Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) october edition

As the current month comes to an end, we are at that time when I post my monthly entry about upcoming books ;) this time I have for you three novels from totally different genres and one novella, also representing another genre :) so I hope all of you will find something for yourself :)

First of is a book that I actually dread a little bit... and not because I think it will be bad... I'm sure it will be extremely well written, as all of Nalini Singh's books are... but... I'm afraid it will be very emotional... gut-wrenching... and I'm sure it will make my cry... I'm talking about "Rock redemption", book #3 in Rock kiss series... they are contemporary romances about members of the band and from the very first scene I met Noah (hero of this upcoming book) I knew there were some very dark secrets in his past... and I'm a bit afraid to finally know what they are exactly... but I have absolute trust in Nalini and I believe she will give him a great story... and an even greater happy ending ;)

Another book I'm looking forward to is "The fifteenth minute" by Sarina Bowen :) it's book #5 in her The ivy years series and although I haven't posted a review yet... and don't worry, the first one is gonna appear later this week ;) I already read the first two books and I'm planning to read the other two just in time for the release of the newest one ;) I'm gonna say that it's a contemporary / NA romance :) and I'm only saying it's NA because main characters are students at college :) but they all behave so... adultlike... ;) there really is almost no angst at all, so be sure to give them a try :) more about the style of writing and details in a few days in the actual review ;)

Last full lenght book I'm really looking forward to is a historical romance :) it's "Cold-hearted rake" by Lisa Kleypas ;) it's the first book in her new series :) I discovered her only a few months ago thanks to a book recommendation from one of my friends and I could not believe, that I hadn't known her before... :) so far I read her Wallflowers series in about a week and all of her other books are on my to be read list ;) I love her style of writing, the way she creates characters and gives us some really unexpected twists during a story :) hopefully this one will be as good as her other books ;)

As a bonus I wanted to share with you one more story :) "Dragos goes to Washington" is the newest novella in Elder races series written by Thea Harrison ;) it's a paranormal / urban fantasy romance with all of this magical creatures... you know, dragons, vampires, griffons and stuff... ;) this is another novella about the couple from the first book so I know my sister is even more happy than me, cause they are her favourite couple from the entire series ;) I also always enjoy reading about them so can't wait to see what's gonna happen :)



Monday, September 28, 2015

Review: "Truth or beard" by Penny Reid

Author: Penny Reid
Book 1 in series Winston brothers
Main characters: Duane Winston and Jessica James

I absolutely loved this book... the more and more I read Penny Reid's work the more I adore that woman :) she has the most amazing ability to put words into sentences that creates this wonderful stories... ;) all of her books are smart, funny and sexy all in one :) this one was no exception ;) we got a little glimpse of the brothers in "Beauty and the mustache", but if you don't want to read that (although I'd really encourage you to do it) you can start with this one and not be confused :)

I have to confess... I abso-freakin-lutely love Duane... but I'm afraid that I'm gonna fall in love with each brother when I'll read his book... cause they are a very charming bunch ;) and it is truly amazing how different they are... and yet I love them all :) but now I have one more reason to look forward to next books... cause wonderful Penny Reid gave me two perspectives in this book... ;) yes my lovely people, we have chapters not only from Jessica's point of view but also from Duane's... and you know how this is my kryptonite in books... right alongside guys with cute accents... and we established some time ago that all accents are cute when they are spoken with confidence and charisma ;) look at me throwing around super heroes words and stuff, showing you my inner-geek... ;)

But let's talk more about the main couple... :) Jessica is a teacher with big dreams... I love how she hears songs in her head when a certain handsome Winston twin is around ;) not to mention that she's my kind of funny... I mean, who else would pick sexy Gandalf as a Halloween costume... ;) yes, you read that right... a sexy Gandalf... I kid you not... ;) Duane is a man with one, very specific dream on his mind... ;) I think what I loved the most in this book is the fact, that this is most definitely not a love triangle... :) thank heavens for that :) why I was afraid about that you ask? :) cause she had a really major crush on Beau, Duane's twin brother for a very long time... but like I said, it's not a love triangle... in fact, after one confusing encounter that leads to a very hot making out session behind the curtain, everything is out in the open in the first few chapters :) I mean the information with which twin she had that session and her feelings for the brothers... get your mind out of the gutter ;) although... nope, I'm not gonna write more, you'll see for yourself ;) and it all just gets better from that moment forward :) the way Duane treats her... it's sweet, and a bit unexpected and now I am seriously thinking about visiting certain areas looking for someone like him... ;)

I love that we get to know more not only about the brothers... if I could I would read all of their stories right now... seriously, you could close your eyes and point blindly to any one of them and I would be glad to read his book... yes, she did that kind of an amazing job with describing them... they are all vivid and different characters and I love them all... ;) but we also get to know Claire, Jessica's friend and a little bit more about her... and me thinks she'll get her own happy ending... probably with one of the brothers... ;) a girl can hope :) but it is hope based on a little somethin' somethin' that I read in the book... maybe I read too much into it... we'll see ;)

The book itself have a very different vibe than her Knitting in the city series... it was visible in Ashley's book, but here it's very distinctive... and it's a good thing actually :) cause you can always choose a book for the mood you're in :) and believe me, the fact that it's a different vibe definitely doesn't mean that we don't get smart, super funny and steamy fog-all-over-the-windows-in-a-car scenes :) it's all there :) I feel like I haven't said it enough times, so I'm sorry for repeating myself... :) Penny Reid writes smart, sexy and funny as hell romances... they are always witty, clever and unexpected and the more I read her books the more I love her :) so if you want a good romance with unexpected twists, a mystery and some action, look no further... :)

I have only a few quotes for you today and it is only because I had to stop myself from picking more... cause they are all over that book... and I do want you to have fun surprises and "aaawww" moments that hits you out of the blue... ;) so I hope you'll enjoy this few and pick up the book to see for yourself how much more it has to offer :)

How Jessica's worshipy sort of feelings made her act around Beau :)
"He'd turned to me and asked if I'd mind passing him a gum package that was just out of his reach. I tried to shrug, but I'm sure it looked more like a minor seizure. Then I fumbled for the gum, accidentally knocking an array of breath mints to the floor. He'd knelt and helped me pick up the felled mints, our hands had touched, I'd almost fainted, and I was certainly bright red. Then he smiled at me. I almost fainted again. Then he helped me stand and I almost had a heart attack."

