Sunday, August 30, 2015

Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) september edition

To be honest, I'm in a reading slump... no book can hold my interest... so you can see how this is a nightmare for me... fortunately, I think I know the reason behind this situation... I can't read anything, cause I'm waiting for a very special book... and lucky for me, it's just days away now :) and I'm talking about...

"Archangel's enigma"  by Nalini Singh :) I have been waiting for years to finally know more about Naasir, and was thrilled to hear that he's finally getting his own book in the wonderful Guild hunter series :) it's a paranormal romance... maybe more into the urban fantasy genre... but it's hard to put labels on a book that combines everything that is awesome in the world... :) her books are always full of funny, exciting and moving moments... you will laugh and shed a tear or two... or more if you're a crybaby like me ;) and this particular series includes angels, archangels, vampires and some other unique creatures... like Naasir... I hope to finally learn his story... and what exactly is he ;) expect a review soon ;)

Second book that I'm counting days to is "Ryker" by Sawyer Bennett :) it's the fourth book in a very hot Cold Fury hockey series ;) you can find reviews for the earlier books on my blog :) since you can guess it from the series title, I'm not gonna shock you by saying that it's about hockey players :) but besides that, it's a contemporary romance that perfectly combines sad and happy moments... not to mention that I love her style of writing... and I know that you're not supposed to but... look at those covers... ;)

Another book that is definitely on my radar... even though I'm still two books behind in this series... ;) is "Devoted in death" by J. D. Robb (one of Nora Roberts pseudonyms) it's the newest addition to the very long In death series :) and I'm hoping that she will never run out of ideas :) main character of the series is New York detective Eve Dallas and each book concentrates on a different case :) it takes place a bit in the future, but it's mostly visible in the technology advancement and not some weird things so don't be discouraged ;) and although, as always, I urge you to read a series in order, to see how the connections and relationships between characters formed and grew in time, each book can be read as a standalone, cause there is always enough background information, so you wont be confused who's who :) and the case is always resolved :) and since we're talking about this series, there is also a new novella scheduled to be published two weeks later :)

There is one more book that have my attention... and it's because I love the author, Jennifer L. Armentrout... her style of writing really clicks for me, and it's hard to explain why so I'm not gonna look for rational reasons for that ;) and even though I'm only half way through the Wait for you series, I want to write about the newest addition to it, Forever with you :) this series is a mix of a contemporary/new adult romance... I loved the stories I read so far, and I assume this one is gonna be just as awesome :)

As a bonus I have for you a novella in the Demonica series :) from my reviews of books in that world, you already may know that I'm a fan of Larissa Ione ;) a huge fan ;) she writes hot paranormal romances that makes me laugh and then cry just a few pages later... and I'm very curious to read "Base instincts" cause it's a first MM romance in this series... I have no problem with reading this kind of stories, but if you're not comfortable with it, just skip it... but I'm really looking forward to it :) I hope it will be just as awesome as her other novellas... and yes, I'm talking about "Azagoth" and "Hades" ;)



Thursday, August 27, 2015

Review: "Concealed in death" by J. D. Robb

Book 38 in series In death
Main character: Eve Dallas

I feel the need to explain that last bit of information, that Eve is the main character :) this is one of my favourite series, but it's a bit different than what I usually read :) Eve Dallas is a New York detective, and each book is concentrated around a new case :) all of this takes place a little bit in the future ;) but don't be discouraged, it's not weird, mostly it's just more advanced technology which makes everything more interesting :) so since each book is a different case, you can technically start from the one that interested you... but if you like it, I really recommend to start from the beginning :) because as the series progress, there are more characters, more interactions and connections between them... we get to know more and more about the main couple... cause Eve meets Roarke, her husband, in the first case, where he's kind of a suspect ;) and they both have pretty traumatic and eventful pasts... so it's really better to read them in order... that way you can really appreciate this little scenes that are in every book... sometimes it's a page or two... or just a couple of sentences... but if you know the meaning and feelings behind them, then you know how important they are :)

And I do love how the author balances between making each case interesting and making sure that if this is your first book, that you are not confused and can follow the story and relations between the characters :) and on the oher hand adding this lovely, small scenes and informations that are extremely rewarding if you read the series from the beginning :) it's very hard to accomplish, and she does it perfectly with every book :)

