Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Review: "The darkest touch" by Gena Showalter

Book 11 in series Lords of the underworld
Main characters: Torin and Keeleycael

First, a little dedication... ;) so this one is for my lovely sister :) since it's so hot that half the time I have to turn off my computer I read really a lot lately :) thanks to that, I have tons of reviews just waiting to be edited and posted :) yesterday I asked her what she would like to read next, and this was her choice :) so I hope you'll like it ;)

I actually started this book some time ago, a few weeks after it was first published, but read only a few chapters and stopped... I couldn't read more... and that's only cause I was in a wrong mood for that book at that time... cause when I read it now, I couldn't put it down... :) it's like I was reading two different books :) and I'm glad I took that break... cause otherwise I wouldn't appreciate it as much as I did now... :) cause it was so awesome... ;) so that's a lesson to remember: never force yourself to read a book if you're in a wrong mood... even if you've waited for that book a long time... it's just not worth it ;)

What I love about this series is "recap sentences" ;) what's that, you ask? I just came up with the name for it ;) but basically, it happens in a series of books... the farther you are in it, usually the more stuff happens with a lot of characters... more connections between people and consequences of actions taken three books ago :) it's not a problem when you read all of the books one after another (like when you discover a series that already has 10 books published and you can read them at once) cause then you pretty much remember all that you need to... but when you're up to speed and then have to wait about a year for the new book... not to mention that you read other books in the meantime... well... then some of the details... or most of them, like in my case ;) can slip your mind :) and that's why I love "recap sentences" in this particular series :) cause they always provide just enough information that you can get up to speed, but not too much that you get bored... ;) it's just a little something "he's doing this" or "she's there doing that" and "they went there and are trying to get this done" here and there to help jog your memory :)

I was very curious about Torin's story pretty much from the start... I mean, how the keeper of disease, who with every touch starts a plague and kills can be with another person... I was curious and a little bit afraid at the same time.. cause I really wanted for him to have a great story... and an even greater woman by his side... and boy oh boy was I not disappointed.. ;) it was absolutely worth the wait :) Torin, as the rest of the guys (and I do mean that as a group of people, cause there is a woman among them), is a warrior... they are all brave, strong and powerful... but what I love in this series, that in the most cases, their women are much more powerful than them :) so they are not just this helpless damsels in distress just waiting to be rescued :) oh no, they are kickass ;) and Keeley is not an exception... in fact, I think she might be the most powerful of them all up to this point :) not to mention that she is very old, which means she knows a lot of stuff :) it's kind of funny when she tells him from time to time "you know that you can do this and that since you have something, right?" ;) and I absolutely love how her looks changes depending where she is :) and Torin's T-shirts... :) other warriors makes them for him and they all have some sort of pun related to them ;)

All of the books are intertwined, but the further we go in the series the more they are connected... we have not only the warriors, but along the way we meet new characters that definitely will have their own book... cause if not, I'm gonna start a riot ;) and some of them will surprise you, cause you wouldn't expect to root for them ;) this series already has 11 books, and the quality of the story is still amazingly high :) it's not that obvious, cause in some cases you see that author doesn't exactly know where she/he wants to go next and it's not as fun to read as it used to be... but not in this case :) it's going really strong and I can't wait for the next addition :) and the one after that... and one after that ;) you see where I'm going with it? ;)

I hope that I interested you enough to give this series a try ;) cause I can't really say much more about the main characters, beside the fact that they meet in prison... and that's pretty much it... ;) sorry, but any more additional information like whose prison, why are they there, how they escape, what's the solution to this whole I-can't-touch-you problem, what happens with others characters in this book (and believe me... the answer is a big, fat A LOT ;) ) what we find out about... stuff... I really can't say anything, cause all of it is spoiler-ish ;) and even though I can't go into any details, I can and will say that you absolutely have to try this series :) but start with the first book (this is a perfect example of a series that you absolutely have to read in order because they are all heavily connected), cause you don't need to read the novella to understand the world and the rules :) it's a nice addition, but I advise you to start with the full lenght story :) and if you're still hesitating, here are some of the awesome and funny quotes fom the book... :) I have to say that Gena Showalter has the ability to keep the perfect balance between the emotional moments and the ones that makes you cry from laughter ;) and believe me, there are much more awesome quotes in this book besides this small example ;)

When Keeley figths with a bad guy :) the bad guy starts
"'Not so haughty now, are you, female?'
'Someone has a toilet-paper word of the day, doesn't he?'"

Part of the conversation between Keeley and Torin :) she starts
"'I'm going to do it. I'm going to hit you with a blast of power, and you're going to writhe in the worst pain of your life. Nothing will ease you.'
'Great.' Then, when she hesitated, he had the gall to add 'I'm waiting...'
'You should be running.'
'Why? Do you want to stare at my ass?'"


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