Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Review: "Scandal in spring" by Lisa Kleypas

Author: Lisa Kleypas
Book 4 in series Wallflowers
Main characters: Matthew Swift and Daisy Bowman

This is the fourth book, telling the story of the final wallflower from the lovely group we met in the first book :) I have to admit that I was a bit afraid before reading this one... it's just cause I loved the previous one so much, I was afraid that this one will be disappointing in comparison... fortunately, even though the third one is, and probably always will be, my favourite one in this series, this one was an absolute delight :) I would definitely recommend to read this series in order, so you'll avoid spoilers :) plus, that way you can see how all of those wonderful relationships and friendships were created and changed in time... :) 

Daisy is the youngest one, not only in the Bowman family, but also among the wallflowers... she's also the smallest one :) but hates that ;) so don't try to call her short or petite ;) she loves to read... she's happiest when she can find a quiet place to curl with a book... and I can totally relate to that desire ;) she's a bit of a dreamer... she knew Matthew before, they actually met about seven years ago... she remembers him as a "bag of bones", an arrogant and cold man, but that is not who comes to England... not at all... :) I mean physically... cause he's still confident, bordering on arrogant, man :) but he definitely can stand up for himself, even with Westcliff, and you can't say that about a lot of people... ;)

Matthew arrives in England because Daisy's father decided that it's about time that she should marry... and since she can't seem to find a husband among the peers, he will find her one on his own... fortunately Matthew definitely wasn't part of the plan to surprise Daisy in the ultimatum her father gave her... so that's a plus for him... and you can see that there is much more in him... especially his feelings for Daisy... he wanted her for a very long time... but he believes that he can never be with her because of the... dun, dun, duuuunnnn.... well, I can't tell you the reason ;) but I felt that the moment needed a bit of a music theme ;)

She doesn't really want to have anything to do with him, but it's a relief when she discovers that he's as surprised as she, when he hears her fathers announcement... and with time she sees that there is much more between them that she originally thought... :) and after things get a bit heated, I loved that she was the one to take actions to change the situation between them... when she was sure he wouldn't move it forward and share something with her without a proper motivation, she came up with a plan ;) a brilliant plan I have to add ;) well... definitely entertaining... that's for sure ;) 

There is a time jump between this book and the previous one... about more than a year... cause someone's baby is already about 10 months old... and someone else is going to give birth very soon... ;) of course I'm not gonna give you names... ;) but it's very cute :) again, we see all other wallflowers, but now they are all married :) we see Lillian the most, since she's the older sister, although I have to say that she was a bit overprotective... but I know that she was only worried about Daisy... as an older sister myself, I absolutely understand that... and I know it only looks ridiculous from the outside, because on the inside you feel that you're totally justified... ;)

Again, Lisa Kleypas was able to write a book that is elegant, witty and very surprising :) not to mention hot... you would be surprised how sensual a scene can be with practically no details whatsoever... ;) believe me... very... ;) she has a way of creating very interesting characters... you may not always agree with everything that they do, but you root for them nonetheless... :) I truly adored this book... it was a beautiful conclusion to the series... I know that there is also a fifth book, but I'm kind of counting that one as a bonus... sort of a big epilogue... :) and since this is the last book with our wallflowers as main characters, I'm naming this one "the last one" :) but don't get me wrong, you absolutely have to read the fifth one, it's amazing :) like I said... a big, awesome present just for us :)

I have for you a few quotes from the book :) it was full, as always, of these little sentences and amazing longer conversations so I tried to pick a few to get you curious enough to pick this book and read it for yourself ;)

Lillian and Marcus, talking about Matthew ;) Lillian starts
"'Are you saying his attractive?'
'I believe many would claim so, yes.'
Lillian thrust a hand in front of his face. 'How many fingers am I holding up?'
'Three,' Marcus said, amused. 'My love, what are you doing?'
'Checking your eyesight. I think your vision is failing. Here, follow the movement of my finger...'
'Why don't you follow the movement of mine?' he suggested, reaching for her bodice."

When Matthew helped with the little girl's teeth problems ;)
"'What were you saying to her?' Lillian demanded.
He glanced at her and replied blandly, 'I thought I would distract her long enough for the ice to numb her gums. So I gave her a detailed explanation of the Buttonwood agreement of 1792.'
Daisy spoke to him for the first time. 'What was that?'
'The Buttonwood agreement led to formation of the New York Stock and Exchange Board,' Swift said. 'I thought I was quite informative, but it seemed Miss Isabelle lost interest when I started on the fee-structuring compromise.'
'I see,' Daisy said. 'You bored the poor baby to sleep.'
'You should hear my account of the imbalance of market forces leading to the crash of '37,' Swift said. 'I've been told it's better than laudanum.'"

Matthew and Daisy a bit further in the book ;)
"'I've wanted you for too long.'
'I trust you,' she whispered.
Matthew shook his head, easing his hand away from her. 'You have terrible judgement. You're in bed with the last man in the world you should trust, and you're about to make the biggest mistake of your life.'
'Is this your idea of seductive banter?'
'I thought I should give you one last warning. Now you're doomed.'"



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