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Review: "Devil in winter" by Lisa Kleypas

Author: Lisa Kleypas
Book 3 in series Wallflowers
Main characters: Sebastian, Viscount St. Vincent and Evangeline Jenner

This is the third book in this wonderful series... ever since I read the first one I had a feeling that this one is gonna be my favourite... and I was so right about that :) even though I love all of the "wallflowers" Evie had a special place in my heart from the moment I read first scene with her... not to mention that rake-turn-into-sort-of-a-good-man is my favourite kind of a story :)

And talking about Sebastian... ;) there is a reason why he's compared to a fallen angel somewhere in this series... or is he...? Maybe it's just me... ;) he's sinfully handsome, and with his gold hair and irresistible charm no wonder I was able to forgive him for everything... ;) there is more to him than what we all thought... but I think it's Evie and the whole situation that helps him realize that :) and he calls her "love"... <sigh> ;) even though it's not in the way I love it most ('luv') I'm definitely not gonna complain... cause it is my most beloved term of endearment... ;) plus he has a way of saying things that leave me in a melted puddle on the floor... ;) he's not as bad and villainous as his reputation would led you to believe... especially when you see how he takes care of her... practically right from the beginning...

And Evie... there is so much more in her that I initially thought :) she may be shy and have a stutter but she's very smart and much tougher than I expected her to be, after enduring life with her family... and the situation with her family is much worse that I imagined... but can you really call them that, when they treat you this way? So she's pretty desperate to get away from them... and from what Sebastian did in the previous book he's in a very desperate place too... that's why she turns to him with an offer he can't refuse... marriage ;) and let's not forget that she also has a temper... I love her when she gets really mad ;)

I absolutely loved how their relationship changed throughout the book... it starts with both of them in a pretty dark places in their lives... that leads to a quick marriage of convenience... but then... he still wants her after their wedding night... but she doesn't want to be one of many, so after a bit of time let's just say that there is a bet... or more of a challenge... that involves celibacy for a period of time... ;) I'm not gonna say more, but just imagine the negotiations about that... ;) and of course all of that wedding stuff is just the beginning of a book full of surprising turns of events :)

Cam was a wonderful surprise... he's a new secondary character and I was absolutely delighted when I discovered that he has his own book :) I may be forced to read that series very soon, cause now I'm really curious... for now it's only about his book, but since it's the beginning of a new series I'm afraid that one thing will let to another one... and I'm gonna fall head over heels in love with that one too ;) I know... more amazing books... what a tragedy... ;) but we get to see not only new characters, but also our beloved wallflowers again... and they are all shocked when they hear what Evie did... :) I mean, I can't blame them, after what he did earlier... and again, I can't tell you, because it's a huge spoiler from the second book in this series... :) but don't worry, it all ends well... :)

There were some dramatic moments in this book... and shocking turns of events... I actually gasped once or twice... ;) I can't believe that I finished it so quickly... ;) but it was practically impossible to put it down... although now I'm a little sad that it's over... maybe I should just re-read it... :) you know, just to make sure that it was as good as I think it was... ;) since it's a book from the middle of the series, I would really recommend you to read them all in order :) you get to know more about all the characters that way and there are some major spoilers from previous books in here, but if you are really interested and don't want to wait, everything you need to enjoy this book is explained so if you start with this one, you won't be lost :) but start from the beginning... for me... ;)  

I absolutely couldn't show you the most beautiful quotes that I loved so very much, cause they were much later in the book, so this few will have to suffice ;) but believe me... sooooo much more is in the book... <sigh> sorry, I just remembered something else, that I can't quote here... :) but damn... he is a charmer... ;)

Part of the first conversation between Sebastian and Evie :)
"'Are you cold?' he asked, 'or is it nerves?'
'I w-want to be away from London,' she replied, 'before my relations find me.'
'Is there any reason for them to suspect that you've come to me?'
'Oh n-no,' she said. 'No one would ever believe I could be so demented.'
Had she not already been somewhat light-headed, his brilliant grin would have made her so. 'It's a good thing my vanity is so well developed. Otherwise you'd have demolished it by now.'
'I'm certain you already have many women to f-fortify your vanity. You don't need one more.'
'I always need one more, darling. That's my problem.'"

When he arranges for a hot brick on their journey to Gretna Green :)
'Ohhhhh....' She shuddered with comfort as the delicious heat wafted around her frozen toes. 'Oh... n-nothing has ever felt so good...'
'Women say that to me all the time.'"

When she insists on staying in the club :)
"'Are you still fixed on the notion of staying here?' he asked, deftly carving a peach and divesting it of the pit. He handed her a neat golden half.
"Oh yes.' Evie accepted the peach and took a bite, it's tart juice trickling over her tongue.
'I was afraid you might say that,' he replied dryly. 'It's a mistake, you know. You have no idea of what you'll be exposed to... the obscenities and lewd comments, the lecherous gazes, the groping and pinching... and that's just at my house. Imagine what it would be like here.'
Uncertain whether to frown or smile, Evie regarded him curiously. 'I will manage.'"



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