Part of a conversation between Jessica and Claire where she explains why she can't talk to Beau ;)
"'No. Really. I can't.' I felt my eyes widen to their maximum diameter. 'I've never successfully carried on a conversation with Beau Winston. It's not just the fact that I've built him up in my head. I have a terrible record of failure where he is concerned, Every time I try to speak my brain forgets English, and I start slurring Swahili or Swedish or Swiss. He thinks I'm a total idiot.'
'People of Switzerland don't speak Swiss. They speak German, French, Italian, and Romansh.'
'See? I'm becoming dumber with each second.'"

I'm almost sure it was Jessica who said it... probably about Duane, but unfortunately my notes are lacking in this place... ;) but the quote is funny even without the context ;)
"He had such pretty eyes, blue and glittering, mesmerizing... it was a shame they belonged to Satan."

I just love the interactions between Jessica and Duane :)
"'Jessica James, you're going to have to get used to me wanting to take care of you and fix your troubles.'
'I'm not a damsel. I don't need rescuing.'
'I know. You're capable and stubborn, and I like that about you a whole lot. But maybe you could pretend to be a little less capable from time to time?'
'To what end?'
'So I get to feel good about rescuing you.'"



Friday, September 25, 2015

Review: "Fantasy lover" by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Companion novel / prequel in series Dark hunter
Main characters: Julian and Grace Alexander

First of all, let me explain this whole companion / prequel stuff :) when I say Dark hunter series I mean the whole Dark hunterverse... including dark hunters, were hunters, dream hunters and so on... :) I count this book as a prequel to this series, because even though there aren't any actual dark hunters in it, some of the future characters are mentioned... and some of them even appear in person :) plus it's a really good way to start this journey with gods, myths and legends... :) and if you want more informations, be sure to check out official website of Sherrilyn Kenyon :) because... and I can't say that enough... it is the best website of an author I have ever seen :) full of additional informations, book trailers, pictures and many more... ;)

Now about the book itself... :) please do not be discouraged from reading by this whole "sex slave emerging from a book" stuff... well... he WAS a sex slave for 2 000 years... and he DID emerge from the book, but the actual story is so much better than that description... :) you have to take my word for it ;) besides, don't we all have that one book, or one series, that no matter how hard we try to describe it, it still sounds pretty ridiculous... until someone reads it and then discovers we were right the whole time...? :) so bear with me, because there's no better way to say that he was a sex slave for 2000 years and she's a sex therapist :) he was cursed by one of the gods as a punishment and now she has a month to try to help him break it...

Besides a very entertaining main couple... ;) I also really liked Selena, Grace's friend :) it was actually she who found the book and gave it to Grace as a birthday present ;) she is also one of the secondary characters that appear in future books... not to mention that we hear some stuff... and even see some people who will be getting their own books... or to be more exact, already have their own books, since this one was published years ago :) not to mention the gods... I mean... would you imagined Eros / Cupid as a biker? ;) now it will be the first thing that will come to your mind when you hear his name ;)

I liked how the relationship between the main couple started... his punishment lasted more than 2 000 years, and yet she is the first person who treats him like a human being... and actually wants to help him and not use like some sort of toy... and all of that changes him... I swear to you... the scene between them... and particularly the words that comes from him right after "let me tell you what I see..." they totally melted my heart... and no, I won't post them in quotes, because I want you to have your "aaawwww" moment when you read the book ;)

She has this way of writing tortured heroes with hard pasts... and my heart just goes out to them... I'm sure that not all of you will feel the same as me... but I can't help it... I love her books... :) for me, they are the most perfect blend of funny, sexy and heart wrenching stories... I can laugh uncontrollably in one chapter, and then sob in the next one... :) not to mention the cutest epilogues ever... ;)

Her style of writing and telling a story just clicks for me... the characters, the plot... all of that... it just works perfectly for me... we all know that feeling... it's hard to explain... and it can work the other way around... like with me and Christine Feehan books for example... I have nothing against her, and I'm not saying that her books are awful... quite the contrary... I think that they are very good... lots of people love them and buys them immediately after they are released... but it just doesn't work for me... I tried to read two of her series, and... we're just not a good match ;) not like me and Sherrilyn Kenyon :) but that is the beauty of having different opinions and respecting each others choices :) I can share with you my opinions and then you can share with me yours and who knows... maybe each of us can discover some new and exciting books... :)

I have for you a few quotes from the book :) I really love that about her... that even if there are some really sad and/or hard events in a book, there is always a place for a joke or a sarcastic comment to even things out ;)

In the restaurant with Selena and Grace, when they discuss Grace's sex life ;)
"'Why don't you speak a little louder, Lanie?' she whispered. 'I don't think the guys in Canada were able to hear you.'
'Oh, I don't know,' the gorgeous brown-haired waiter said as he stopped by their table. 'They're probably headed south even as we speak.'"

One of Grace's inner conversations ;)
"She couldn't very well let him join her in bed like that.
Sure you could.
No I can't.
Hush, self, let me think."

A little scene between Grace, Julian and Selena :)
"Grace indicated Julian's clothes with a wave of her hand. 'Look at how he's dressed. You don't bring a Greek god out into public wearing shorts and a tank top two sizes too small. Jeez, Selena, what were you thinking?'
'That it's one hundred and two degrees out, with one hundred and ten percent humidity. I didn't want him to die of heat stroke.'
'Ladies, please,' Julian said, placing himself between them. 'It's far too hot to stand out in the street fighting over something as trivial as my clothing.' He swept a hungry look over Grace, then smiled a smile that could make any woman melt. 'And I'm not a Greek god. I'm just a minor half-deity.'"

When they are shopping and they stop in a lingerie department, quick exchange between Julian and Grace, Julian starts ;)
"'You would be breathtaking in this.'
'I don't know about breathtaking, but I'd definitely be cold.'
'Not for long, you wouldn't.'"

And the last one with Julian and Grace, she starts... does someone need a sarcasm sign? ;)
"'Why are they here?'
'I don't know.'
'Who sent them?'
'I don't know.'
'Well, that's not really helpful.'"



Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Review: "Secrets at midnight" by Nalini Singh

Author: Nalini Singh
Title: "Secrets at midnight in "Night shift" anthology
Book 12,5 in series Psy-changeling 
Main characters: Bastien Smith and Kirby Rosario

This is a novella that I actually read some time ago... so why it's not posted as a flashback review, you ask? ;) because alongside the novella about Annie and Zach "Stroke of enticement" this one is my favourite novella in this world :) so I actually re-read it already a couple of times... and I recently needed a little dose of that world, so I re-read it again ;) and because of that the story is very fresh in my mind, so I decided to write you a little review :)

You may or may not already know, that Nalini Singh is my favourite author... and that decision was not made lightly, because I read tons of books and loooove a lot of authors and series, but... she has this style of writing and creating characters that resonates with me... :) and I love each and every one of her books :) so each new creation is a must have for me :) and it wasn't different with this story :) especially since I love Bastien's sister, Mercy, who already got her book :) plus I'm a total sucker for DarkRiver cats, so every book that includes them as main characters got already + 10 points even before I start to read it ;)

I can't really say much about the story without spoiling too much details, so let me just say that it's about Bastien, a DarkRiver leopard and Kirby, a new kindergarten teacher in the city :) he actually recognizes that she's his mate, but can't find her at first :) which is very unusual, but there is a very good reason for it... that I of course can't tell you without major spoilers :) novella is very sweet and I truly adore it :) every time I read it, I get a little teary eyed... :) even though it's not a full lenght book, you do not feel that the story is rushed... so you are definitely not disappointed when it ends... ok, maybe a little, but it's because it's sooo good, that you would love to read more... ;) but I get that feeling every time I read her books :) even if they would be 1 000 pages long, I would want more ;)

It's a perfect addition to this series... although you could probably read is as a standalone too :) it shows the vibe of that world very good, so it's a perfect way for you to check if you would be interested in other books from that series... :) if you don't know the characters you may miss some jokes and deeper interactions between people, but it's totally understandable even if you are not familiar with the world :) so if it's your first dive into this author and/or this world or you are a longtime fan, it's a story definitely worth reading ;)

Before I go to the quotes, that you have to thank my sister J for :) I just wanted to add something :) I recently discovered that you can't see info about my fb page if you read my blog on your mobile device, so I figured I'm gonna mention it from time to time inside a review... this is one of those times ;) so be sure to check out my official fb page and show some love to your quirky book dealer ;) and now enjoy the quotes... ;) there are much more of those in the books, but I didn't want to post anything too spoilerific... ;)

After the very first lines of the story you know it's gonna be fun ;)
"Bastien Smith knew he'd been suckered. By his own mother no less. The only thing that might make it bearable was if Sage had been suckered too. 'Tell me you didn't know,' he said to his younger brother through gritted teeth, both of them propping up the wall nearest the door and an escape they couldn't make.
Eyes narrowing, Sage folded his arms. 'Are you accusing me of breaking the bro code?'"

This one suits all DarkRiver cats... ;)
"Snorting, Vera jerked her head at Kirby. 'This is Bastien. Don't let him charm you - next thing you know, you'll be naked.'"

Why I love Bastien... :)
"'Your mother loves you.' Vera glared at Bastien. 'You're in fine form, prime of your life, you should find a girl before you get old and crinkly.'
'Gee, thanks Vera. I was hoping I had a few more years yet.'"

Ok, this is the real reason why I love him... ;)
"'Eat. I want you healthy for all the debauched things I plan to talk you into later tonight.'"



Saturday, September 19, 2015

Review: "Devil in winter" by Lisa Kleypas

Author: Lisa Kleypas
Book 3 in series Wallflowers
Main characters: Sebastian, Viscount St. Vincent and Evangeline Jenner

This is the third book in this wonderful series... ever since I read the first one I had a feeling that this one is gonna be my favourite... and I was so right about that :) even though I love all of the "wallflowers" Evie had a special place in my heart from the moment I read first scene with her... not to mention that rake-turn-into-sort-of-a-good-man is my favourite kind of a story :)

And talking about Sebastian... ;) there is a reason why he's compared to a fallen angel somewhere in this series... or is he...? Maybe it's just me... ;) he's sinfully handsome, and with his gold hair and irresistible charm no wonder I was able to forgive him for everything... ;) there is more to him than what we all thought... but I think it's Evie and the whole situation that helps him realize that :) and he calls her "love"... <sigh> ;) even though it's not in the way I love it most ('luv') I'm definitely not gonna complain... cause it is my most beloved term of endearment... ;) plus he has a way of saying things that leave me in a melted puddle on the floor... ;) he's not as bad and villainous as his reputation would led you to believe... especially when you see how he takes care of her... practically right from the beginning...

And Evie... there is so much more in her that I initially thought :) she may be shy and have a stutter but she's very smart and much tougher than I expected her to be, after enduring life with her family... and the situation with her family is much worse that I imagined... but can you really call them that, when they treat you this way? So she's pretty desperate to get away from them... and from what Sebastian did in the previous book he's in a very desperate place too... that's why she turns to him with an offer he can't refuse... marriage ;) and let's not forget that she also has a temper... I love her when she gets really mad ;)

I absolutely loved how their relationship changed throughout the book... it starts with both of them in a pretty dark places in their lives... that leads to a quick marriage of convenience... but then... he still wants her after their wedding night... but she doesn't want to be one of many, so after a bit of time let's just say that there is a bet... or more of a challenge... that involves celibacy for a period of time... ;) I'm not gonna say more, but just imagine the negotiations about that... ;) and of course all of that wedding stuff is just the beginning of a book full of surprising turns of events :)

Cam was a wonderful surprise... he's a new secondary character and I was absolutely delighted when I discovered that he has his own book :) I may be forced to read that series very soon, cause now I'm really curious... for now it's only about his book, but since it's the beginning of a new series I'm afraid that one thing will let to another one... and I'm gonna fall head over heels in love with that one too ;) I know... more amazing books... what a tragedy... ;) but we get to see not only new characters, but also our beloved wallflowers again... and they are all shocked when they hear what Evie did... :) I mean, I can't blame them, after what he did earlier... and again, I can't tell you, because it's a huge spoiler from the second book in this series... :) but don't worry, it all ends well... :)

There were some dramatic moments in this book... and shocking turns of events... I actually gasped once or twice... ;) I can't believe that I finished it so quickly... ;) but it was practically impossible to put it down... although now I'm a little sad that it's over... maybe I should just re-read it... :) you know, just to make sure that it was as good as I think it was... ;) since it's a book from the middle of the series, I would really recommend you to read them all in order :) you get to know more about all the characters that way and there are some major spoilers from previous books in here, but if you are really interested and don't want to wait, everything you need to enjoy this book is explained so if you start with this one, you won't be lost :) but start from the beginning... for me... ;)  

I absolutely couldn't show you the most beautiful quotes that I loved so very much, cause they were much later in the book, so this few will have to suffice ;) but believe me... sooooo much more is in the book... <sigh> sorry, I just remembered something else, that I can't quote here... :) but damn... he is a charmer... ;)

Part of the first conversation between Sebastian and Evie :)
"'Are you cold?' he asked, 'or is it nerves?'
'I w-want to be away from London,' she replied, 'before my relations find me.'
'Is there any reason for them to suspect that you've come to me?'
'Oh n-no,' she said. 'No one would ever believe I could be so demented.'
Had she not already been somewhat light-headed, his brilliant grin would have made her so. 'It's a good thing my vanity is so well developed. Otherwise you'd have demolished it by now.'
'I'm certain you already have many women to f-fortify your vanity. You don't need one more.'
'I always need one more, darling. That's my problem.'"

