Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Guest review: "Devil's game" by Joanna Wylde

Author: Joanna Wylde 
Title: "Devil's game" 
Book 3 in series Reapers MC 
Main characters: Liam "Hunter" Blake and Em

As a quick reminder to those people who never before read "guest review", although I hope that most of you already know what it means... ;) but either way, this is a review of a book that I haven't personally read (yet, I have to add, cause the more I hear about this series, the more I want to read it) but my sister did :) and after a very lenghty and detailed discussion I'm gonna try my best to write down her impressions and thoughts :) and just a little warning... this book, as all others in the series, has more violence and curses than what some of you may usually read, so just... you've been warned and let's leave it at that ;)

I have to start by saying, that this is the best book of the series so far... :) seriously, I haven't taken this much notes since I finished college, and that's saying something ;) but I get it :) first of all, it's very connected to the previous one... some stuff happened there, and at the beginning of this one we go a little bit back in time, to see what went down... it definitely doesn't feel repetitive, so don't worry about that :) and the thing that gets me really curious to read this book, is that we get, for the first time in this series, scenes from the perspective of not only Em, but also Hunter... and we all know how much  I love it... almost as much as a guy with an accent ;)

If you get a little bit of a "Romeo and Juliet" vibe just because these two comes from rivals MCs.... then stop that right now... ;) they are both much smarter than them ;) and this one definitely has a happy ending :) they're both pretty young and it's the first time in the series when both of the main characters come from the biker world... they both know the rules from the beginning... although they break a few of them to be together... ;) you'd be surprised how many "aawww..." moments are in here ;)

Em grew up with the whole club, and all of the bikers still treat her like a child... Hunter is the first one who treats her like an adult... :) she's responsible... he's also responsible... well.... most of the time at least ;) but it's really remarkable how mature they are, especially at that young age... but it's not that surprising, since Em was always this kind of a "good girl" and Hunter has a past that shaped him... we actually can see already in the prologue, two scenes from their pasts, that pretty clearly show from how much different worlds they come from... she has this huge, loving club family, and he's just trying to survive and keep safe his foster sister...

One of the best part of the book is the fact how honest they are with each other... of course there are always gonna be things... club business that they can't share with each other, but that's why honesty in everything else is so important... although apparently it can be a two way street... you'll understand more after reading the quotes ;) and another huge plus... all of the drama in the book takes place outside their relationship... they know what they want, and they are working toward that goal... to be together... it's hard mainly because of the whole rival clubs and all that... but what's truly amazing is their dynamic with one another :) cause Em is not just this good girl everyone thinks of her, she definitely has more of a wild, brave side :) and Hunter also can surprise you... he accepts all of the consequences of being with her... and there are a lot of them... some of them quite serious... but I can't say more, cause I don't want to spoil you anything :)

In this book we get to know a lot of new characters, since the main place of action is Hunter's town... so not only we get to know club members of his MC we also meet Em's sister, and Hunter's foster sister... who after disliking one another at first, quickly became sort of BFFs :) some of those people definitely has the potential to become future main characters :) not to mention that even though Em and Hunter get their happy ending, a lot of stuff goes down in this book that makes you very curious about what the future holds... not to mention that the epilogue is from Picnic's perspective (and his book is next) so you definitely want to dive right into that :)

And finally I have some quotes for you... and because I just couldn't decide, you get a little bit more of them than usually... you're welcome ;) and of course for all of them you have to thank my sister, J... :) 

To show you a little bit of a softer side of Picnic, Em's dad, here's part of a phone call between them :)
"'I'm just calling to find out if you're coming home for Thanksgiving. There's supposed to be a snowstorm tonight, figured I'd check in. You'll want to drive during daylight tomorrow, if you plan to be here...'
I smiled despite myself. No matter how weird life got, some things about dad never changed. 'It's killing you that you're not here to check the tire pressure on my winter tires, isn't it?'
<after a long pause> 'Not gonna answer that. But since we're talking vehicles, when's the last time you changed oil? I think it's just a matter of time, before that car starts burning it.'
'My car is fine dad.'"

This is the quote about honesty that I was talking about earlier :) what Em thinks of it ;)
"This was a double-edged sword, something I discovered the first time I asked him whether an old sweater of Kit's made me look fat. Apparently it did."

A little glimpse inside of Hunter's mind :)
"Never complained, never held back. I'd done terrible things for the Devil's Jacks. I'd keep doing them, too. All I wanted in return was one thing. One girl. Of course it had to be the girl who could start a fucking war with a phone call..."

A little warning from Em to Hunter :)
"'You're sure you're okay with this?' I asked Hunter yet again. 'I know it sounds like a joke, but dad seriously has a history of shooting my boyfriends. He says it's an accident, but after the second attempt you start to wonder.'"

And I saved you the best for last :) part of a conversation between Em and Hunter :) (Hunter is first)
"'Go ahead, sit down. Keep your gun on me if it makes you happy. But I'd rather you didn't. Knowing my luck, a spider will fall on you or something and the fuckin' thing will go off.'
'Sexist much? Poor little Em, scared of spiders. Can't handle her gun. Afraid I won't remember which end goes bang?'
<after laughing> 'Babe, I nearly shot Skid in the ass one time because a spider fell on me while I was holding a gun. Those things freak me right the hell out. They got eight fuckin' legs and that ain't natural. That's some Dr. Seuss shit right there.'
<smiling> 'It's really hard to take you seriously when you're afriad of spiders and Dr. Seuss.'"


A and J

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