Monday, September 28, 2015

Review: "Truth or beard" by Penny Reid

Author: Penny Reid
Book 1 in series Winston brothers
Main characters: Duane Winston and Jessica James

I absolutely loved this book... the more and more I read Penny Reid's work the more I adore that woman :) she has the most amazing ability to put words into sentences that creates this wonderful stories... ;) all of her books are smart, funny and sexy all in one :) this one was no exception ;) we got a little glimpse of the brothers in "Beauty and the mustache", but if you don't want to read that (although I'd really encourage you to do it) you can start with this one and not be confused :)

I have to confess... I abso-freakin-lutely love Duane... but I'm afraid that I'm gonna fall in love with each brother when I'll read his book... cause they are a very charming bunch ;) and it is truly amazing how different they are... and yet I love them all :) but now I have one more reason to look forward to next books... cause wonderful Penny Reid gave me two perspectives in this book... ;) yes my lovely people, we have chapters not only from Jessica's point of view but also from Duane's... and you know how this is my kryptonite in books... right alongside guys with cute accents... and we established some time ago that all accents are cute when they are spoken with confidence and charisma ;) look at me throwing around super heroes words and stuff, showing you my inner-geek... ;)

But let's talk more about the main couple... :) Jessica is a teacher with big dreams... I love how she hears songs in her head when a certain handsome Winston twin is around ;) not to mention that she's my kind of funny... I mean, who else would pick sexy Gandalf as a Halloween costume... ;) yes, you read that right... a sexy Gandalf... I kid you not... ;) Duane is a man with one, very specific dream on his mind... ;) I think what I loved the most in this book is the fact, that this is most definitely not a love triangle... :) thank heavens for that :) why I was afraid about that you ask? :) cause she had a really major crush on Beau, Duane's twin brother for a very long time... but like I said, it's not a love triangle... in fact, after one confusing encounter that leads to a very hot making out session behind the curtain, everything is out in the open in the first few chapters :) I mean the information with which twin she had that session and her feelings for the brothers... get your mind out of the gutter ;) although... nope, I'm not gonna write more, you'll see for yourself ;) and it all just gets better from that moment forward :) the way Duane treats her... it's sweet, and a bit unexpected and now I am seriously thinking about visiting certain areas looking for someone like him... ;)

I love that we get to know more not only about the brothers... if I could I would read all of their stories right now... seriously, you could close your eyes and point blindly to any one of them and I would be glad to read his book... yes, she did that kind of an amazing job with describing them... they are all vivid and different characters and I love them all... ;) but we also get to know Claire, Jessica's friend and a little bit more about her... and me thinks she'll get her own happy ending... probably with one of the brothers... ;) a girl can hope :) but it is hope based on a little somethin' somethin' that I read in the book... maybe I read too much into it... we'll see ;)

The book itself have a very different vibe than her Knitting in the city series... it was visible in Ashley's book, but here it's very distinctive... and it's a good thing actually :) cause you can always choose a book for the mood you're in :) and believe me, the fact that it's a different vibe definitely doesn't mean that we don't get smart, super funny and steamy fog-all-over-the-windows-in-a-car scenes :) it's all there :) I feel like I haven't said it enough times, so I'm sorry for repeating myself... :) Penny Reid writes smart, sexy and funny as hell romances... they are always witty, clever and unexpected and the more I read her books the more I love her :) so if you want a good romance with unexpected twists, a mystery and some action, look no further... :)

I have only a few quotes for you today and it is only because I had to stop myself from picking more... cause they are all over that book... and I do want you to have fun surprises and "aaawww" moments that hits you out of the blue... ;) so I hope you'll enjoy this few and pick up the book to see for yourself how much more it has to offer :)

How Jessica's worshipy sort of feelings made her act around Beau :)
"He'd turned to me and asked if I'd mind passing him a gum package that was just out of his reach. I tried to shrug, but I'm sure it looked more like a minor seizure. Then I fumbled for the gum, accidentally knocking an array of breath mints to the floor. He'd knelt and helped me pick up the felled mints, our hands had touched, I'd almost fainted, and I was certainly bright red. Then he smiled at me. I almost fainted again. Then he helped me stand and I almost had a heart attack."

Part of a conversation between Jessica and Claire where she explains why she can't talk to Beau ;)
"'No. Really. I can't.' I felt my eyes widen to their maximum diameter. 'I've never successfully carried on a conversation with Beau Winston. It's not just the fact that I've built him up in my head. I have a terrible record of failure where he is concerned, Every time I try to speak my brain forgets English, and I start slurring Swahili or Swedish or Swiss. He thinks I'm a total idiot.'
'People of Switzerland don't speak Swiss. They speak German, French, Italian, and Romansh.'
'See? I'm becoming dumber with each second.'"

I'm almost sure it was Jessica who said it... probably about Duane, but unfortunately my notes are lacking in this place... ;) but the quote is funny even without the context ;)
"He had such pretty eyes, blue and glittering, mesmerizing... it was a shame they belonged to Satan."

I just love the interactions between Jessica and Duane :)
"'Jessica James, you're going to have to get used to me wanting to take care of you and fix your troubles.'
'I'm not a damsel. I don't need rescuing.'
'I know. You're capable and stubborn, and I like that about you a whole lot. But maybe you could pretend to be a little less capable from time to time?'
'To what end?'
'So I get to feel good about rescuing you.'"



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