When he arranges for a hot brick on their journey to Gretna Green :)
'Ohhhhh....' She shuddered with comfort as the delicious heat wafted around her frozen toes. 'Oh... n-nothing has ever felt so good...'
'Women say that to me all the time.'"

When she insists on staying in the club :)
"'Are you still fixed on the notion of staying here?' he asked, deftly carving a peach and divesting it of the pit. He handed her a neat golden half.
"Oh yes.' Evie accepted the peach and took a bite, it's tart juice trickling over her tongue.
'I was afraid you might say that,' he replied dryly. 'It's a mistake, you know. You have no idea of what you'll be exposed to... the obscenities and lewd comments, the lecherous gazes, the groping and pinching... and that's just at my house. Imagine what it would be like here.'
Uncertain whether to frown or smile, Evie regarded him curiously. 'I will manage.'"



Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Review: "Beauty and the mustache" by Penny Reid

Author: Penny Reid
Book 4 in series Knitting in the city
Main characters: Drew Runous and Ashley Winston

I'm still impressed... this is the fourth book in an amazing series, and each of those books, the couples, the story, was very different :) and yet they were all fantastic :) every one of them have a special place in my heart :) in this one, we get to know more about Ashley... she goes back home, and we get a chance to meet her brothers... but before I can go on to more pleasant topics I feel the need to warn you guys... but it's in the first few chapters, so I'm not counting that as a spoiler... there is a very sad reason why Ashley comes back home after eight years... her mom is terminally ill... I'm not gonna go into more details, I just wanted to warn you... don't get me wrong, this is not a depressing book... it's actually very beautiful and full of funny and endearing moments... but it might be a difficult story to read for some of you, that's why I'm giving you a heads up...

Ok, now that you've been warned, let me say... even though there is a lot of sad and hard events happening, it is a beautiful story... there are funny moments right alongside more emotional ones... and how Ashley and Drew first meet is truly hilarious... I mean... it's not everyday that you give a guy you don't know a "nipple twist" ;) oh yes, you read that right :) because all good love stories starts with a nipple twist ;)

Drew is more of a silent type, but he writes a lot... claiming it's "field notes"... please... we both know it's a lie :) but don't worry, we finally get to know what was he writing all this time... and it's absolutely magical... he works in the national park with one of Ashley's brothers... Ashley works as a nurse in Chicago, but goes back home after eight years to take care of her mom...

The whole book is full of slow building relationships... and I don't mean only with Ashley and Drew... and by the way... I love that name :) maybe it's cause I really adore this story and this one :) but also between Ashley and her brothers... there's a reason why she left eight years ago, but it's truly beautiful to see how all of that changed with time... how all of them grew up and how they slowly start to get closer to each other... :) 

It is truly remarkable how different all of the brothers are... there are six of them and now I'm very curious about all of their stories... fortunately for my sanity, those stories will be published :) how can you not fall in love with guys who have a bathroom schedule, so everyone will have time for some rubbing... ;) I just wish we knew Ashley's mom longer, cause she is a charming character...

As usual we have the whole book from the woman's perspective and only the last chapter/epilogue is from a guy's point of view... once again Penny Reid wrote a completely different romance that I loved... she has this way of putting words together that is... so eloquent... so clever... so... so... so much better than what I am trying to do right now ;) her books have ways of sneaking under my skin before I know it... and they stay with me for a very long time after I already finished the last chapter... and even though the third book is still my favourite, I can recommend this beautiful addition to the series with a clear conscience :)

I have a few quotes for you today :) I would give you more of Drew but the best quotes were too spoilerific, so you'll just have to wait, and read it for yourself :) especially the "field notes" ;)

Part of the first meeting between Ashley and Drew :)
"'Who are you?' He asked my chest, sounding annoyed.
'Who am I?' I asked, because honestly - and I might lose my badass card for this - part of me had forgotten my name. Because he was the kind of ruggedly sexy that made me forget what number I was on and what my name was.'

Universal truth, and unfortunately I have to admit that I forgot who said those words ;)
"Everyone knows that in real life, fictionally handsome men are vacuous vessels of Satan."

Why I love the ladies in this series :) you can always count on your friends ;)
"Sandra pressed her lips together and stared at me. 'Drew is smokin' hot, got a head full of brains, doesn't bother much with chit-chat, and will be coming by daily.'
'But he's also pushy and entitled, and he rubs me the wrong way.'
Elizabeth muttered under her breath, 'If you let him, I think he'll gladly rub you the right way.'"

And the last one :) yet another reason why I love Sandra the best ;)
"'Go right ahead,' Elizabeth said, waving her hand in the air. 'And while you're up, you might as well grab some red wine.'
We'll miss you while you're gone, Ashley.' Nico grinned at me. He was really too adorable. Like, illegal levels of adorable. Someone should be held responsible for his adorableness in a court of law.
'Agree!' This came from Sandra. 'Roses are red, violets are blue, rhyming is hard. Wine.'"



Monday, September 14, 2015

Review: "Angel's dance" by Nalini Singh

Author: Nalini Singh
Title: "Angel's dance" (can also be found in "Angel's flight" anthology)
Book 0,4 in series Guild hunter
Main characters: Galen and Jessamy

This novella takes place years before the first book :) it has some of our favourite characters in it, but if you are not familiar with this series, you can still read the story and enjoy it :) everything you need to know is explained :) and it's definitely a great way to get curious about the rest of the books... ;)

Galen is a warrior, strong, more of a silent type... but very honest and direct :) definitely not very subtle... :) but I really love that about him :) he comes from another archangel's court and wants to join Raphael... he's relatively young, at least for an angel ;) I think he's around 300 years old :) now Jessamy, on the other hand, is around 2500 years old :) she's a teacher in the Refuge, a hidden place where angel babies are raised before they grow up :) she's a scholar, delicate and very smart :) but she has a disfigured wing... because of that she will never fly on her own... I love how he sees her differently than everyone else... when they see her as solitary, distant Teacher, he sees her as a woman first... and he wants her... ;)

The story between Galen and Jessamy takes a bit more time than usual... like a few years actually... :) but it's so beautifully written... :) I love how their interactions change in time... and even though he has his mind made up pretty much from the beginning, he gives her time necessary to make sure, that if (or should I say when ;) ) she choose him, it will be because he wants him and only him... and not just because he was the first one to treat her differently and see her this way...  

