :) fortunately for me, it's the next one ;) Bridger's sister Lucy and Adam's mom are just another few examples of people who are a beautiful addition to this book and story :) 

A very big plus of this book is dual points of view... I really like that, because it gives me a great way to see inside the minds of both main characters... and if it's done as well as in this one, I have no reasons to complain... ;) not to mention that her style of writing really works for me... even though there are some hard and sad things, the book itself is not depressing... it's actually very funny and light... it's a bit shorter than I would like ;) cause I'd really love to read more about them... ;) I saw some opinions that people didn't like Adam, that it took him too long to realize some stuff... but I think it was very real... he had his own stuff to deal with and I get it :) I actually really liked him ;) also I love that the story took 5 months to unravel... not to mention an additional 3 months time jump in sort of an epilogue-ish last chapter ;)

But what I loved the most, is that this book showed a hard but beautiful journey of Corey... a girl whose whole life got turned upside down and it will never get back to what it was before... and yet she fights for what's important to her... even if it takes time... even if she has moments of doubt... she wants to find happiness in her life again... and I cheered her on throughout the entire book :) I can wholeheartedly recommend you this beautifully written story... if you haven't read it yet, you should add it to your list ;)

I have a few quotes for you to show why I loved this book and Sarina Bowen's wonderful style of writing :) but believe me... there's sooo much more, just waiting for you, when you read the actual book... ;)

First meeting between Corey and Dana in person, after weeks of exchanging e-mails ;) I loved Dana from that moment ;)
"'Corey! I'm Dana!'
I spread my arms, indicating the chair. 'How ever did you recognize me?'
Her eyes sparkled, and then she said exactly the right thing. 'Facebook. Duh!'"

When Corey meets Adam :)
"'Hi there,' he said, revealing a dimple.
Well hello, hottie, my brain answered. Unfortunately, my mouth said nothing. And after a beat I realized I was staring at his beautiful mouth, frozen like Bambi in the forest."

A bit of Adam with his girlfriend :)
"The moment was broken by a shrill female voice erupting from inside his room. 'Hartleeeeey! I need you to hang this photograph, so you won't forget me while I'm in France. But I can't decide which wall!'
Hartley rolled his eyes just a little bit. 'So make three more of them, baby,' he called. 'Then you'll have it covered.'
'Honey?' came the voice again. 'Have you seen my mascara?'
'You don't need it, gorgeous!' he called, tucking both crutches under his arms.
'Hartley! Help me look.'
'Yeah, that never works,' he said with a wink. 'Good to meet you. I have to solve the great makeup crisis.'"

During one of their games (Adam and Corey play a hockey video game) when she was losing ;)
"'You know, you depend too much on your team captain,' Hartley said one night, when I was losing.
I wasn't about to tell him, but the reason I was losing that night had very little to do with my center, and everything to do with the fact that Hartley was not wearing a shirt. I'd spent the last half hour trying not to drool over Hartley's six-pack."

And the last one ;) when Corey visits Adam in the hospital after some minor procedure :)
"'What did you bring me?'
'An italian sub and a bag of chips. And Gatorade.'
'Have I ever told you that you're beautiful?'
'Any time I offer you food.'"



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