I lova the main characters... and I don't mean only Eve and Roarke :) cause there are more who now appear regularly, like Peabody, Eve's partner :) and there are so many colorful and funny characters throughout the series... I couldn't list them all even if I tried... some of them we see in many books, some of them only in a few, but they are all interesting and colorful in a very different way :) but I think my personal favourite is Dennis Mira :) he was in just a few scenes so far but I absolutely adore him :) and the scene with him, Eve, hot chocolate and gloves is just pure perfection :)

This case is, I believe, the first one in the series, when the actual murder that is investigated, or in this case murders, took place some time ago... like years ago... book starts when Roarke discovers a body inside the wall of one of his buildings... and as Eve likes to say, he owns half of the world :) this is one of his new acquisitions and it's the first day of the big renovation :) as the owner he takes the first few swings of the hammer and when part of the wall collapses, they all see what looks like a body... when Eve and the rest of the police shows up, by the time they finish the search, they find 12 bodies of what looks like kids... and after that, as always, the investigation goes on throughout the whole book, with additional cute and funny scenes here and there like a beautiful little bonus for us :) 

I'm writing about this book, because I'm two books behind the schedule, with the newest one coming in september, but it's because I read most of them in translation, but at some point got tired of waiting and switched to the original version :) I will definitely make a post about the whole series in general, but I'm not sure when, so in the meantime I hope that I interested you enough to give this series a try ;) 

I have just two short quotes for you, to show some of the interactions between the characters, but there are much more of them in the book :)

Part of the conversation between Eve and Peabody :)
"'If he said there were bodies, they're bodies.'
'Yeah, probably. Homicide: our day starts when your ends. Permanently.'
'You should sew that on a pillow.'
'I'm thinking a T-shirt.'"

Eve and Roarke when walking into the hotel :)
"Eve scowled her way inside. 'How much did you slip him?'
'A fifty.'
'I don't bribe doormen,' she said with some righteousness.
'No, darling, you reduce them to quivering puddles of fear and awe, but this seemed quicker and cleaner.'"



Sunday, August 23, 2015

Review: "Born of defiance" by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Book 9 in series The league
Main characters: Talyn and Felicia

It gets me every time I read one of the books in this series... :) I usually don't read books that takes place in space/other planets and stuff... I don't have anything against them, it's just none of them really got my attention... except this one :) I read a book, fall in love with this series again, then kind of forget how awesome it is when I wait for another one to be published... and then it hits me again ;) I love that feeling, don't you? It's like discovering something amazing all over again ;)

Let's start with a few more words about the book :) it takes place chronologically around the same time as the first one :) and just a word of advice... the first three books were published years ago, but don't read them if you come across them, the revised versions that were published later are much better :) so look out for that ones ;) I'm gonna write about it more when I'm gonna do a post about this whole series in general :) I just felt the need to warn you here in case you got interested enough to read it ;)

As always, I seriously encourage you to read a series in order :) cause it is the best way to avoid spoilers about the outcome of events that takes place before the one that you are reading at the moment :) plus, it gives you better knowledge of the characters, and then someone popping in for a scene or two will have much more meaning :) and all of that is true in this case :) but, there is also just enough explanation in any book, that if you pick one of them out of order, you will be able to understand the characters and enjoy the story :) and it was extremely helpful, since I remembered very little from previous books... hey, I read really a lot... plus it was soooo hot here when I was reading this one, that half of my brain was not working properly ;)

I loved this book as much as I love all of them... I don't know why, but this series is so much different from what I read but at the same time so similar... I think what draws me everytime is the characters and the depth of the universe that the author created... I love all the different races and worlds... even though I hate rules on some of them... but the details, and the stories... the connections and bonds between people... it is truly a gift to be able to create all of that :)

I can't really say anything about the main characters that wouldn't be spoiler-ish but I'll try :) he's one of the greatest fighters on his planet... a champion, but it doesn't really matter, cause people like him are hated on his planet... he belongs to one of the lowest castes and that fact is strongly connected to the next book... which will be actually about his parents... now I definitely can't wait to read that one ;) but to be honest I feel like that about every book in this series ;) she starts as his paid companion but quickly there are so much more things happening, that I almost forgot about that fact... :) whole book takes place in a span of a few months, and trust me... there is a lot going on :) but again, I can't really say anything without giving away valuable informations that would spoil you're pleasure while reading it for the first time :) so I hope that at this point you trust me enough to at least give it a try without much more ;)

Oh, and I almost forgot... two-words-tattoos :) I can't say more, but it is one of the sweetest, most adorable things I read in a long time :) so I hope that even without much details you are intrigued enough to put this book, and this series, in your minds :) and if you are still thinking about it, you have to visit her website :) cause people... this is the best... website... I have ever seen for readers ;) it is so full of details, pictures of characters, trailers for books, additional informations, questions and answers, playlists... and so... much... more :) seriously, check it out, you can thank me later ;)