This novella is a bit longer than usual, and it's because there is not only a romance story here... we have also a great view into the whole world of angels, archangels and vampires... with their rules and politics... it shows really well the vibe of the series :) not to mention the Raphael's Seven and the beginning of the nickname "Bluebell" for a certain angel... ;) so if you are new to this world, it's a great first experience, but if you are already familiar with these characters, this story is a great way to see some of them years before certain events changed them...

All in all it is a beautiful story, and it doesn't really matter if you know the rest of the books or not... if you are a fan of Nalini Singh or not... you can, and absolutely should read  this charming tale about love, acceptance, courage and friendship... :) it will warm your heart and leave you with a smile on your face... :)

This time quotes are totally thanks to my sister, J :) because I apparently get so lost in this story, even though I already read it a few times, that I just can't concentrate long enough to find something on my own... ;)

Part of a conversation between Dmitri and Galen ;)
"'Jessamy, does she have a lover?'
Dmitri's sopisticated elegance broke to reveal utter astonishment. 'What?'
'Jessamy,' he repeated patiently. 'Does she have a lover?'
'She's the Teacher.'
'She's also a woman.' And if the men around her had been too stupid to notice, Galen wasn't going to lose sleep over it."

And a scene with the throwing knives, Raphael, Galen and Illium ;) Galen first :)
"'Let's see how fast you really are, Bluebell.'
'Bluebell?' The archangel laughed as Illium swore to get even, and then the first knife was flying from his hand.
Twenty knives later - ten each - Illium smirked from his high perch. 'Oh, you both missed.' Faux disappointment, embellished with theatrical sighs. 'Poor, poor dears.'
'In case you've forgotten, I am an archangel,' Raphael reminded the irreverent angel, his tone dry.
Illium grinned, unrepentant. 'Want to try again? I'll move extra slow - you are both so much older, after all.' The last words were a conspirational whisper.
Galen glanced at Raphael. 'How has he survived this long?'
'No one can catch him.'"



Friday, September 11, 2015

Review: "Ryker" by Sawyer Bennett

Title: "Ryker"
Book 4 in series Cold Fury hockey
Main characters: Ryker Evans and Gray Brannon

People... she did it again... :) this book was yet another fantastic addition to the series :) I read it and immediately knew that I had to bump posting the review about it to the top of my list, because you absolutely need to know how amazing it was... :) and when I say amazing, I mean reading-till-1-AM-cause-just-one-more-chapter-is-not-enough amazing :) now let's dive into all the delicious details, shall we? ;)

Ryker is a 32-year-old goalie, and now a single father of his two daughters, after his soon-to-be-ex-wife cheated on him and then left him for a 19-year-old ex-teammate... not cool... but we got all of that informations in the previous book so let me tell you something that you don't know... he's terrified of spiders... :) I kid you not... :) I get it, cause I hate them too <shudders> but I can't help but laugh when I imagine a guy who has a nickname Brick Wall for a reason... jumping at the sight of a furry little monster ;) but on the much more cute side... did I mention that he has this like two-day-shadow-of-a-beard... :) you know... aside from the super hot body of an athlete and a very charming personality... ;) if to top all that, he would also have an accent, I think I would have to take breaks from reading to cool off... ;) Gray is 31 and the daughter of the president, CEO and former general manager of the club :) now she's making history as the first female GM in a hockey team :) she's very intelligent, smart and confident :) she also played hockey, so she's got the knowledge and experience to truly understand all aspects of the game... :) I really liked her... especially all of the excuses that she makes to be able to meet with Ryker at the beginning... you know... just being a good GM and all... ;) I have a little something about that in the quotes so be patient ;)

Even though I'm usually not a fan of the game "we have to hide our relationship" it actually didn't bother me at all in this book... :) I do understand all of the reasons for it... his kids, her professional career and integrity just to name a few... and I actually adore how real this all was... I mean, you don't walk away from everything in your life because you met someone and after one meeting you are absolutely-for-the-rest-of-your-life in love :) so it was wonderful to see time passing and their relationship slowly building and changing :) and I do love his nickname for her... Big Bang... ;)

Aside from guys with accents... <sigh> ;) the second thing that makes me love the book even more are two points of view :) and this book, as all others in the series, again, have chapters from both Ryker nad Gray perspectives :) and they are yet again written in a great and different way :) not to mention that damn... that's how you write a good, hot sex scene... ;) just... damn... ;) so be careful where you read this book... ;) maybe I loved them so much because in one of the books I recently read one word kept creeping me out... I'm sorry, but the use of the word "cream" should be forbidden in a sex scene... unless it's in the "whipped cream"... ;) otherwise, it's just weird... for me at least ;)

Besides the truly fantastic main couple, there are also secondary characters that are equally lovely :) not only we get to see all of the couples from previous books... well, at least all of the guys ;) but the girls are either mention or they appear personally ;) and I think one of the best scenes involves Zack, the hero of the last book, and his story about proposal failures... that is just pure gold ;) but don't feel bad for him... it finally happens in this book, and that scene is perfectly adorable :) there are also Ryker's lovely daughters and Gray's dad... and she have such a wonderful relationship with him... :)

There is about a six months jump between this book and the last one... and the book itself takes time over a few months, so it's nice to see people moving forward with their lives... :) I just want to mention to you one adorable detail... Ryker's custom made helmet... :) I'm not gonna say anything more, cause I don't want to spoil you your "aaawww" moment, but just trust me when I say it's one of the cutest things I read recently ;) so people... read it and read it now ;) it will be so worth it... :) have I ever disappointed you before...? ;) oh, and I almost forgot... it was the first time that we haven't met main character from the next book, because in all previous ones we got to know future heroes a bit, but at this point I'm totally trusting Sawyer Bennett to steal my heart yet again... ;) but you know, no pressure... ;)

Before I go to the quotes I have to share with you one more thing... :) in acknowledgments, Sawyer Bennett wrote that she modeled Ryker after Henrik Lundqvist... and encouraged all of us to google him... ;) and I say the same to you... definitely go google him, but if you don't have the time for that now, here's a little sneak peak ;)

Now about that quotes... ;) <sigh> sorry... I got distracted for a second ;) this book is full of amazing, funny moments, so I had a really hard time choosing only a few of them :) enjoy ;) 

A cute little scene with Ryker and his daughter, Ruby ;)
"'D-a-a-a-d,' Ruby shrieks from upstairs.
'Is the house on fire, Rubes?' I call out.
Her little voice shouts back to me in a squawk. 'No.'
'Have aliens landed?' I keep my voice just loud enough to carry up the stairs but still decibels below her own.
'No,' she yells, and there... right there... that's a little giggle from her.
'Did Timmy fall down the well?'
'No, dad... but you have to come here,' she yells. When I don't answer her right away she calls down in a sweet voice. 'Please, dad.'
Brilliant, little brat. Throwing some manners to throw me off my game."

