Monday, September 14, 2015

Review: "Angel's dance" by Nalini Singh

Author: Nalini Singh
Title: "Angel's dance" (can also be found in "Angel's flight" anthology)
Book 0,4 in series Guild hunter
Main characters: Galen and Jessamy

This novella takes place years before the first book :) it has some of our favourite characters in it, but if you are not familiar with this series, you can still read the story and enjoy it :) everything you need to know is explained :) and it's definitely a great way to get curious about the rest of the books... ;)

Galen is a warrior, strong, more of a silent type... but very honest and direct :) definitely not very subtle... :) but I really love that about him :) he comes from another archangel's court and wants to join Raphael... he's relatively young, at least for an angel ;) I think he's around 300 years old :) now Jessamy, on the other hand, is around 2500 years old :) she's a teacher in the Refuge, a hidden place where angel babies are raised before they grow up :) she's a scholar, delicate and very smart :) but she has a disfigured wing... because of that she will never fly on her own... I love how he sees her differently than everyone else... when they see her as solitary, distant Teacher, he sees her as a woman first... and he wants her... ;)

The story between Galen and Jessamy takes a bit more time than usual... like a few years actually... :) but it's so beautifully written... :) I love how their interactions change in time... and even though he has his mind made up pretty much from the beginning, he gives her time necessary to make sure, that if (or should I say when ;) ) she choose him, it will be because he wants him and only him... and not just because he was the first one to treat her differently and see her this way...  

This novella is a bit longer than usual, and it's because there is not only a romance story here... we have also a great view into the whole world of angels, archangels and vampires... with their rules and politics... it shows really well the vibe of the series :) not to mention the Raphael's Seven and the beginning of the nickname "Bluebell" for a certain angel... ;) so if you are new to this world, it's a great first experience, but if you are already familiar with these characters, this story is a great way to see some of them years before certain events changed them...

All in all it is a beautiful story, and it doesn't really matter if you know the rest of the books or not... if you are a fan of Nalini Singh or not... you can, and absolutely should read  this charming tale about love, acceptance, courage and friendship... :) it will warm your heart and leave you with a smile on your face... :)

This time quotes are totally thanks to my sister, J :) because I apparently get so lost in this story, even though I already read it a few times, that I just can't concentrate long enough to find something on my own... ;)

Part of a conversation between Dmitri and Galen ;)
"'Jessamy, does she have a lover?'
Dmitri's sopisticated elegance broke to reveal utter astonishment. 'What?'
'Jessamy,' he repeated patiently. 'Does she have a lover?'
'She's the Teacher.'
'She's also a woman.' And if the men around her had been too stupid to notice, Galen wasn't going to lose sleep over it."

And a scene with the throwing knives, Raphael, Galen and Illium ;) Galen first :)
"'Let's see how fast you really are, Bluebell.'
'Bluebell?' The archangel laughed as Illium swore to get even, and then the first knife was flying from his hand.
Twenty knives later - ten each - Illium smirked from his high perch. 'Oh, you both missed.' Faux disappointment, embellished with theatrical sighs. 'Poor, poor dears.'
'In case you've forgotten, I am an archangel,' Raphael reminded the irreverent angel, his tone dry.
Illium grinned, unrepentant. 'Want to try again? I'll move extra slow - you are both so much older, after all.' The last words were a conspirational whisper.
Galen glanced at Raphael. 'How has he survived this long?'
'No one can catch him.'"



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