Monday, October 5, 2015

Review: "The air he breathes" by Brittainy C. Cherry

Book 1 in series Elements
Main characters: Tristan and Elizabeth

I have to admit that this book wasn't on my list... and if not for my first BB... that means Blogger Bestie and I am totally starting this as a thing now ;) if it wasn't for her review I may have never heard about this book... and this author... and that thought is truly terrible... so thank you again NightOwl Reader :) for the first, and definitely not the last, book recommendation I will find on your blog :) and even though it's technically first book in a series, they can all be read as standalones :) I can't put an easy label on it and say that it's a contemporary romance... yes, it's set in current times, but it is so much more than just a romance... let me tell you why...

Tristan and Elizabeth both suffered an unimaginable loss... around a year earlier she lost her husband and father of their daughter, 5-year-old Emma, and Tristan lost both, his wife and 8-year-old son... I don't ever wanna say that I know what it feels like... I can't even begin to imagine the pain and suffering both of them went through... and are still going through when we start the book... let me just say, that Brittainy C. Cherry does an amazing job when she describes them... they feel like an absolutely real people... not like fictional characters that you just read about, but when you put down the book they slip your mind... no, they felt real... so real that there were numerous occasions when I wanted to simply reach out and hug them... let them borrow some of my strenght just for a minute...

They start off on a really wrong note since she hit his dog with her car, but fortunately Zeus is all right :) his known as the town asshole... a jerk... a weirdo... a monster, who is a recluse and just keeps to himself most of the time... when it turns out that they're neighbours she tries to reach him... because there is a scene in the vet's office that makes her see that there is more to him than this obnoxious and rude guy who only yells at people... and it starts slowly... as this sort of weird friendship... or maybe a better way to call it, is that they feel a connection... a heartbreaking connection, because they understand each others pain... no one else can really say the same... they can try, but only Tristan and Elizabeth know... and they slowly help each other... at first they help each other remember and then they help each other move forward... a little bit unintentionally... it takes a lot of time, weeks passes before we know it and that's ok... these things takes time... not to mention that another amazing plus of this story is that they do not diminish feelings and the love they had for their partners before... it's not this I-have-never-felt-this-before situation... because they both loved... and it was beautiful and meaningful... but it was cut short... and now it's different but in no way it's better or worse, there is no competition... it's simply different...

And if you think that the main characters are the only interesting people in the book, you're mistaken... cause it is full of secondary characters that are so enriching to the story she created... I mean, first of all Emma... Elizabeth's daughter... she stole my heart from the moment I learned that her favourite toy is a mummified teddy bear... yes, mummified... because after watching "Hotel Transylvania" she loves mummies and zombies... :) and then there's Faye... she's best friends with Elizbeth and she's crazy, funny, with no inhibitions whatsoever and I absolutely adore her... we all need someone like Faye in our lives to bright our day when we need it the most... and there are tons of other people... Elizabeth's mother and her parents-in-law, Tristan's parents... just to name a few... they are a perfect addition to this amazing book...

Now about the book... it was... it's really hard for me to put into words all of the feelings that are inside of me right now... cause this book was absolutely amazing... beautifully written... and so emotional... I can't count how many times it made me cry... and I don't mean only as in sad moments... they were also so many endearing and touching moments too... what's the most surprising to me, is the way her words moved me... I will be the first to admit, that I cry very easily... during movies, tv shows... but very rarely it happens to me when I read... I'm more of a visual kind of a person... I need a picture, a scene, maybe some music and then it all hits me... but it's very hard to move me to tears with only words... and it takes a special kind of talent that this author has in spades... an ability to portray emotions and paint with words that will move you so much... her words traveled from pages straight to my heart...

Don't worry... it's not a depressing book... yes, it has its sad and hard moments... very emotional ones that will hit you straight to your heart and stay with you for days after you read them... but it is also filled with happy and funny moments... little things that will bring the biggest smile on your face... touching moments that will bring tears of joy and happiness to your eyes... and make you forget that you read about fictional characters created in someone elses head... not to mention that there are chapters both from Elizabeth and Tristan points of view... a bit more of her, but I always love when I can see inside the minds of both main characters... and it is done brilliantly here... showing the depth of emotions of each of them... and the charming epilogue set five years later is just a cherry on top...