A little exchange between Ryker and Gray ;) Ryker starts
"'I'm going to go out on a limb here, and say that you plan on using that ginormous brain of yours to analyze our organization and our opponents, then translate it into some seriously witchy strategy.'
'I'm thinking your brain pan is pretty large itself, seeing as how you were able to understand my management philosophy in just under ten seconds and a glance at a few old textbooks, when it's taken me the better part of an hour with each of your teammates to explain what I envision.'
'Maybe you should have used smaller words with them.'"

After she invites Ryker to a yoga session she's teaching ;)
"What in the hell was I thinking? What in the hell? I wasn't. That's the answer. It happens rarely, but I just wasn't thinking. My IQ level dipped. Maybe I'm hormonal. A moon phase... that's what it is. It's the pull of the moon making me do stupid non-Gray-Brannon-like shit."

I love her excuses to meet him... she's just a good GM, taking care of the players ;)
"'How about wednesday morning, you come to yoga and we'll get coffee after,' I offer. And the invitation back to yoga is completely permissible because I'm interested in his health and training and has nothing to do with me being able to ogle him up close. I'm so going to hell for these thoughts."

And one last hilarious exchange between Ryker and Gray ;)
"My eyes go straight to the wound on his face. 'What happened?'
'Tripped and fell,' he says with a grin, but I can tell he's lying.
'Tripped and fell?'
'On a banana peel.'
'Those make you slip, not trip.'
'It was a big banana peel.'"



Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Guest review: "Devil's game" by Joanna Wylde

Author: Joanna Wylde 
Title: "Devil's game" 
Book 3 in series Reapers MC 
Main characters: Liam "Hunter" Blake and Em

As a quick reminder to those people who never before read "guest review", although I hope that most of you already know what it means... ;) but either way, this is a review of a book that I haven't personally read (yet, I have to add, cause the more I hear about this series, the more I want to read it) but my sister did :) and after a very lenghty and detailed discussion I'm gonna try my best to write down her impressions and thoughts :) and just a little warning... this book, as all others in the series, has more violence and curses than what some of you may usually read, so just... you've been warned and let's leave it at that ;)

I have to start by saying, that this is the best book of the series so far... :) seriously, I haven't taken this much notes since I finished college, and that's saying something ;) but I get it :) first of all, it's very connected to the previous one... some stuff happened there, and at the beginning of this one we go a little bit back in time, to see what went down... it definitely doesn't feel repetitive, so don't worry about that :) and the thing that gets me really curious to read this book, is that we get, for the first time in this series, scenes from the perspective of not only Em, but also Hunter... and we all know how much  I love it... almost as much as a guy with an accent ;)

If you get a little bit of a "Romeo and Juliet" vibe just because these two comes from rivals MCs.... then stop that right now... ;) they are both much smarter than them ;) and this one definitely has a happy ending :) they're both pretty young and it's the first time in the series when both of the main characters come from the biker world... they both know the rules from the beginning... although they break a few of them to be together... ;) you'd be surprised how many "aawww..." moments are in here ;)

Em grew up with the whole club, and all of the bikers still treat her like a child... Hunter is the first one who treats her like an adult... :) she's responsible... he's also responsible... well.... most of the time at least ;) but it's really remarkable how mature they are, especially at that young age... but it's not that surprising, since Em was always this kind of a "good girl" and Hunter has a past that shaped him... we actually can see already in the prologue, two scenes from their pasts, that pretty clearly show from how much different worlds they come from... she has this huge, loving club family, and he's just trying to survive and keep safe his foster sister...

One of the best part of the book is the fact how honest they are with each other... of course there are always gonna be things... club business that they can't share with each other, but that's why honesty in everything else is so important... although apparently it can be a two way street... you'll understand more after reading the quotes ;) and another huge plus... all of the drama in the book takes place outside their relationship... they know what they want, and they are working toward that goal... to be together... it's hard mainly because of the whole rival clubs and all that... but what's truly amazing is their dynamic with one another :) cause Em is not just this good girl everyone thinks of her, she definitely has more of a wild, brave side :) and Hunter also can surprise you... he accepts all of the consequences of being with her... and there are a lot of them... some of them quite serious... but I can't say more, cause I don't want to spoil you anything :)

In this book we get to know a lot of new characters, since the main place of action is Hunter's town... so not only we get to know club members of his MC we also meet Em's sister, and Hunter's foster sister... who after disliking one another at first, quickly became sort of BFFs :) some of those people definitely has the potential to become future main characters :) not to mention that even though Em and Hunter get their happy ending, a lot of stuff goes down in this book that makes you very curious about what the future holds... not to mention that the epilogue is from Picnic's perspective (and his book is next) so you definitely want to dive right into that :)

And finally I have some quotes for you... and because I just couldn't decide, you get a little bit more of them than usually... you're welcome ;) and of course for all of them you have to thank my sister, J... :) 

To show you a little bit of a softer side of Picnic, Em's dad, here's part of a phone call between them :)
"'I'm just calling to find out if you're coming home for Thanksgiving. There's supposed to be a snowstorm tonight, figured I'd check in. You'll want to drive during daylight tomorrow, if you plan to be here...'
I smiled despite myself. No matter how weird life got, some things about dad never changed. 'It's killing you that you're not here to check the tire pressure on my winter tires, isn't it?'
<after a long pause> 'Not gonna answer that. But since we're talking vehicles, when's the last time you changed oil? I think it's just a matter of time, before that car starts burning it.'
'My car is fine dad.'"

