Sunday, August 23, 2015

Review: "Born of defiance" by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Book 9 in series The league
Main characters: Talyn and Felicia

It gets me every time I read one of the books in this series... :) I usually don't read books that takes place in space/other planets and stuff... I don't have anything against them, it's just none of them really got my attention... except this one :) I read a book, fall in love with this series again, then kind of forget how awesome it is when I wait for another one to be published... and then it hits me again ;) I love that feeling, don't you? It's like discovering something amazing all over again ;)

Let's start with a few more words about the book :) it takes place chronologically around the same time as the first one :) and just a word of advice... the first three books were published years ago, but don't read them if you come across them, the revised versions that were published later are much better :) so look out for that ones ;) I'm gonna write about it more when I'm gonna do a post about this whole series in general :) I just felt the need to warn you here in case you got interested enough to read it ;)

As always, I seriously encourage you to read a series in order :) cause it is the best way to avoid spoilers about the outcome of events that takes place before the one that you are reading at the moment :) plus, it gives you better knowledge of the characters, and then someone popping in for a scene or two will have much more meaning :) and all of that is true in this case :) but, there is also just enough explanation in any book, that if you pick one of them out of order, you will be able to understand the characters and enjoy the story :) and it was extremely helpful, since I remembered very little from previous books... hey, I read really a lot... plus it was soooo hot here when I was reading this one, that half of my brain was not working properly ;)

I loved this book as much as I love all of them... I don't know why, but this series is so much different from what I read but at the same time so similar... I think what draws me everytime is the characters and the depth of the universe that the author created... I love all the different races and worlds... even though I hate rules on some of them... but the details, and the stories... the connections and bonds between people... it is truly a gift to be able to create all of that :)

I can't really say anything about the main characters that wouldn't be spoiler-ish but I'll try :) he's one of the greatest fighters on his planet... a champion, but it doesn't really matter, cause people like him are hated on his planet... he belongs to one of the lowest castes and that fact is strongly connected to the next book... which will be actually about his parents... now I definitely can't wait to read that one ;) but to be honest I feel like that about every book in this series ;) she starts as his paid companion but quickly there are so much more things happening, that I almost forgot about that fact... :) whole book takes place in a span of a few months, and trust me... there is a lot going on :) but again, I can't really say anything without giving away valuable informations that would spoil you're pleasure while reading it for the first time :) so I hope that at this point you trust me enough to at least give it a try without much more ;)

Oh, and I almost forgot... two-words-tattoos :) I can't say more, but it is one of the sweetest, most adorable things I read in a long time :) so I hope that even without much details you are intrigued enough to put this book, and this series, in your minds :) and if you are still thinking about it, you have to visit her website :) cause people... this is the best... website... I have ever seen for readers ;) it is so full of details, pictures of characters, trailers for books, additional informations, questions and answers, playlists... and so... much... more :) seriously, check it out, you can thank me later ;)

I have just one quote for you, and it's only because I got caught up into the story so completely that I forgot to find more ;) so ups ;) I'm really sorry and I hope you'll forgive me :) but it's a great example that besides the serious stuff there is also a place to laugh :)

Part of the conversation between Talyn and Felicia :) Felicia starts
"'You're very sweet.'
He snorted. 'Don't say that out loud. You'll ruin my ferocious reputation.'
Laughing, she shook her head. 'Ferocious, huh?'
'Absolutely. How you think I got my rank at this age?'
'Your sexy sweetness?'
His warm laughter filled his ear. 'Yeah, sure,' he said drily. 'That always works for rank advancement. You sweet-talk the enemy. They fall over, laughing at you.'
'See. I knew it.'"



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