Friday, September 11, 2015

Review: "Ryker" by Sawyer Bennett

Title: "Ryker"
Book 4 in series Cold Fury hockey
Main characters: Ryker Evans and Gray Brannon

People... she did it again... :) this book was yet another fantastic addition to the series :) I read it and immediately knew that I had to bump posting the review about it to the top of my list, because you absolutely need to know how amazing it was... :) and when I say amazing, I mean reading-till-1-AM-cause-just-one-more-chapter-is-not-enough amazing :) now let's dive into all the delicious details, shall we? ;)

Ryker is a 32-year-old goalie, and now a single father of his two daughters, after his soon-to-be-ex-wife cheated on him and then left him for a 19-year-old ex-teammate... not cool... but we got all of that informations in the previous book so let me tell you something that you don't know... he's terrified of spiders... :) I kid you not... :) I get it, cause I hate them too <shudders> but I can't help but laugh when I imagine a guy who has a nickname Brick Wall for a reason... jumping at the sight of a furry little monster ;) but on the much more cute side... did I mention that he has this like two-day-shadow-of-a-beard... :) you know... aside from the super hot body of an athlete and a very charming personality... ;) if to top all that, he would also have an accent, I think I would have to take breaks from reading to cool off... ;) Gray is 31 and the daughter of the president, CEO and former general manager of the club :) now she's making history as the first female GM in a hockey team :) she's very intelligent, smart and confident :) she also played hockey, so she's got the knowledge and experience to truly understand all aspects of the game... :) I really liked her... especially all of the excuses that she makes to be able to meet with Ryker at the beginning... you know... just being a good GM and all... ;) I have a little something about that in the quotes so be patient ;)

Even though I'm usually not a fan of the game "we have to hide our relationship" it actually didn't bother me at all in this book... :) I do understand all of the reasons for it... his kids, her professional career and integrity just to name a few... and I actually adore how real this all was... I mean, you don't walk away from everything in your life because you met someone and after one meeting you are absolutely-for-the-rest-of-your-life in love :) so it was wonderful to see time passing and their relationship slowly building and changing :) and I do love his nickname for her... Big Bang... ;)

Aside from guys with accents... <sigh> ;) the second thing that makes me love the book even more are two points of view :) and this book, as all others in the series, again, have chapters from both Ryker nad Gray perspectives :) and they are yet again written in a great and different way :) not to mention that damn... that's how you write a good, hot sex scene... ;) just... damn... ;) so be careful where you read this book... ;) maybe I loved them so much because in one of the books I recently read one word kept creeping me out... I'm sorry, but the use of the word "cream" should be forbidden in a sex scene... unless it's in the "whipped cream"... ;) otherwise, it's just weird... for me at least ;)

Besides the truly fantastic main couple, there are also secondary characters that are equally lovely :) not only we get to see all of the couples from previous books... well, at least all of the guys ;) but the girls are either mention or they appear personally ;) and I think one of the best scenes involves Zack, the hero of the last book, and his story about proposal failures... that is just pure gold ;) but don't feel bad for him... it finally happens in this book, and that scene is perfectly adorable :) there are also Ryker's lovely daughters and Gray's dad... and she have such a wonderful relationship with him... :)

There is about a six months jump between this book and the last one... and the book itself takes time over a few months, so it's nice to see people moving forward with their lives... :) I just want to mention to you one adorable detail... Ryker's custom made helmet... :) I'm not gonna say anything more, cause I don't want to spoil you your "aaawww" moment, but just trust me when I say it's one of the cutest things I read recently ;) so people... read it and read it now ;) it will be so worth it... :) have I ever disappointed you before...? ;) oh, and I almost forgot... it was the first time that we haven't met main character from the next book, because in all previous ones we got to know future heroes a bit, but at this point I'm totally trusting Sawyer Bennett to steal my heart yet again... ;) but you know, no pressure... ;)

Before I go to the quotes I have to share with you one more thing... :) in acknowledgments, Sawyer Bennett wrote that she modeled Ryker after Henrik Lundqvist... and encouraged all of us to google him... ;) and I say the same to you... definitely go google him, but if you don't have the time for that now, here's a little sneak peak ;)

Now about that quotes... ;) <sigh> sorry... I got distracted for a second ;) this book is full of amazing, funny moments, so I had a really hard time choosing only a few of them :) enjoy ;) 

A cute little scene with Ryker and his daughter, Ruby ;)
"'D-a-a-a-d,' Ruby shrieks from upstairs.
'Is the house on fire, Rubes?' I call out.
Her little voice shouts back to me in a squawk. 'No.'
'Have aliens landed?' I keep my voice just loud enough to carry up the stairs but still decibels below her own.
'No,' she yells, and there... right there... that's a little giggle from her.
'Did Timmy fall down the well?'
'No, dad... but you have to come here,' she yells. When I don't answer her right away she calls down in a sweet voice. 'Please, dad.'
Brilliant, little brat. Throwing some manners to throw me off my game."

A little exchange between Ryker and Gray ;) Ryker starts
"'I'm going to go out on a limb here, and say that you plan on using that ginormous brain of yours to analyze our organization and our opponents, then translate it into some seriously witchy strategy.'
'I'm thinking your brain pan is pretty large itself, seeing as how you were able to understand my management philosophy in just under ten seconds and a glance at a few old textbooks, when it's taken me the better part of an hour with each of your teammates to explain what I envision.'
'Maybe you should have used smaller words with them.'"

After she invites Ryker to a yoga session she's teaching ;)
"What in the hell was I thinking? What in the hell? I wasn't. That's the answer. It happens rarely, but I just wasn't thinking. My IQ level dipped. Maybe I'm hormonal. A moon phase... that's what it is. It's the pull of the moon making me do stupid non-Gray-Brannon-like shit."

I love her excuses to meet him... she's just a good GM, taking care of the players ;)
"'How about wednesday morning, you come to yoga and we'll get coffee after,' I offer. And the invitation back to yoga is completely permissible because I'm interested in his health and training and has nothing to do with me being able to ogle him up close. I'm so going to hell for these thoughts."

And one last hilarious exchange between Ryker and Gray ;)
"My eyes go straight to the wound on his face. 'What happened?'
'Tripped and fell,' he says with a grin, but I can tell he's lying.
'Tripped and fell?'
'On a banana peel.'
'Those make you slip, not trip.'
'It was a big banana peel.'"




  1. I think this book might need to be bumped to the top of my TBR list! ;)

    1. sorry it took me all this time to reply, I'm just not used to getting comments here :) but yeah, this whole series should go on top of your priorities :) be sure to check out my reviews of the first three books (#1 Alex, #2 Garrett, #3 Zack) that I posted in july... although all of them can be read as a standalone so if Ryker got your attention start there ;) happy reading