This is the quote about honesty that I was talking about earlier :) what Em thinks of it ;)
"This was a double-edged sword, something I discovered the first time I asked him whether an old sweater of Kit's made me look fat. Apparently it did."

A little glimpse inside of Hunter's mind :)
"Never complained, never held back. I'd done terrible things for the Devil's Jacks. I'd keep doing them, too. All I wanted in return was one thing. One girl. Of course it had to be the girl who could start a fucking war with a phone call..."

A little warning from Em to Hunter :)
"'You're sure you're okay with this?' I asked Hunter yet again. 'I know it sounds like a joke, but dad seriously has a history of shooting my boyfriends. He says it's an accident, but after the second attempt you start to wonder.'"

And I saved you the best for last :) part of a conversation between Em and Hunter :) (Hunter is first)
"'Go ahead, sit down. Keep your gun on me if it makes you happy. But I'd rather you didn't. Knowing my luck, a spider will fall on you or something and the fuckin' thing will go off.'
'Sexist much? Poor little Em, scared of spiders. Can't handle her gun. Afraid I won't remember which end goes bang?'
<after laughing> 'Babe, I nearly shot Skid in the ass one time because a spider fell on me while I was holding a gun. Those things freak me right the hell out. They got eight fuckin' legs and that ain't natural. That's some Dr. Seuss shit right there.'
<smiling> 'It's really hard to take you seriously when you're afriad of spiders and Dr. Seuss.'"


A and J

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Review: "Archangel's enigma" by Nalini Singh

Author: Nalini Singh
Book 8 in series Guild hunter 
Main characters: Naasir and Andromeda

I have so many feelings right now... :) but as always I will try to describe them to you as best as I can :) first of all, and it's very hard to explain why I feel that way, cause I didn't know what to expect before I started reading this book, but it was different than I expected... ;) believe me, I know it's a contradiction, but it's the best I can do :) maybe I'm so confused, cause there was so many twists, turns and totally unexpected things happening that I'm still processing everything ;) and to be honest, I was a bit afraid before reading Naasir's story... I was never disappointed before by Nalini and her wonderful ways of telling stories, so it's another mystery to me... ;) but I suspect it's because Naasir is so unique, and I adore him so much, that I wasn't sure if his book will be all that I imagined it would be :) and to sum it up, it was different than I expected, but still a great read :) and the more time passes from finishing the book, the more I fall in love with it :) but don't worry, it will be a totally spoiler free review so even if you haven't read it yet, you can proceed ;)

Now about that main characters... :) I have to start with Naasir... :) I absolutely love him... :) I mean, I loved him even before, but in his own book we finally see more how he thinks, why he does things the way he does... :) he is definitely one of a kind... and yes, we do get answers about what kind of a creature he actually is :) and no, of course I won't spoil that for you before you can read it for yourself :) I think the best word to describe Naasir is "unique"... :) with his silver eyes and hair... ;) not to mention his character... ;) on the one hand he's got this kid curiosity about the world and absolutely entertaining way of thinking... and on the other hand, he's full of this animal, predatory energy... it is a surprising mix and sometimes I still wonder how amazingly it all works together :) and with all his teeth snapping, growling, sniffing people and the way he moves, he's as close to a changeling as anyone else ;) and I definitely don't mind that, since I love her other series :)

Andromeda on the other hand, is a new character... I'm pretty sure about that... :) although knowing Nalini she might have been mentioned in a sentence in one of the books and I just don't remember it :) she's a scholar, learning under Jessamy's wings in the Refuge :) but she, just like Naasir, is more than you think... she's got her own secrets and stories... :) but I think what I love the most about her is the fact that she simply likes and accepts Naasir just the way he is... :) oh, and she took a vow of celibacy... :) I know, I thought the same thing... ;) that Naasir will charm his way into her... heart... ;) but it's resolved in a different way ;)

A very big plus of this book, is that we see again all of our favourite characters... :) Elena, Raphael and his Seven :) Jessamy, Honor and so much more appear in at least a scene or two :) I absolutely adore how people closest to Naasir accepts him just the way he is, it's beautifully shown in this book :) and we meet some new charaters as well... and I have a suspicion that we may have met a future heroine of one of the books... or I really hope that she will get her own story... :) don't worry, you'll know who I'm talking about the moment you meet her ;)

I also wanted to let you know, that there is an Official Archangel's Enigma Discussion Group on facebook, but I warn you... it's really spoilerific, so enter at your own risk ;) preferably after you read the book :) it's gonna be open to the end of september, so you still have time :)

I think the overall vibe of this book is similar to Jason and Mahiya's story :) cause equally important as the romance between the main couple, we have other events that have a huge impact on the world as we know it :) now I feel a bit like someone from infomercials... ;) <in an excited voice> but wait, there's more... ;) for the price of just one book, you not only get a romance story but also a mystery and a hell of a lot answers... ;) I am trying to be as vague as possible, so not to spoil anything, but sprinkle a detail or two, so you're curious enough to read it soon :) how am I doing so far? :) so I'm just gonna add that to this day I smile whenever I remember Naasir muttering "stupid grimoire" ;) and there's a very good story that comes with it... but you'll just have to read the book to be able to smile about that with me ;) but even though I laughed, and got a little teary-eyed at certain moments, and sometimes I was yelling at the book... ;) I think my most popular reaction when I was reading it was gasping in shock or surprise... or both at the same time ;)

This time most of the quotes came from my sister :) so thank you J for your input, as always it's awesome ;)

A little glimpse inside the head of Naasir ;)
"Seven months Naasir had been hunting. Seven months since he'd told Ashwini he was ready to find a mate. Seven months and still his mate hadn't made herself known to him. Didn't she know he was looking for her?"
"Naasir wanted to smell like his mate, he thought with an inward snarl. Why was she hiding from him?"

Part of the conversation between Raphael and Naasir :) which is super ironic when you already know that they will be together... ;)
"'I can't be dragging around a historian. They break.'
'It's your task to make sure she doesn't break, Naasir. Andromeda is our greatest chance of reaching Alexander first.'
'How am I supposed to find my mate if I'm dragging around another woman?'"

Something to show you how he behaves with people close to him :) this time it's Honor :)
"'Naasir! Did you hurt yourself?'
Naasir suddenly realized he might be in trouble. 'No,' he reassured her. 'It was only a short jump.'
'A short jump?' Honor pressed one hand over her heart, her other hand gripping tight at his upper arm, as if she was afraid he'd fall off the balcony. 'You scared me half to death!'
Moving slowly so as not to scare her any more, he wrapped her in his arms and nuzzled his cheek against her hair. 'Don't tell Dmitri,' he whispered."

