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Review: "Hearts of fire" by L. H. Cosway

Author: L. H. Cosway
Book 2 in series Hearts
Main characters: Jack McCabe and Lille Baker

It's the second book of the series, but they can be both read as standalones :) although it's definitely more interesting to read them in order, cause in this one we get to see couple from the first book again :) and for a very interesting reason I might add :) I was wondering should I write why, but since it's in the blurb of the book, I don't count it as a spoiler :) do you remember Jay's brother who died in a fire? well... he didn't exactly died.... yes, you got that right... he's the hero of this book... and what a book it is :) and at this point I would like to dedicate this particular review to my sister, J :) she is always helping me and supporting my blog... :) not to mention that she is the creator of all the pictures/quotes I post on the official fb page of my blog :) go ahead, take a moment to check them out ;) I'll wait for you ;) ok, now we can go back to the book ;)

This was a great read... it was the same style of writing that I loved in the first one, but the characters were very different :) Lille is this artistic type... always drawing... with an awful mother... controlling and downright mean... when she gets invited to join the circus by Marina (a few words about her later) she accepts, sneaks out of home and starts her grand adventure :) she's very curious and asks a lot of questions... it's actually really endearing :) and Jack... well... let's just say that where Jay was charismatic, charming and talkative... Jack is definitely the silent, more dangerous type... after all he's a fire breather and a knife thrower and he looks like Johnny Depp in "Chocolat"... <sigh> ;) I love that movie so that was a huge plus of the book :)

I really liked how they start as sort of friends... although it's hard to even call them that at the beginning... ;) at first he's more of a grumpy protector of sorts... ;) it definitely takes time for their relationship to develop into something more... he's got major trust issues... for a very good reason I have to add... that's why it's even more beautiful and rewarding when he opens up to her :) the change in him is really astounding... :) not to mention that besides their relationship we also have a mystery in this book... because someone is attacking women from the circus... dun dun duuuunnnn.... ;) I'm not gonna add anything more, only that it's all resolved in this book, so you will get the answers you're looking for :) 

The secondary characters in this book were definitely colorful and I wouldn't mind if I got a chance to get to know them a little bit better :) we have Marina, who I mentioned before :) she is the owner and the big boss of the circus :) she's kind of a mother-figure-and-a-friend-at-the-same-time to Jack... we have Oliver, Marina's half brother... we see him as a man who sleeps outside and who always drinks... that's why I'm even more curious about his story... what happened to him, why did he end up like this... and how can he have his happy ending... fortunately his book is next and already released, so if you're gonna be curious, you can dive right into it :) and we can't forget about Lola, one of the performers in the circus :) she befriends Lille immediately and is a truly charming addition to this world :) and of course we see again couple from the first book :) and because I love them, scenes with them were one of my favourites in this book... :)

Even though I liked the first book more... because Jay totally stole my heart and put a spell on me... ;) oh come on, don't judge me... if he hasn't charmed your pants off, that means you haven't read the book correctly... ;) I have to say that this one was a different, yet a very good addition to this series :) not to mention that I'm sure there are tons of people who prefer this sort of mysterious, broody, silent type as the hero of the book :) and that's totally ok :) I respect that :) I always try to write for you stuff that I'd love to know about the book if I was considering reading it, and then I add my personal opinions and feelings after finishing it :) spoiler free of course :) so this one should definitely go on your list... and if you love this type of a hero... then it should go to the top of your list :) but as always, the decision is yours :)

This time quotes are here only because of my sister :) I don't exactly know why I haven't written them down myself, or how I read the book and apparently didn't chose anything... it's still a mystery for me :) but fortunately for all of us, I could count on J... as always :) so before you go and read them, let's take a moment to thank her... ;) thank you J ;) ok, and now happy reading you guys ;)

Part of the conversation between Lille and Marina ;)
"'Oh, yes, Jack's a fire-eater. He's a big attraction with the ladies, as you might guess. A pity he never mastered the art of charming them.'
Her words made me imagine Jack sitting at a dinner table, knife and fork in hand, ready to dig into a plate of fire.
'Oh, well, I suppose when you look like that, you don't really need charm.'"

Conversation between Lille and Lola after Lola made her participate in Jack's knife throwing act ;)
"'Have fun?' Lola asked when I reached her.
'Oh yeah. Big time. Thanks for offering me up for sacrifice, by the way,' I said annoyed.
She laughed loudly. 'It's the sexiest thing that's happened to you all year, admit it.'"

Lille and Jack at the beginning :)
"'I told you not to come. Why didn't you listen to me?' he asked, tilting his head to the side, a subtle edge to his words.
'Oh, I'm sorry, Dad. I forgot you had a say in what I do with my life. Please accept my humblest apologies,' I said, heavy on the sarcasm."

And another one with them from the beginning ;) Lille first
"'I thought you made it clear you didn't want to come.'
One eyebrow went up as he shook his head. 'I never said that.'
We stared at each other for several seconds, almost in challenge, before Lola interrupted with a laugh that seemed to hold secret knowledge. 'Okay, you two. Let's start walking, or you'll be having that staring contest all day.'"

Lola and Jack when Lille gets a tatoo :) Lola first
"'I don't have a disease, you know. You can come share this lovely big couch with me. You won't catch anything.'
Jack very subtly arched his brow, arms still folded over his chest. 'I'm fine where I am.'
'Oh, for Christ's sake, sit down! You're putting us all on edge, standing over there like the angel of death.'"

Lille and Jack a litte bit further down the road :) Jack is shirtless... because that is a very important detail ;)
"His back had been turned to me the entire time, which was why I got a little fright, when he asked knowingly, 'Enjoying the view?'
I didn't even bother to act coy. 'Uh, yeah. I am, actually.'
I could tell from his profile that he was smiling. Wow, Jack really was in an unusually good mood today.
'Can I get you some water? You must be thirsty.'
'I've only been waiting about an hour for you to ask that, so yeah, I'd like some water, Lille. How did you last so long as a waitress, huh?'"



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