Thursday, October 15, 2015

Review: "Night pleasures" by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Book 1 in series Dark hunter
Main characters: Kyrian and Amanda Devereaux

I feel the need to give you a fair warning... I'm a huge fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon, so my review might be biased... even more than usual ;) cause, you know... all of my reviews are just my own opinions, that can be totally different than yours, and that's cool ;) but when it comes to this woman... I can't help it... I just love her and her style of writing... and some things that might irritate me in other books doesn't bother me in hers at all... ;) and the same can be said about this one... I loved it... :) I know, you must all be in shock... I'm gonna give you a moment to gather your jaws from the floor ;) all good? ;) ok, then let's dive into more details :)

Kyrian was a general in ancient times and served under Julian of Macedon... if that name sounds familiar, I'm gonna get to that in a moment ;) now he's a dark hunter fighting with Daimons night after night... Amanda is an accountant with a very... let's call them interesting ;) with a very interesting family... and by that I mean eccentric with a hint of paranormal... in some cases a bigger hint ;) she has nine sisters... including one twin sister ;) and now to the reason why Julian may sound familiar ;) both Kyrian and Amanda have ties to the characters from this book :) it's a companion novel, and as I mentioned before, Kyrian served under orders of Julian and Amanda's sister, Selena, is best friends with the heroine of that book, Grace :) but don't worry, if you haven't read that book, all that you need to know is explained in this one :)

I'm not gonna tell you what the dark hunters are or how you become one because it is very well explained in the book, and I don't want to ruin it for you :) what I can tell you is that they are all different, but each of them has a very tragic story... there is a reason why happy people, who lived long and healthy lives don't become dark hunters... each of them have unique abilities and a different way of reverse the whole process... but as I said before, it's all explained with great details in the book :) I'm only gonna add that I love the community they created for themselves... even though they can't be near each other for long periods of time, otherwise they drain each others powers, they created a whole website and a system of communicating... so they can support each other and help in any way they can :)

I adored the secondary characters in this book... :) Nick, Kyrian's squire, is fantastic... I love his sarcastic sense of humor :) as a bonus information, he has his own spin-off series that actually starts ten years before this book... Nick now has 24 years, and at the beginning of spin-off his fourteen :) I'm so gonna read those books, but probably after I finish with all of the dark hunter ones :) although that might take me a while... ;) and Acheron... <sigh> now he's something else entirely... he was the very first dark hunter ever created and he's more powerful than others... sort of a boss to all of them... and that's prety much what we know so far about him... but let me tell you this... I'm very curious what story is there behind those eyes of his... :)

The whole thing between Kyrian and Amanda starts with a case of mistaken identity... and to think that she only wanted to help her twin sister... she went to her house to let her dog outside and was attacked only to come awake handcuffed to a very hot and sexy stranger... who happens to be a vampire... sort of ;) and she's thrown immediately into the world full of paranormal stuff she actively tried to avoid her whole life... because even is she wants "normal" she's far from it... cause she's not normal herself... their whole relationship progresses pretty quickly... to be fair, it is a very stressful situation and things happen in that kind of cases differently... and even though sometimes those things bother me in other books, in this one... it didn't... it all kind of "clicked" for me ;) but I did warned you that I love that woman soooo... ;)

I enjoyed this book very much.. :) I actually read it years ago, but in another language and it was so much better in original :) plus I loved that the couple from previous book / companion novella appeared in this one... and with such adorable additions ;) not to mention that I'm a sucker for a cute epilogue... and the one in here...? definitely cute ;) if you add to it the fact that Kyrian has an accent... I really can't find anything to complain about ;) it's just a perfect mix of paranormal, sexy and funny all in one package :) oh, and before I forget, be sure to check out her website ;) I have never seen a better place for a reader... it's full of additional informations, pictures, book trailers... you can get lost in there for hours... ;)

I have for you just a few quotes, but believe me when I say that there are much more of those in the actual book :)

Relationship between Amanda and her family when they acted "weird" to scare off her fiance... successfully I might add ;)
"'Hey, you're not still sore about Cliff, are you?'
'Of course I am. I know you did all that on purpose.'
Completely unabashed about the fact she'd broken Amanda's engagement, Tabitha released her hand. 'We did it for your own good.'
'Oh yeah, right.' She beamed a false smile. 'Thank you so much for watching out for me. Wanna poke my eye out while you're at it, just for fun?'"

Amanda's reaction to all things supernatural with her sister ;)
"If Amanda rolled her eyes any harder back into her head, she'd go blind from it." 

Kyrian's sense of humor, when they are chained together at the beginning :)
"'Can he hear us?'
Kyrian shook his head, 'No, the mike channel is closed. For the moment, he's off plotting his Igor-esque revenge. I don't know about you, but I have this image of him rubbing his hands together and laughing like Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory.'"

When Amanda learns who he is ;)
"Mr. Do me Gorgeous Man is a vampire! 'Oh no, no, no.' Amanda's entire body shook from terror and it took every piece of self-control she possessed not to launch into a screaming fit. 'Are you going to suck my blood?'
He arched a sardonic brow. 'Do I look like a lawyer to you?'
She ignored his sarcasm. 'Are you going to kill me?'
His face completely unamused, he sighed irritably. 'If I intended to kill you, don't you think you'd already be dead?'"

One of Amanda's inner dialogues ;)
"She wanted this man.
What are you, nuts? The man's a vampire!
Yeah, but he's a really, really sexy one."

And just a small glimpse about Nick ;)
"'Fine but I have a few things I need you to do today.'
'And that is different from any other day how?'
Sarcasm, thy name is Nick Gautier."



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