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Review: "Festive in death" by J. D. Robb

Book 39 in series In death
Main character: Eve Dallas

First of all, let me give you a little bit of info about the whole series :) I wrote that Eve is the main character, cause it's true ;) if you are not familiar with this series, it revolves around a New York Police Detective (Lieutenant for some time now) and each book is a different case :) don't worry, they are always solved in their own book :) all of them can be read as standalones, because there is always enough information to know who's who, but I really recommend reading it in order :) or, you know, start from the one that interests you the most and if you like it, then go back and start at the beginning :) cause that way, you see the growth of all these interactions and relationships between different characters... some unexpected friendships ;) and a little scene here and there will mean so much more to you thanks to that knowledge :) and don't be discouraged that the books are set a bit in the future (around 2060) because the biggest difference is the advance in technology, so there's no weird sci-fi stuff... ;)

So now let me tell you something more about this one :) Eve is woken up in the middle of the night by her "friend" Trina... why the air bunnies you ask? ;) because theirs is a complicated relationship but make no mistake, they are friends :) Trina helps one of her friends to get even with her lousy ex and unfortunately they stumble upon his dead body... that's when Eve comes in :) Trina, very wisely might I add, calls her and the investigation begins :) the victim was a personal trainer, very good one, but not a good person... in fact, he was pretty much disliked or hated by everyone... he had many clients, because he was good at his job, but there was no warm feelings there... and I can see why... he really seems like an ass... and when you think he's just an obnoxious and arrogant narcissist... unfortunately it gets worse... but he is a murder victim and Eve, as always, will do her best to solve the case :)

Aside from the usual investigation, we have christmas just around the corner :) so the whole book is peppered with this adorable scenes here and there... and that's when your previous knowledge about characters and their relationships with Eve comes really handy ;) but don't worry, they are cute even if this one is the first book of this series you ever read :) there is Eve buying presents... and it's really hilarious... cause she hates doing that... and she's so miserable when she does that, and so exhausted afterwards, that it's actually adorable... she goes through that "traumatic", at least for her, experience ;) to get her friends gifts... she really does love them more that she will ever admit out loud ;) she might be all hard and gruff, but she always remember about people who are close to her... her family and friends... :)

A lot of secondary characters make an appearance in this book, mostly thanks to the whole christmassy atmosphere and the party at Eve and Roarke's mansion (Roarke is her husband who owns half of the world as Eve always jokes) :) and scenes with them, especially in more relaxed tone, are always a delightful bonus for me ;) and in this book, they are even more cute than usual... exchanging presents and having fun at the party... it's really heart-warming and beautiful... :)

Every time I read a book in this series I'm amazed... how, after all this time... and we are around book #40 people... :) how does she come up with the ideas...? :) because all those books are interesting, and the development of characters is exceptionally good :) not to mention that I am two books behind ;) and she keeps writing... I would like, very selfishly might I add, that she will always be inspired and just keep on writing about Eve and everyone else... cause I can't imagine a time, when I would have enough of that world and it's characters :) so if you haven't read this series yet, start with this book, or pick another one from a very long list, but do it... because seriously people... if you don't know it yet... you are missing out... ;)

This time I have for you a bit more quotes than usual, but I was very vigilant while I was reading, to show you how amazing this series is ;)

Description of Peabody, Eve's partner ;)
"Detective Peabody came to the bedroom door. Pink cowboy boots, big puffy coat, a couple miles of rainbow-striped scarf and a bright blue hat with ear-flaps. She looked, Eve thought, like an Eskimo running away to the circus."

Conversation between Eve and Peabody when they visit the gym as part of the investigation :)
"'I hate them all,' Peabody muttered. 'Every one of them. Just look. All perfectly packed in frosty outfits designed to show off every cut, rip and ripple. Smug looks on their faces, a sheen of sweat on their skin. And zero percent body fat among the whole buff bunch. How am I supposed to enjoy my frothy hot chocolate now?'
'You don't have a frothy hot chocolate.'
'In my mind I did. Now even its imaginary frothy goodness is spoiled.'"

Part of the conversation between Eve and Roarke to show you how much Eve hates shopping :) Roarke first
"'I'll let you get back to it. I can fit a quick bit of shopping in before my next meeting.'
'Don't say shopping.'
He grinned at her. 'Haven't finished yet, have you?'
'There's time. Plenty of time.'
'Mmm. Barely started then.' He kissed her between the eyebrows. 'Best of luck there. I'll see you at home.'
'I started,' she called out, heard him chuckle as he walked away. 'Sort of.'"

Part of a conversation between Eve and Roarke... finally a woman I can relate to :)
"After pulling on clothes, she grabbed a pair of boots.
'Not those boots,' Roarke said with barely a glance when she came out to sit and pull them on.
'What's wrong with these boots?'
'Not a thing, but the gray with the mock laces will pick up the color of that sweater, polish things off.'
'I don't need to polish... Fine, fine, fine.' Easier, she figured, to change the damn boots than get into a fashion debate she'd certainly lose."

A short conversation between Eve and Roarke about their cat ;)
"She joined hands with him, started out. The cat raced ahead, ringing cheerfully. 'Did Summerset put that stupid bell on him?'
'I put that stupid bell on him.'
'You?' She shot him a stunned glance. 'Seriously?'
'It was a weak moment,' Roarke admitted. 'Give him a bit of the festive, I thought. And now he's ringing like a mad thing, most of it on purpose to my mind. He's enjoying it.'
'The bow, too?'
'I said it was a weak moment.'"

And last one, at the party, with Eve and Roarke :) Roarke first
"'You have such interesting areas of modesty. Couples routinely hold each other when they dance slow.'
'Yeah, maybe, but I bet not that many of them have their commanding officer watching.'
'A dance. I'm not taking off your clothes, Eve.'
'I bet you are in your mind.'
'Well, I am now, so thanks for the idea.'"



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