Saturday, October 31, 2015

Review: "Macabre magic" by L. H. Cosway

Author: L. H. Cosway
Book 1,5 in series Hearts
Main characters: Jason "Jay" Fields and Matilda Fields

This is actually not really a book, more like a novella... :) or if you really want to be precise, it's four long-ish chapters ;) but it's Halloween themed so I thought, that it would be a perfect time to write about it today ;) well... actually my sister thought about it ;) so you can thank J for this little surprise :)

This novella is another look at my favourite couple ;) we met Jay and Matilda in book #1 :) I posted my review of it in august this year, and you can find it in this very cool list on your right ---> at least it's on your right when you read this post on your computer... I have no idea where it is when you read it on some other mobile devices... ;) anyway... ;) Jay is a magician and we see him and his wife, Matilda, on their honeymoon :) Halloween is just days away and during one of their conversations, Matilda admits, that she never get scared... she doesn't even think that Jay would be able to scare her... ;) which leads to a very interesting bet... :) I can't say anything more without describing all of the events in this story, but let me just add... never bet against a determined magician... ;)

I loved this little glimpse into the lives of this adorable couple... :) it reminded me their book, and I really loved it... :) I mean who wouldn't love such a charmer like Jay... <sigh> ;) and I'm really proud of myself, cause I was able to write down two quotes for you... before Jay put a spell on me again... ;) cause I still remember my inability to concentrate long enough to find quotes about him in his own book... to this day I have no idea how that happened... the only explanation is that he just charmed me into oblivion... ;) so happy reading you guys and I hope you enjoy our (me and J's) little Halloween surprise ;)

Jay and Matilda still on their honeymoon  :) Matilda first
"'I've almost forgotten there's such a thing as clothing.'
He feigned a confused look and put on a haughty voice. 'Clothing? What is this sorcery of which you speak?'"

Jay and Matilda start talking about the bet ;) Jay first
"'I bet I could scare you,' he murmured low, his voice giving me momentary shivers.
'That sounds ominous. Do you mean you could scare me because you're in fact a pycho killer, or scare me with a magic trick?'
His eyes crinkled at the edges, and there was mischief in his gaze. 'The latter, obviously.'"



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