Thursday, October 8, 2015

Review: "Demon from the dark" by Kresley Cole

Author: Kresley Cole 
Book 10 in series Immortals after dark 
Main characters: Malkom and Carrow

To be completely honest, I have to admit that I took a break from this book when I was right about in the middle of it... don't get me wrong, it's not cause it was boring, or horrible or something like that... no no :) I started it immediately after finishing the previous one, which I really loved ;) but around the middle, I realized that I will definitely not get all the answers that I was looking for in this book... also, my mood changed suddenly... and believe me, I learned the hard way never to force myself to read a book I'm not in a mood for... cause I never truly appreciate it that way... so when my mood changed I decided to press pause on this one, and jump genres ;) so I read a few others, that you already saw from my reviews, that I truly loved :) and when I was ready, I got back to this one ;) and it was a great decision, because that way, I could appreciate this book in all it's paranormal glory ;)

So about the book itself... ;) I have some sort of up-and-down relationship with this series... because there are books that I immediately love and just can't put down... but there are books that I struggle with a little bit... don't get me wrong, I wholeheartedly love this series and recommend it with a clear conscience... ;) the best example of that struggle is this book... I was having a problem throughout the first half, mainly cause Malkom and Carrow don't speak the same language, therefore communication is practically nonexistent between them... and I am a woman who loves words, soooo... ;) fortunately for me, the second half was sooo much better... :) plus, Malkom was a bit of a barbarian/neanderthal in the beginning... and I can totally understand why... I mean, he lived for hundreds of years in isolation... but I definitely prefer Malkom from the end... ;) I was actually surprised when I got a little bit teary-eyed at the end... cause there are a few of those "aaawwww..." moments ;) and I do love them ;) Carrow surprised me... from previous books I thought of her as this party girl... but there is so much more in her story that makes her who she is... plus, there are circumstances in this book, that further changed her... and for the better may I add :) of course I can't go into any more details, cause I don't want to spoil anything for you :)

And let's not forget how many huge things happened in this book... how many characters from next ones appeared... it will definitely make you so much more curious... :) and there are a few stories, that I just cannot... for the love of books... ;) figure out how some of those characters will end up together... cause it seems impossible :) but on the other hand, I wasn't sure how Carrow and Malkom would actually end up together, and I think that it is truly a magnificent gift, to bo able to turn around a story that annoyed my a little bit in the beginning, into a story that kept me awake until 1 in the morning, cause I had to know how it ends :)

I would really love to go into more details about the story in this book... what happened... because let me tell you... the answer is: a lot :) we see so many characters that we already know will have their own books, since this one was published some time ago and there are already others in this series... but I simply cannot say anything without spoiling some major surprises :) soooo... sorry, my lips are sealed ;) it's the same reason why there won't be any quotes this time :) first, because like I said earlier, there weren't many interactions that included words between the main characters in the beginning :) and second, when something good was finally happening... it was too spoilerific to put in a review ;)  

So even though I struggled a bit with this one, I still love the series and recommend it for you to read... especially since all of us like different stories... for some of you, this might be your favourite book in the whole series, and I totally respect that :) that's what I love about books... we may all love different stories and characters, but we are all connected through our love for the words on paper... or some sort of electronic device ;)



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