Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) october edition

As the current month comes to an end, we are at that time when I post my monthly entry about upcoming books ;) this time I have for you three novels from totally different genres and one novella, also representing another genre :) so I hope all of you will find something for yourself :)

First of is a book that I actually dread a little bit... and not because I think it will be bad... I'm sure it will be extremely well written, as all of Nalini Singh's books are... but... I'm afraid it will be very emotional... gut-wrenching... and I'm sure it will make my cry... I'm talking about "Rock redemption", book #3 in Rock kiss series... they are contemporary romances about members of the band and from the very first scene I met Noah (hero of this upcoming book) I knew there were some very dark secrets in his past... and I'm a bit afraid to finally know what they are exactly... but I have absolute trust in Nalini and I believe she will give him a great story... and an even greater happy ending ;)

Another book I'm looking forward to is "The fifteenth minute" by Sarina Bowen :) it's book #5 in her The ivy years series and although I haven't posted a review yet... and don't worry, the first one is gonna appear later this week ;) I already read the first two books and I'm planning to read the other two just in time for the release of the newest one ;) I'm gonna say that it's a contemporary / NA romance :) and I'm only saying it's NA because main characters are students at college :) but they all behave so... adultlike... ;) there really is almost no angst at all, so be sure to give them a try :) more about the style of writing and details in a few days in the actual review ;)

Last full lenght book I'm really looking forward to is a historical romance :) it's "Cold-hearted rake" by Lisa Kleypas ;) it's the first book in her new series :) I discovered her only a few months ago thanks to a book recommendation from one of my friends and I could not believe, that I hadn't known her before... :) so far I read her Wallflowers series in about a week and all of her other books are on my to be read list ;) I love her style of writing, the way she creates characters and gives us some really unexpected twists during a story :) hopefully this one will be as good as her other books ;)

As a bonus I wanted to share with you one more story :) "Dragos goes to Washington" is the newest novella in Elder races series written by Thea Harrison ;) it's a paranormal / urban fantasy romance with all of this magical creatures... you know, dragons, vampires, griffons and stuff... ;) this is another novella about the couple from the first book so I know my sister is even more happy than me, cause they are her favourite couple from the entire series ;) I also always enjoy reading about them so can't wait to see what's gonna happen :)



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