Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Review: "Revived" by Samantha Towle

Author: Samantha Towle 
Title: "Revived" 
Book 2 in series Revved 
Main characters: Leandro Silva and India Harris

Even though this is a second book in this series, you can actually read it as a standalone if you're more interested in this one than the previous one :) I read it in order (and usually recommend to do just that) because there are always this little things that you can appreciate more when you already know a couple from their own book ;) but it's not like you're gonna be confused reading this one if you're not familiar with the first one ;) it very much stands on it's own :)

Now to the actual book... I really liked it :) I was both, really looking forward to reading it, and a little bit hesitant about starting it... but it's my regular feelings before starting a second book in any series... cause you never know if it will be as good as the first one... the one that captured your attention and stole a few hours of your sleep ;) well... this one definitely is as good as the first one... I'm not sure, but it's possible that I may have loved it even a little bit more actually... ;) maybe it's because they were both adults... I mean, Carrick and Andi were both in their twenties but there was a lot of drama that didn't need to be there, because of their lack of proper communication... and here we have like grown up adults :) and yes, there is drama and complications, but they are more serious and harder to overcome... and I do love that not all of it just magically solves itself by the end of the book... there are actual consequences to their actions :) it makes all of it more real to me :)

So about that main couple... ;) we briefly met Leandro before, and if you read the first book (and even if you didn't it's in the blurb, so I am not counting that as a spoiler) you already know that he was in a very serious car crash in one of the races... he barely survived and it took a year for him to come back to health... at least physically, cause mentally he's in a very bad place since he can barely sit in a car, let alone race in one... enters India :) she is a therapist and was referred to Leandro by Carrick and Andi... which may surprise you to know, but know Carrick and Leandro are unlikely friends :) she's a single mother of a twelve-year-old son and has an awesome twin brother, Kit :) they are both in their early thirties, so they're both also more mature than the first couple... and there is definitely more serious drama involved in their situation... the first half of the book is the big introduction to them, to their story and in what places both of them are in their lives... then stuff happens and in the middle of the book we jump ahead seven months when the really interesting things start to happen ;) Leandro and India definitely have chemistry... and my oh my, what a hot-sizzling chemistry it is... ;) I swear, at one point I was actually shouting (in my head of course, cause it would be weird to shout it out loud ;) ) at India to finally stop resisting... :) even though she has very good reasons to do so :) they start with a strictly professional relationship... and she really does help him deal with his problems :) I mean, you can call it strictly professional if you ignore all of that little-but-not-so-subtle-hot-flirty-thing between them ;) I loved their interactions from the start and I think you might love them too :)

I absolutely loved the secondary characters in this book :) Kit, India's twin brother was truly amazing, and I sincerely hope that he will get his own book... preferably the next one ;) because he ends up with someone that we know and love... ;) it's in the epilogue, so I'm not gonna spoil you and say who it is here, but I'm guessing that after you read it, you're gonna be hoping right alongside with me that he's book is next :) and I can't even start to talk about Jett... her teen son, although his twelve so technically not a teen yet ;) he's obsessed with F1 and just this sweet and very smart kid :) I love his relationships with India and Kit... and later with Leandro :)

Amazing bonus in this book, at least for me, is the fact that we get to read chapters from both Leandro and India perspectives... it was a good idea, cause we got a better look inside both of their minds and what drives them to act the way they do :) plus, it didn't hurt that Leandro is yet another character with an accent... <sigh> and apparently I'm a total sucker for a guy with an accent as long as it's spoken with such charisma and confidence ;) and the fact that we get not one, but two absolutely adorable epilogues definitely didn't hurt ;) so even though there is much less actual F1 in this book, as oppose to the first one, which is totally understandable, especially since India has nothing to do with that world and Leandro is unable to race at first, it is a truly great sequel and I hope that Samantha Towle has many more books in store for us in the future... ;) so what are you waiting for? Go read, read, read... ;)

But if you are still hesitant, I have something that will definitely get you more interested ;) a few quotes... and it was very hard to pick just a few, cause there are so many good ones in the book... but I tried my best ;)

Some of the thoughts that goes inside of Leandro's mind, when he sees India on a date ;)
"She's on a date? I feel like I've just been punched in the chest. Is this the guy she was on the phone with the other week? The one she said 'I love you.' to? The guy looks like a dick. Sure, I can't see him properly from here, but he's definitely not good enough for her. No man could be."

And some of India's thoughts to prove to you, that she's so much more than this cool and distant therapist ;)
"Oh God. I cover my face with my hands. What I have done? How could I let that happen? But he was all wet from the shower, he smelled so good, his chest was bare, showing a sexy smattering of dark hair, and he had a six-pack and the V. The V! And he spoke to me in Portugese. Portugese! How the hell was I supposed to resist that?"

And part of the conversation between India and her son ;)
"'So, you stayed at Leandro's last night?'
My face floods with embarrassment. 'Yes. No! I mean, no.' God, I hate it when he fires a question at me when I'm distracted.
'You know, Mum, lying to your only son is a terrible thing to do. I'm pretty sure that lies between a mother and child are the beginning of a potential downfall. I mean, you lie, and I could feel hurt and rejected. I might rebel. Start hanging out with the wrong kind of people. Smoke. Do drugs. Who knows where it'll end?'
Shaking my head, fighting a smile, I sit down in the chair opposite him. 'Nicely played. When did you get this smart?'
'I've always been this smart. I learned from my super smart, very pretty mama.'
'You're on a roll this morning.'"



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