Part of the conversation between Naasir and Andromeda with a bit of Jessamy :) Andromeda starts
"'You can't do that.'
Wild silver eyes looked at her in utter innocence. 'What?'
'Sniff people.'
Naasir shrugged... and sniffed her, heavy silver strands of his hair brushing her skin. 'Sorry.'
Narrowing her eyes, she pursed her lips. 'You're not sorry in the least.'
Jessamy's gentle laughter filled the air. 'Don't let him tease you, Andromeda. He's an expert at it.'"



Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Review: "It happened one autumn" by Lisa Kleypas

Author: Lisa Kleypas
Book 2 in series Wallflowers
Main characters: Marcus, Lord Westcliff and Lillian Bowman

It's the second book in the amazing series that swallowed me whole... I couldn't stop reading it ;) and I have to confess, that I already finished all the books :) but I will post reviews about them mixed with some other books so you'll never know what comes next... muahaha ;) ok, now I sounded like a villain from one of the Bond movies :) but back to the topic... :) I feel the need to warn you, that there are spoilers about things that happened in the first book so I advice you to read them in order :) 

What to tell you about Marcus... :) we met him before but fortunately for all of us there is so much more to him than just this cold, polite facade... and I'm really glad about that, cause I suspected all along that there was more beneath this distant and calm exterior... :) he's not as stoic as he would like to be... especially not with Lillian ;) oh Lillian... :) she's outspoken, proud, stubborn ;) and has a temper :) I can totally relate to that... ;) cause there are some people or situations that can trigger my outburst in an instant... :) she was a very fun character to read :) and she's everything that Marcus thinks he doesn't want in a wife... ;) because they would surely kill each other... or would they? ;) so you can't be surprised that sparks fly between them from the very first moment... at the beginning it's more of an angry sparks, but soon they change into something else entirely ;) they clash all the time... she is one of a very few people (if not the only one) who can shake him out of his stable and polite behavior... ;)

And of course we get to see more of the wallflower girls :) although one of them is already married so I'm not sure if that term still fits ;) not only that, but we also get to know more about St. Vincent... the hero of the third book :) he makes some really bad choices in this book... and I mean really, really, really bad choices... so I'm very curious how he'll redeem himself in the future :) I can totally see him talk his way out of pretty much everything, cause he is an utterly charming flirt... ;) and since you know that I finished the books, I have to say that his story was amazing... but I'm gonna fangirl about this later, in another review ;) 

Oh, and if you're interested about the stories of Marcus's sisters, because they both appear, physically or they are just mentioned in this book, I did a little research and apparently they both get their happy endings in "Again the magic" :) but I haven't read it yet so I can't say for sure :) but I figured I'd leave this little piece of information here so you wouldn't have to look it up :) you're welcome :)

I absolutely adore how beautifully the situation between main characters was resolved :) the chemistry was there from the beginning, it just took them some time to realize it's not hate but something else... :) it was absolutely amazing second book and yet another proof that I had a lot of reasons to fall in love with this series... :) each book is full of witty banter, unexpected twists and elegant, sensual love scenes that are surprisingly hot ;)

I did my best to find quotes for you that would show how awesome this book is :) but it was hard, since all of the book is full of this little remarks and sentences that without a proper context would absolutely not be as enjoyable as if you would read them in the book :) so here's just a little preview :)

Conversation between Marcus and his sister Livia :)
"'She's a very pretty girl, Marcus.'
'A pretty facade isn't enough to make up for the flaws in her character.'
'Which are?'
Marcus made a faint scoffing sound, as if Miss Bowman's faults were too obvious to require enumeration. 'She's manipulative.'
'So are you, dear,' Livia murmured.
He ignored that. 'She's domineering.'
'As are you.'
'She's arrogant.'
'Also you,' Livia said brightly.
Marcus glowered at her. 'I thought we were discussing Miss Bowman's faults, not mine.'
'But you seem to have so much in common,' Livia protested, rather too innocently.'"

After the kiss... that happens because of the magical perfume... ;) and no, I will not explain this one :) you're just gonna have to read it yourself ;)
"'Miss Bowman, I must apologize for what happened earlier today. I am at loss to explain my behavior, other than to state that it was a moment of insanity that will never be repeated.'
Lillian stiffened a little at the word <insanity>. 'Fine,' she said. 'I accept your apology.'
'You may set your mind at ease with the knowledge that I do not find you desirable in any way whatsoever.'
'I understand. Enough said, my lord.'
'If the two of us were left alone on a deserted island, I would have absolutely no thought of approaching you.'
'I realize that,' she said shortly. 'You don't have to go on and on about it.'
'I just want to make it clear that what I did was a complete aberration. You are not the kind of woman whom I would ever be attracted to.'
'All right.'
'In fact...'
'You've made yourself quite clear, my lord.'"

But to show you how he changes and to make sure that you know his not entirely this pompous ass ;) I have a quote from the second half of the book... I was wondering if I should put it here or not, but I can't really count as a spoiler fact that the main couple gets together :) so here's a quick exchange between Marcus and Lillian a bit later... ;)
"'Tonight. You'll come to my room.'
She gave him a skeptical glance. 'This wouldn't be a ruse to lure me into a situation in which you would take unscrupulous advantage of me?'
Drawing back to look at her, Marcus answered gravely. 'Of course not. I intend to have a meaningful discussion that will put to rest any doubts you may have about marrying me.'
'And then I'm going to take unscrupulous advantage of you.'"



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Something new and exciting... ;)

My awesome people... I'm proud to present to you... ta da da da... ;) the official fb page for your favourite blog ;) I know that you've been waiting for the opportunity to interact with me more for a very long time and finally, you can ;) just kidding of course :) but seriously... I have been thinking about it for some time now, and decided to finally go for it :) I hope that you will check it out daily, cause I'll definitely be posting there all of my new reviews... and a lot of other awesome stuff :) most of them book related... or, you know... book-ish... ;) now it will be definitely easier for you and me to interact with each other :) link is now permanently visible on your right :) --->

but I will post it here too :)

So if you like my quirky, funny (at least I hope it's funny) weird and sarcastic way of writing about books I hope that you will visit, like, comment and share my page with your friends and family :)

Or if you have some sort of anti facebook personal policy, and you want to contact me, fear not, cause I am thinking about you too :) in that case send me an e-mail :)

I will definitely read all of them and answer each and everyone... sometimes it might take some time but it will be done :)

I can't wait to hear from you guys :)