I have just one quote for you, and it's only because I got caught up into the story so completely that I forgot to find more ;) so ups ;) I'm really sorry and I hope you'll forgive me :) but it's a great example that besides the serious stuff there is also a place to laugh :)

Part of the conversation between Talyn and Felicia :) Felicia starts
"'You're very sweet.'
He snorted. 'Don't say that out loud. You'll ruin my ferocious reputation.'
Laughing, she shook her head. 'Ferocious, huh?'
'Absolutely. How you think I got my rank at this age?'
'Your sexy sweetness?'
His warm laughter filled his ear. 'Yeah, sure,' he said drily. 'That always works for rank advancement. You sweet-talk the enemy. They fall over, laughing at you.'
'See. I knew it.'"



Thursday, August 20, 2015

Review: "Secrets of a summer night" by Lisa Kleypas

Author: Lisa Kleypas
Book 1 in series Wallflowers
Main characters: Simon Hunt and Annabelle Peyton

This book was exactly what I needed :) I can't believe I have never come across this amazingly talented author before... how's that even possible? So this is the moment when I express my most humble and yet ecstatic gratitude to Karen who recommended her to me :) thank you soooo much :) we may never met in person but I feel like we're kindred spirits... loving the same books :) so please accept my words and in exchange I can only hope that you will be able to find here some books that will be new to you and will capture your heart as this one did mine :) cause I don't even want to think about the possibility of never reading her books... it's too scary... ;)

So about the main couple... Annabelle is 25, and she's finishing her fourth season in London, so she's not your regular, innocent and shy debutante... it's her last chance to get a husband, cause the situation of her family is very dire... Simon is 33, and doesn't have the title... he's actually the son of a butcher who aquired his vast fortune by himself... he's got this alpha dominant thing going on... ;) they actually met 2 years earlier... and what an encounter it was... ;) but I really loved how the whole situation between them was resolved before the last chapter... like way before... I was actually wondering what can happen after that... the short answer? A lot :) I absolutely adored the chemistry between them and their conversations... both of them sparkling with something more... ;) 

In this book we meet all four ladies who calls themselves "wallflowers" :) they spent many balls together sitting and waiting, and when they finally started talking, they discovered that they like each other and want to help one another :) Annabelle is the most normal lady of the group... although I hate using that word, since it suggests that there's something weird about all of the other girls, and that's not the case... :) but since I can't come up with a better adjective, this one must do :) she knows all the rules of their society, isn't too shy or too outspoken... :) as oppose to the other girls... ;) Lillian and Daisy are american sisters who don't know the rules... and sometimes even if they do, they choose to ignore them ;) they are more direct and outspoken... :) and Evie is very shy with a stutter and a horrible family... I adored all of them from the very first scene... they are all very different, but each and every one of them stole my heart... I can't wait to read their stories... and you're gonna laugh when you remember their first conversation about available and potenatial husbands after you read all of the books ;) plus, who wouldn't love girls who come up with the game Rounders-in-knickers ;)

I have to confess, that I really missed the atmosphere of historical romances... especially if they are written as good as this one :) the witty banter... the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) conversations, glances and more... tempting words filled with double meaning... I actually feel like I should up my vocabulary with more elegant and refine words... maybe I should find a dictionary ;) not to mention that I forgot how sexy, hot and sensual a scene can be even without that many physical details... if you use the right words... and Lisa Kleypas has an amazing ability of creating a scene that will make you blush even without describing every little detail... ;) because believe me when I say that in this book there is much more than just a few kisses stolen in the garden ;)

If you're in a dire need of an enchanting book that will take you away from reality and into a sublime, elegant world full of smart, witty conversations and characters that you'll fall in love from the moment you meet them and will cheer on for them until the very last page, then look no further... cause this series by talented Lisa Kleypas is absolutely all that you need :)

And if you're still hesitating, let me give you a little nudge in the right direction with this few quotes :) and it was very hard for me to choose only seven, cause I wanted to quote whole conversations and chapters ;) and I do realize that seven is a little bit more than a few, but I just couldn't decide which ones to eliminate ;) so just enjoy cause it's not always gonna be like that ;)  

Part of the conversation between Simon and Annabelle in the beginning :)
"'Miss Peyton, if I ever worried about being polite, I'd never get anything I wanted. I merely thought you would enjoy a temporary respite from being a perpetual wallflower. And if this ball follows your usual pattern, my offer to dance is likely the only one you'll get.'
'Such charm,' Annabelle remarked in a tone of mocking wonder. 'Such artful flattery. How could I refuse?'
There was a new alertness in his eyes. 'Then you'll dance with me?'
'No,' she whispered sharply. 'Now go away. Please.'"

