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Review: "Rock redemption" by Nalini Singh

Author: Nalini Singh
Book 3 in series Rock kiss
Main characters: Noah St. John and Kathleen "Kit" Devigny

At the very beginning I have to admit that I was afraid before reading this book... don't get me wrong, I loved all of the other ones she wrote, not only in this series but her other books too, and I knew I love her style of writing and creating stories... but I was still afraid... because from the moment I met Noah, I knew there was something very dark in him... and I knew that reading his story will be emotional and sometimes even painful... and I was right... but it doesn't change the fact that I loved the book and the story she created for Noah and Kit... but let me tell you more... :) although this time it will be really difficult to tell you what I think without spoiling some major stuff from the book... but I'll try my best ;) I may forget to write about some things but make no mistakes... I loved this book very much and I wholeheartedly recommend it for you to read immediately when you'll have your hands on a copy of it :)

We actually met both of the main characters way back in book #1 but this whole series can totally be read as standalones so you can pick the one that interests you the most first :) don't worry, all that you need to know about them is in this book :) Noah is the guitar player in the band Schoolboy Choir and Kit is an actress... she's friends with other band members, cause all of them met years ago when none of them was famous... the guys met even earlier in a boarding school :) but I digress... ;) from the beginning we know that Noah has some very dark things in his past... he barely sleeps, and by that I mean the kind of sleep when you can close your eyes, relax and recharge for the upcoming day, because he does sleep around... a lot... they both come from wealthy families with a lot of connections, but both of them wanted to achieve things on their own, without their parents money...

They actually had chemistry before... but started with some sort of a friendship... but let's not kid ourselves... just because there was no actual physical intimacy between them, doesn't mean that the relationship between them wasn't intimate and unique... and he really crushed it when he arranged so that she will caught him in bed with a groupie... and it's not a spoiler, cause if you read other books you already knew that and if not, it is in the prologue, so... and now it's two years later... and the feelings are still there... it's a very complicated situation and I wasn't sure how it would all turn out in the end, but fortunately for my poor little heart, everything ended up really beautiful... :)

Their journey to try and be friends again... and then maybe something more... is long and difficult... and for very good reasons... he has a very dark past... I kind of suspected what happened to him... there are only so many things that can have such a huge impact on your life, so even though I sort of knew what that horrible thing was gonna be, it didn't make reading about it any easier... and I don't mean the writing style, cause it was flawless and perfect as always... but some of the scenes were so emotional... so gut-wrenching... I really wanted to smack some people for their reactions and things they did... ;) but don't worry... besides some very hard and sad moments there are surprisingly many "aaawww..." moments as well... :) I think the scene with the teddy bear is one of my favourites in the whole book... :) and you might be surprised who really loves all of that "romantic bullshit" ;) it will make more sense when you read the book, trust me, it's both hilarious and adorable ;)

I read some opinions that people didn't like that it took them so long to go from sort of friends to the whole romance part... and I don't really get it... I mean, I get their point, and we do have the right to our own opinions, it's just mine is totally different :) I think it would be unbelievable if they just hop into bed in chapter 5... there is much more things that need to be addressed and resolved before they can move on to more romantic part... I actually loved their friendship and the intimacy of these little things that many of us don't appreciate on a daily basis... and they were huge steps for Noah to take... to open himself up to Kit the way he never did with anyone... there were some moments that took my breath away... words that broke my heart a little bit... I believe it was the best way to tell their story... it all fits together and makes sense and even though it's different and difficult... it's absolutely beautiful in its own unique way... 