It is truly terrifying to see how one moment can change everything... how it can shatter everything you took as a constant in your life... how it can take away people that you couldn't imagine your life without... when you feel like your world ended and yet you are still standing... and breathing... and you live... but I love how this book shows, that there is always something more for us... even if at that moment we feel nothing, with time... things change... you never know who you might meet... what can happen... this is a beautiful story about loss, friendship and starting your life again... opening yourself up again for the beauty of the world... this book will stay with me for a very long time and I really hope you will also give it a try... cause we all need this kind of a story from time to time...

I have only a few quotes for you and they are all from the beginning of the book... I didn't want to give you more, because I want you to experience for yourself their journey... see how it all changes... so that's why there is no white feathers scenes here (you'll understand when you read the book why they were one of my most favourite of all), no confessions from Elizabeth or Tristan... believe me... this way will be much more rewarding in the end... I hope you know me well enough to trust me on this at this point...

Elizabeth and her mother in law
"I wiped away the few tears that slipped out from my eyes, 'Stupid tears.' I laughed, embarassed.
'You know what makes the tears stop?' she asked.
'What's that?'
She poured me another big glass of wine. Smart woman."

First scene with Faye
"'Please tell me I'm not dreaming and my best friend is back!' Faye screamed, leaping over the counter and tackling me in a bear hug. She didn't let me go and turned to Matty, the owner of the shop. 'Matty, tell me you're seeing this too and I'm not just screwed up from the crazy amount of drugs I took before coming to work.'"

A bit of conversation between Elizabeth and Faye, Elizabeth starts
"'Oh my God... You slept with Matty?!'
'Shut the hell up! Do you want the whole town to know?' She blushed, looking around. 'It was an accident.'
'Oh? Was it? Was it an accident? Were you casually walking down Main Street and then Matty started walking toward you and his penis accidentally tumbled out of his pants? Then did a strong whoosh of wind pass through, knocking said penis into your vagina? Was it that kind of accident?' I mocked.
'Not exactly like that.' She pushed her tongue against the inside of her cheek. 'The wind kind of pushed the penis toward my mouth first.'
'I know! I know! This is why people shouldn't go out on windy days. The penises are on rampage on the windy days.'"

Tristan and Elizabeth at the beginning, when she tries to start her lawn mower
"'Stop,' Tristan scolded me, his brows narrowed and his eyes filled with irritation. 'What the hell are you doing?'
I frowned, staring at his tight lips. 'Mowing my lawn.'
'You're not mowing your lawn.'
'Yes I am.'
'No, you're not.'
'Then what am I doing?' I asked.
'Waking up the whole fucking world,' he grumbled.
'I'm sure people were already awake in England.'"

A scene between Tristan and Elizabeth a bit further in the book when he helps her when she drank a bit too much, Tristan starts
"'How are you feeling?'
'Dizzy. Silly. Stupid. Sorry about, you know, vomiting on your toes.
I smirked. 'Karma, I guess.'
'Was that a smile? Did Tristan Cole just smiled at me?'
'Don't get used to it,' I joked.
'Dangit. Too bad. It's kind of nice.' She went to stand up and I followed her movements. 'Your smile was the highlight of my day.'"

And the last one, between Elizabeth and Tristan, Elizabeth starts
"'I was thinking of ways I can pay you back for helping me with my lawn work.'
'I don't need your money.'
'I know, but... well, I can help you with your house. With the interior,' I offered.
'Just think about it,' I said.
'Are you always so hardheaded?'
'No.' He paused and smiled a bit. 'Yes.'"




  1. Love the review, blogger bestie! <3
    (p.s. You totally have to read another of Brittainy Cherry's books, Loving Mr. Daniels. Same writing, same feels!)

    1. it is absolutely on my list... the shortest one of all my lists ;) I'm glad Blogger Bestie is catching on ;)