Sunday, August 30, 2015

Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) september edition

To be honest, I'm in a reading slump... no book can hold my interest... so you can see how this is a nightmare for me... fortunately, I think I know the reason behind this situation... I can't read anything, cause I'm waiting for a very special book... and lucky for me, it's just days away now :) and I'm talking about...

"Archangel's enigma"  by Nalini Singh :) I have been waiting for years to finally know more about Naasir, and was thrilled to hear that he's finally getting his own book in the wonderful Guild hunter series :) it's a paranormal romance... maybe more into the urban fantasy genre... but it's hard to put labels on a book that combines everything that is awesome in the world... :) her books are always full of funny, exciting and moving moments... you will laugh and shed a tear or two... or more if you're a crybaby like me ;) and this particular series includes angels, archangels, vampires and some other unique creatures... like Naasir... I hope to finally learn his story... and what exactly is he ;) expect a review soon ;)

Second book that I'm counting days to is "Ryker" by Sawyer Bennett :) it's the fourth book in a very hot Cold Fury hockey series ;) you can find reviews for the earlier books on my blog :) since you can guess it from the series title, I'm not gonna shock you by saying that it's about hockey players :) but besides that, it's a contemporary romance that perfectly combines sad and happy moments... not to mention that I love her style of writing... and I know that you're not supposed to but... look at those covers... ;)

Another book that is definitely on my radar... even though I'm still two books behind in this series... ;) is "Devoted in death" by J. D. Robb (one of Nora Roberts pseudonyms) it's the newest addition to the very long In death series :) and I'm hoping that she will never run out of ideas :) main character of the series is New York detective Eve Dallas and each book concentrates on a different case :) it takes place a bit in the future, but it's mostly visible in the technology advancement and not some weird things so don't be discouraged ;) and although, as always, I urge you to read a series in order, to see how the connections and relationships between characters formed and grew in time, each book can be read as a standalone, cause there is always enough background information, so you wont be confused who's who :) and the case is always resolved :) and since we're talking about this series, there is also a new novella scheduled to be published two weeks later :)

There is one more book that have my attention... and it's because I love the author, Jennifer L. Armentrout... her style of writing really clicks for me, and it's hard to explain why so I'm not gonna look for rational reasons for that ;) and even though I'm only half way through the Wait for you series, I want to write about the newest addition to it, Forever with you :) this series is a mix of a contemporary/new adult romance... I loved the stories I read so far, and I assume this one is gonna be just as awesome :)

As a bonus I have for you a novella in the Demonica series :) from my reviews of books in that world, you already may know that I'm a fan of Larissa Ione ;) a huge fan ;) she writes hot paranormal romances that makes me laugh and then cry just a few pages later... and I'm very curious to read "Base instincts" cause it's a first MM romance in this series... I have no problem with reading this kind of stories, but if you're not comfortable with it, just skip it... but I'm really looking forward to it :) I hope it will be just as awesome as her other novellas... and yes, I'm talking about "Azagoth" and "Hades" ;)



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