Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Something new and exciting... ;)

My awesome people... I'm proud to present to you... ta da da da... ;) the official fb page for your favourite blog ;) I know that you've been waiting for the opportunity to interact with me more for a very long time and finally, you can ;) just kidding of course :) but seriously... I have been thinking about it for some time now, and decided to finally go for it :) I hope that you will check it out daily, cause I'll definitely be posting there all of my new reviews... and a lot of other awesome stuff :) most of them book related... or, you know... book-ish... ;) now it will be definitely easier for you and me to interact with each other :) link is now permanently visible on your right :) --->

but I will post it here too :)


So if you like my quirky, funny (at least I hope it's funny) weird and sarcastic way of writing about books I hope that you will visit, like, comment and share my page with your friends and family :)

Or if you have some sort of anti facebook personal policy, and you want to contact me, fear not, cause I am thinking about you too :) in that case send me an e-mail :)


I will definitely read all of them and answer each and everyone... sometimes it might take some time but it will be done :)

I can't wait to hear from you guys :)



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