Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Review: "Six of hearts" by L. H. Cosway

Author: L. H. Cosway
Book 1 in series Hearts
Main characters: Jason "Jay" Fields and Matilda Brandon

To be honest, I have a lot of reviews waiting to be edited and posted, but this one had to go on top of my list... simply because it was so spectacularly wonderful that you guys need to hear about it :) every once in a while there comes a book that leaves such an impression, that I have to immediately share it with you, cause more people have to know about it :) this is one of those books ;) it was actually my sister, who started it first and then called me two chapters in, to tell me that I absolutely cannot pick anything else, I just have to read this one next :) and we all know how I can't say no to her ;) and I knew, that if she was calling me after two chapters, that it's gonna be one of the really good ones... ;)

The blurb doesn't really say anything... it's all very mysterious, so let me tell you something more... but only a little ;) Jay's an illusionist, who wants to sue the paper that posted some very horrible story about him, and Matilda works for her father, who's a solicitor :) Jay wants to hire him, but when he refuses, he instead moves in with them :) cause he needs a room and they have one to rent :) I'm not gonna say anything more, cause I don't want to spoil your reading :)

Now something about the main couple... :) I absolutely loved Matilda :) she has these awesome inner monologues and she's sort of socially awkward... I think the reason why I love those kind of characters, is cause I see myself in them... I'm so much better with writing what I think or talking to myself, but put me beside an actual real human people and I don't know what to say ;) I kid you not :) usually I need time to feel comfortable around someone to be my sarcastic and weird self :) so Matilda definitely stole my heart... but as much as I loved her... it was nothing compared to my love for Jay... I mean, how could I not...? He's an illusionist... a charming, very charismatic illusionist... with an accent for crying out loud... ;) and he calls Matilda "darlin".... and that's not a typo... it's darling without the "g" at the end... <sigh> what more could a girl want? ;) did I mention that he has an accent? ;) oh, and the tattoos... he's got a lot of them but we get to know the meaning of two of them in the end, and it's absolutely wonderful :) and let's not forget about the nicknames :) he calls her Watson... yes, Watson as in Holmes & Watson :)

They have this friends/flirty sort of vibes in the beginning... I mean, she definitely has a crush on him... and who can blame her? I would too... ;) he tries to be just friends with her... not because he doesn't want her but because... well, let's just say that he's got a very good reasons for that... mainly to keep her safe... so it's not this annoying "I want you but can't be with you cause I have some stupid imaginary reasons for that" :) it's all very real... but don't worry, the ending is very satisfying :) I mean, his speach when he describes all of it... <sigh> my heart melted... ;) but none of them can't deny the chemistry and the sparks that fly every time they are near each other :)

Not only the main couple is great, I really like the secondary characters too :) Jessie, Jay's friend is wild and absolutely fun :) and Michelle, Matilda's friend is also great :) I mean, how could you not love a girl who introduces to you shortcut TOLO ;) it will be in quotes at the end, so be patient ;) not to mention that Matilda's dad is totally cute :)

This whole book was like "The hooker and the hermit" all over again :) you can definitely see that L. H. Cosway was the co-author of that one :) it was a perfect blend of her style of writing and Penny Reid's ;) but I already wrote an ecstatic review about that one, so let's go back to my ecstatic review of this one ;) I was hooked on this book from the very beginning... I had to very consciously put it aside and very sternly talk to myself to remember that I have stuff to do and can't read just one more chapter... plus, we all know that it's never just one more chapter... ;) be warned, after this book, you might be in the mood to watch "Now you see me" ;) I certainly was, but don't worry, it was a pretty great movie so you're safe :) oh, and if anyone knows about similar books then pretty please let me know :) cause I'd love to read something else like this :) the only thing that would make this book better is if I could get something from Jay's perspective :) but it's just my little suggestion, cause I personally love dual points of views in books :) and I'm really curious what's going on in that head of his ;)

I hope that I infected you with my love for this book... ok, that didn't sound very appealing... ;) let me start that again :) hmmm...... ok, it seems I can't come up with a clever metaphor, so all I'm gonna say is... you definitely should check out this book, it's a super fun read with a beautiful "aaawwww..." ending :) what more could you want? ;)

To be honest I thought I had more quotes prepared for you, especially quotes that actually included Jay, but it seems that I have been mesmerized by him and hadn't written them down... ;) and now I can't find them :) hope you can forgive me for that :) but I dare you to read that book and tell me that you don't forget about stuff every time he appears... ;)

One of Matilda's inner monologues :)
"On the outside I'm all business. On the inside I'm a nervous wreck. How in the hell am I going to act like a normal human being while spending at least an hour in his company? He really doesn't know what he's in for. I wager I'll last about five minutes before I blurt out something stupid, thus rendering the following fifty-five minutes an awkward delight. And when I say 'delight', I mean nightmare."

Some of the texts that Matilda exchange with her friend Michelle ;)
"Matilda: He came to the office looking for a solicitor and left with a landlord instead.
Michelle: Lol. Funny how often that happens. So, when can I come over and meet him? I'll be all like, TOLO come over here and impregnate me with your sexy magician babies.
Matilda: TOLO...?
Michelle: Tits out, legs open.
Matilda: Okay. Sorry I asked."



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