Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Review: "It happened one autumn" by Lisa Kleypas

Author: Lisa Kleypas
Book 2 in series Wallflowers
Main characters: Marcus, Lord Westcliff and Lillian Bowman

It's the second book in the amazing series that swallowed me whole... I couldn't stop reading it ;) and I have to confess, that I already finished all the books :) but I will post reviews about them mixed with some other books so you'll never know what comes next... muahaha ;) ok, now I sounded like a villain from one of the Bond movies :) but back to the topic... :) I feel the need to warn you, that there are spoilers about things that happened in the first book so I advice you to read them in order :) 

What to tell you about Marcus... :) we met him before but fortunately for all of us there is so much more to him than just this cold, polite facade... and I'm really glad about that, cause I suspected all along that there was more beneath this distant and calm exterior... :) he's not as stoic as he would like to be... especially not with Lillian ;) oh Lillian... :) she's outspoken, proud, stubborn ;) and has a temper :) I can totally relate to that... ;) cause there are some people or situations that can trigger my outburst in an instant... :) she was a very fun character to read :) and she's everything that Marcus thinks he doesn't want in a wife... ;) because they would surely kill each other... or would they? ;) so you can't be surprised that sparks fly between them from the very first moment... at the beginning it's more of an angry sparks, but soon they change into something else entirely ;) they clash all the time... she is one of a very few people (if not the only one) who can shake him out of his stable and polite behavior... ;)

And of course we get to see more of the wallflower girls :) although one of them is already married so I'm not sure if that term still fits ;) not only that, but we also get to know more about St. Vincent... the hero of the third book :) he makes some really bad choices in this book... and I mean really, really, really bad choices... so I'm very curious how he'll redeem himself in the future :) I can totally see him talk his way out of pretty much everything, cause he is an utterly charming flirt... ;) and since you know that I finished the books, I have to say that his story was amazing... but I'm gonna fangirl about this later, in another review ;) 

Oh, and if you're interested about the stories of Marcus's sisters, because they both appear, physically or they are just mentioned in this book, I did a little research and apparently they both get their happy endings in "Again the magic" :) but I haven't read it yet so I can't say for sure :) but I figured I'd leave this little piece of information here so you wouldn't have to look it up :) you're welcome :)

I absolutely adore how beautifully the situation between main characters was resolved :) the chemistry was there from the beginning, it just took them some time to realize it's not hate but something else... :) it was absolutely amazing second book and yet another proof that I had a lot of reasons to fall in love with this series... :) each book is full of witty banter, unexpected twists and elegant, sensual love scenes that are surprisingly hot ;)

I did my best to find quotes for you that would show how awesome this book is :) but it was hard, since all of the book is full of this little remarks and sentences that without a proper context would absolutely not be as enjoyable as if you would read them in the book :) so here's just a little preview :)

Conversation between Marcus and his sister Livia :)
"'She's a very pretty girl, Marcus.'
'A pretty facade isn't enough to make up for the flaws in her character.'
'Which are?'
Marcus made a faint scoffing sound, as if Miss Bowman's faults were too obvious to require enumeration. 'She's manipulative.'
'So are you, dear,' Livia murmured.
He ignored that. 'She's domineering.'
'As are you.'
'She's arrogant.'
'Also you,' Livia said brightly.
Marcus glowered at her. 'I thought we were discussing Miss Bowman's faults, not mine.'
'But you seem to have so much in common,' Livia protested, rather too innocently.'"

After the kiss... that happens because of the magical perfume... ;) and no, I will not explain this one :) you're just gonna have to read it yourself ;)
"'Miss Bowman, I must apologize for what happened earlier today. I am at loss to explain my behavior, other than to state that it was a moment of insanity that will never be repeated.'
Lillian stiffened a little at the word <insanity>. 'Fine,' she said. 'I accept your apology.'
'You may set your mind at ease with the knowledge that I do not find you desirable in any way whatsoever.'
'I understand. Enough said, my lord.'
'If the two of us were left alone on a deserted island, I would have absolutely no thought of approaching you.'
'I realize that,' she said shortly. 'You don't have to go on and on about it.'
'I just want to make it clear that what I did was a complete aberration. You are not the kind of woman whom I would ever be attracted to.'
'All right.'
'In fact...'
'You've made yourself quite clear, my lord.'"

But to show you how he changes and to make sure that you know his not entirely this pompous ass ;) I have a quote from the second half of the book... I was wondering if I should put it here or not, but I can't really count as a spoiler fact that the main couple gets together :) so here's a quick exchange between Marcus and Lillian a bit later... ;)
"'Tonight. You'll come to my room.'
She gave him a skeptical glance. 'This wouldn't be a ruse to lure me into a situation in which you would take unscrupulous advantage of me?'
Drawing back to look at her, Marcus answered gravely. 'Of course not. I intend to have a meaningful discussion that will put to rest any doubts you may have about marrying me.'
'And then I'm going to take unscrupulous advantage of you.'"



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