Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Review: "Beauty and the mustache" by Penny Reid

Author: Penny Reid
Book 4 in series Knitting in the city
Main characters: Drew Runous and Ashley Winston

I'm still impressed... this is the fourth book in an amazing series, and each of those books, the couples, the story, was very different :) and yet they were all fantastic :) every one of them have a special place in my heart :) in this one, we get to know more about Ashley... she goes back home, and we get a chance to meet her brothers... but before I can go on to more pleasant topics I feel the need to warn you guys... but it's in the first few chapters, so I'm not counting that as a spoiler... there is a very sad reason why Ashley comes back home after eight years... her mom is terminally ill... I'm not gonna go into more details, I just wanted to warn you... don't get me wrong, this is not a depressing book... it's actually very beautiful and full of funny and endearing moments... but it might be a difficult story to read for some of you, that's why I'm giving you a heads up...

Ok, now that you've been warned, let me say... even though there is a lot of sad and hard events happening, it is a beautiful story... there are funny moments right alongside more emotional ones... and how Ashley and Drew first meet is truly hilarious... I mean... it's not everyday that you give a guy you don't know a "nipple twist" ;) oh yes, you read that right :) because all good love stories starts with a nipple twist ;)

Drew is more of a silent type, but he writes a lot... claiming it's "field notes"... please... we both know it's a lie :) but don't worry, we finally get to know what was he writing all this time... and it's absolutely magical... he works in the national park with one of Ashley's brothers... Ashley works as a nurse in Chicago, but goes back home after eight years to take care of her mom...

The whole book is full of slow building relationships... and I don't mean only with Ashley and Drew... and by the way... I love that name :) maybe it's cause I really adore this story and this one :) but also between Ashley and her brothers... there's a reason why she left eight years ago, but it's truly beautiful to see how all of that changed with time... how all of them grew up and how they slowly start to get closer to each other... :) 

It is truly remarkable how different all of the brothers are... there are six of them and now I'm very curious about all of their stories... fortunately for my sanity, those stories will be published :) how can you not fall in love with guys who have a bathroom schedule, so everyone will have time for some rubbing... ;) I just wish we knew Ashley's mom longer, cause she is a charming character...

As usual we have the whole book from the woman's perspective and only the last chapter/epilogue is from a guy's point of view... once again Penny Reid wrote a completely different romance that I loved... she has this way of putting words together that is... so eloquent... so clever... so... so... so much better than what I am trying to do right now ;) her books have ways of sneaking under my skin before I know it... and they stay with me for a very long time after I already finished the last chapter... and even though the third book is still my favourite, I can recommend this beautiful addition to the series with a clear conscience :)

I have a few quotes for you today :) I would give you more of Drew but the best quotes were too spoilerific, so you'll just have to wait, and read it for yourself :) especially the "field notes" ;)

Part of the first meeting between Ashley and Drew :)
"'Who are you?' He asked my chest, sounding annoyed.
'Who am I?' I asked, because honestly - and I might lose my badass card for this - part of me had forgotten my name. Because he was the kind of ruggedly sexy that made me forget what number I was on and what my name was.'

Universal truth, and unfortunately I have to admit that I forgot who said those words ;)
"Everyone knows that in real life, fictionally handsome men are vacuous vessels of Satan."

Why I love the ladies in this series :) you can always count on your friends ;)
"Sandra pressed her lips together and stared at me. 'Drew is smokin' hot, got a head full of brains, doesn't bother much with chit-chat, and will be coming by daily.'
'But he's also pushy and entitled, and he rubs me the wrong way.'
Elizabeth muttered under her breath, 'If you let him, I think he'll gladly rub you the right way.'"

And the last one :) yet another reason why I love Sandra the best ;)
"'Go right ahead,' Elizabeth said, waving her hand in the air. 'And while you're up, you might as well grab some red wine.'
We'll miss you while you're gone, Ashley.' Nico grinned at me. He was really too adorable. Like, illegal levels of adorable. Someone should be held responsible for his adorableness in a court of law.
'Agree!' This came from Sandra. 'Roses are red, violets are blue, rhyming is hard. Wine.'"




  1. I loved this book, and your review is wonderful. :)

    1. thank you so much :) sorry it took me all this time to reply, I'm not used to actually getting comments here ;) be sure to also check out my official fb page :) link is in the upper right corner of the page :) happy reading cause hopefully you'll find some book recommendations here :)