Thursday, August 27, 2015

Review: "Concealed in death" by J. D. Robb

Book 38 in series In death
Main character: Eve Dallas

I feel the need to explain that last bit of information, that Eve is the main character :) this is one of my favourite series, but it's a bit different than what I usually read :) Eve Dallas is a New York detective, and each book is concentrated around a new case :) all of this takes place a little bit in the future ;) but don't be discouraged, it's not weird, mostly it's just more advanced technology which makes everything more interesting :) so since each book is a different case, you can technically start from the one that interested you... but if you like it, I really recommend to start from the beginning :) because as the series progress, there are more characters, more interactions and connections between them... we get to know more and more about the main couple... cause Eve meets Roarke, her husband, in the first case, where he's kind of a suspect ;) and they both have pretty traumatic and eventful pasts... so it's really better to read them in order... that way you can really appreciate this little scenes that are in every book... sometimes it's a page or two... or just a couple of sentences... but if you know the meaning and feelings behind them, then you know how important they are :)

And I do love how the author balances between making each case interesting and making sure that if this is your first book, that you are not confused and can follow the story and relations between the characters :) and on the oher hand adding this lovely, small scenes and informations that are extremely rewarding if you read the series from the beginning :) it's very hard to accomplish, and she does it perfectly with every book :)

I lova the main characters... and I don't mean only Eve and Roarke :) cause there are more who now appear regularly, like Peabody, Eve's partner :) and there are so many colorful and funny characters throughout the series... I couldn't list them all even if I tried... some of them we see in many books, some of them only in a few, but they are all interesting and colorful in a very different way :) but I think my personal favourite is Dennis Mira :) he was in just a few scenes so far but I absolutely adore him :) and the scene with him, Eve, hot chocolate and gloves is just pure perfection :)

This case is, I believe, the first one in the series, when the actual murder that is investigated, or in this case murders, took place some time ago... like years ago... book starts when Roarke discovers a body inside the wall of one of his buildings... and as Eve likes to say, he owns half of the world :) this is one of his new acquisitions and it's the first day of the big renovation :) as the owner he takes the first few swings of the hammer and when part of the wall collapses, they all see what looks like a body... when Eve and the rest of the police shows up, by the time they finish the search, they find 12 bodies of what looks like kids... and after that, as always, the investigation goes on throughout the whole book, with additional cute and funny scenes here and there like a beautiful little bonus for us :) 

I'm writing about this book, because I'm two books behind the schedule, with the newest one coming in september, but it's because I read most of them in translation, but at some point got tired of waiting and switched to the original version :) I will definitely make a post about the whole series in general, but I'm not sure when, so in the meantime I hope that I interested you enough to give this series a try ;) 

I have just two short quotes for you, to show some of the interactions between the characters, but there are much more of them in the book :)

Part of the conversation between Eve and Peabody :)
"'If he said there were bodies, they're bodies.'
'Yeah, probably. Homicide: our day starts when your ends. Permanently.'
'You should sew that on a pillow.'
'I'm thinking a T-shirt.'"

Eve and Roarke when walking into the hotel :)
"Eve scowled her way inside. 'How much did you slip him?'
'A fifty.'
'I don't bribe doormen,' she said with some righteousness.
'No, darling, you reduce them to quivering puddles of fear and awe, but this seemed quicker and cleaner.'"



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