And let's not forget that there is a lot of other stuff going on... Kit has a stalker, and although that whole situation takes place more in the background, since the relationship and interactions between Kit and Noah are the most important part, it does get resolved in this book :) we get to see more of the band members and their significant others :) a bit more of Fox, because he and Noah were friends since they were both 7 :) but we also get a bit more glimpses into the situation between Abe and his ex, Sarah...  or should I say his soon not to be ex any more... ;) cause even if it wouldn't be in the "author's note" at the end of this book you could see the signs... and we all know that Nalini loves to put a little pieces here and there for us readers to find and wonder what's gonna happen next... do we understand all of those little nuggets of informations correctly... ;) and if you aren't already signed up for her awesome newsletter... and you really should because it's always full of goodies and short stories that for a few months are available just for us, you're gonna want to do it now, cause in the newest one, the one you'll receive when you sign up now, there is an awesome bonus short story with Kit and Noah :) it is absolutely hilarious and you have to read it :) trust me ;) you can sign up on her website :)

I have to say, I waited for this book for a long time... I was super curious about their story and I'm happy to say that Nalini delivered... as always :) it was emotional, beautiful and I could not put it down... the best proof is that I started reading it in the afternoon thinking that I'm gonna read like maybe half of it and then finish it the next day... nope... the book had other plans... ;) so I may or may not have neglected some stuff that fortunately could've been pushed for a day and I read the book until the words "the end" took me by surprise at 1 in the morning ;) and you can go ahead and scratch that "may not" part because that's exactly what happened... but it was soooo worth it... :) it was different, but that's because their story was different, their journey unique and I loved every part of it... I hope you'll give it a chance to steal your heart... don't worry, it won't be lonely, cause my own is already waiting for you :)

I have for you a few quotes today... I couldn't put the most beautiful ones here, because I want you to have your own "aaawww..." moments when you read the book, and knowing all the best parts before you even start reading is not cool :) so I have for you a few funny ones and two that totally made me love the vulnerable side of Noah...

Little scene with Molly, Fox and Noah :) Molly starts
"'Go sit with Noah. This breakfast is on me.' A glance at Noah. 'He's earned it - he stopped at every single antique shop along the way.'
'You have no idea how many there are.' Coming around with two steaming mugs of coffee, the lead singer passed one to Noah, then grabbed a stool beside him at the counter. 'And I swear the staff and customers have their own secret language. They say things like provenance and patina and upcycle like they're words actual people use.'"

Another one with Noah and Fox :) talking about the wedding between Fox and Molly ;)
"'What about the dress?' Noah asked. 'Isn't that like a big deal?'
'What the fuck do you know about wedding dresses?' Fox scowled. 'You have a secret addiction to reality TV I don't know about?'
'Yeah, I'm all <say yes to the dress already, lady>.'"

One of the reasons why my heart goes out to Noah...
"'Be my friend, Kit. Please.' Noah hated himself for what he'd done to her, hated that he hadn't just let her go, but he couldn't. 'I'm sorry.' The words were inadequate, but they were all he had. 'I'm so sorry, Kit. I don't expect you to forgive me, but please don't shut me out.' His blood roared in his ears, his face flushing burning hot then going ice-cold when she didn't raise her head. 'I can't breathe knowing you hate me.'"

This time it's with Abe and Noah :)
"Heading back down the street afterward, they made it to the restaurant right on time.
'This is bad.' Abe glanced at his watch with a scowl. 'We're being way too well behaved. What's next? No shenenigans on tour? No raising hell? Punctuality is a slippery slope, my friend.'"

All the bandmates and Thea :)
"'You could go solo,' Noah said when the song ended.
'So could you, dipshit.'
Lips curving, Noah shook his head. 'Me? I'm just a pretty face.'
'And I'm just a schmuck piano player.'
'And David's just the drum guy, while I can sing some. We are who we are together.'
'We're better than who we are alone.'
'You aren't better,' Thea said with an arched eyebrow. 'You're phenomenal. Split you up and you'd be good, perhaps even great, but it wouldn't be this magic.'"

And the last one with Noah... <sigh>
"'Be with me.'
Kit froze against him, a flesh and blood statue.
'I can't be what you need,' he whispered against the side of her head. 'But be with me anyway.'"



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