Saturday, August 8, 2015

Guest review: "Reaper's legacy" by Joanna Wylde

Author: Joanna Wylde 
Book 2 in series Reapers MC 
Main characters: Ruger and Sophie

It's another review of a book that my lovely sister read :) and just as before, after lenghty and detailed brainstorming session I will do my best to write down and share with you her thoughts and impressions :) also, I feel the need to warn you about the strong language in the book and the use of the word "property" when they talk about a woman... I explained it in the review for the previous book, so let me just quickly say this... it's a harsh world, and no ring will ever mean as much as a vest with that words... it's one of the most powerful symbols they can offer... so don't reject the whole concept just because you don't like one word :)

Because it's the second book in the series, we get to know the characters a lot better... :) there is definitely much more depth and layers to them than you might expected... :) not to mention introduction of a lot more :) especially ladies... ;) we get to know more partners of the riders... kind of like they have their own little club inside the official one ;) and the best secondary character of the whole book is definitely best friend of Sophie, ex-stripper named Kimber :) apparently she has the best lines in the whole book ;) and since you know more about other characters, naturally you get more and more curious about future books and stories... especially since there is a lot happening in this one, that affects the next one... they are very connected to one another... and yes, I will at some point post a guest review of the third book, cause my sister read it and claims that it's the best one in the series so far :) so be patient :) or not, and just read it before my review ;)

We also get to see a bachelorette party and a wedding for a couple from the first book... and let me tell you this... it's something all right... ;) I mean, who chooses "Put some sugar on me" as their song... and it appears on their wedding too... ;) some very fun and interesting couple, that's for sure... ;) and let's not forget, that during the bachelorette party a lot of stuff happens, cause there is someone who constantly says "your marriage is doomed if you don't... <insert some sort of a challenge here>" :)

Now to the main couple... the best way to describe their relationship is to say that it's complicated... but it's understandable, since the situation between them is not simple... I mean, when a guy helps to deliver your baby on the side of the road... a baby that he's half-brother is the father of and the mother giving birth is just a teenager... nothing ever again can be simple between them... not to mention that you can understand both their sides in this kind of I-want-you-but-I-don't-want-you-it's-complicated situation... he's this super tough guy, with tattoos and piercings... a lot of piercings actually... in a very curious places... ;) and there is apparently a tattoo of some sort of dots on his arm, that we get the explanation of at the end of the book... and it's adorable ;) but other than that he's this tough guy who doesn't want to settle down, cause he can't promise her that he will be faithful... and she's not a part of their world, and she doesn't really want to be... especially cause she wants to keep her son far away from it... not to mention that neither one of them wants to mess the situation up because they both care very much about her son... and they are both proud and stubborn, so it takes a lot of time for them to actually reach a happy ending, but they achieve it nonetheless :) I'm told that book ends in a truly beautiful epilogue :)

This time I decided to give you guys some quotes that maybe will help you get the tone of the books a little bit better ;) so let's all say "thank you" to my sister for finding them :)

Part of the conversation between guys :)
"Rumor is, you saved her ass. Fuckin knight in shining armor. Might wanna trade your bike in for a pretty pink unicorn to ride, seein' as you're such a special snowflake and all."

And this one is from Kimber about her husband ;)
"He owes me. He gets to play poker every single weak, and when I was pregnant I told him that if I was sober, he should be sober too. He totally ignored me. Also, he bought me a minivan. A fucking minivan. What kind of man does that to a woman?"


A and J

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