Why I love Lillian and her way of thinking ;)
"'Perhaps he's waiting to meet someone. If so, it would hardly do Annabelle any good to go charging forth like a rhino in season.'
'Might you be able to come up with a more flattering metaphor, dear?' Annabelle asked mildly, and Lillian flashed her a grin."

Annabelle and Simon a little farther in the book ;)
"'I didn't think you had a chivalrous side,' she said, her teeth clicking as another chill shook her. 'I th-thought you were a complete scoundrel.'
'I don't know how people get such ideas about me,' he replied, glancing down at her with a teasing gleam in his eyes. 'I've always been tragically misunderstood.'
'I still think you're a scoundrel.'
Hunt grinned and shifted her more comfortably in his arms. 'Obviously illness hasn't impaired your judgement.'"

And another one with our main couple :)
"'I spent most of my youth hauling sides of beef and pork to my father's shop. Carrying you is far more enjoyable.'
'How sweet,' Annabelle mumbled sickly, her eyes closed. 'Every woman dreams of being told that she's preferable to a dead cow.'"

Yet another reason why I adore all of the girls ;)
"'Feels so odd.' she said, her voice slurred. 'No sensation in my mouth. Daisy... don't say that I was drooling while Mr. Hunt was here?'
'Of course not,' Daisy said immediately.' I would have done something about it if you have been. A true friend doesn't let another friend drool when a man is present. Even if it's a man that one doesn't wish to attract.'"

Because I apparently couldn't help myself, another one with Simon and Annabelle ;)
"'Obviously, you want me to kiss you. And I'll be happy to oblige, when the time is right. But not yet.'
'Mr. Hunt, you are the most...'
'Yes, I know,' he said with a grin. 'You may as well spare yourself the effort of hurling adjectives at me, as I've heard them all before.'
'It's not adjectives that I want to hurl at you. A sharp object or two would suffice.'"

But I give you my word, this is the last one about them... ;)
"You couldn't be safer. I'm hardly going to seduce you while you're obviously too weak to defend yourself.'
'That's very gentlemanly of you.'
'I'll seduce you when you're feeling better.'"



Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Review: "Six of hearts" by L. H. Cosway

Author: L. H. Cosway
Book 1 in series Hearts
Main characters: Jason "Jay" Fields and Matilda Brandon

To be honest, I have a lot of reviews waiting to be edited and posted, but this one had to go on top of my list... simply because it was so spectacularly wonderful that you guys need to hear about it :) every once in a while there comes a book that leaves such an impression, that I have to immediately share it with you, cause more people have to know about it :) this is one of those books ;) it was actually my sister, who started it first and then called me two chapters in, to tell me that I absolutely cannot pick anything else, I just have to read this one next :) and we all know how I can't say no to her ;) and I knew, that if she was calling me after two chapters, that it's gonna be one of the really good ones... ;)

The blurb doesn't really say anything... it's all very mysterious, so let me tell you something more... but only a little ;) Jay's an illusionist, who wants to sue the paper that posted some very horrible story about him, and Matilda works for her father, who's a solicitor :) Jay wants to hire him, but when he refuses, he instead moves in with them :) cause he needs a room and they have one to rent :) I'm not gonna say anything more, cause I don't want to spoil your reading :)

Now something about the main couple... :) I absolutely loved Matilda :) she has these awesome inner monologues and she's sort of socially awkward... I think the reason why I love those kind of characters, is cause I see myself in them... I'm so much better with writing what I think or talking to myself, but put me beside an actual real human people and I don't know what to say ;) I kid you not :) usually I need time to feel comfortable around someone to be my sarcastic and weird self :) so Matilda definitely stole my heart... but as much as I loved her... it was nothing compared to my love for Jay... I mean, how could I not...? He's an illusionist... a charming, very charismatic illusionist... with an accent for crying out loud... ;) and he calls Matilda "darlin".... and that's not a typo... it's darling without the "g" at the end... <sigh> what more could a girl want? ;) did I mention that he has an accent? ;) oh, and the tattoos... he's got a lot of them but we get to know the meaning of two of them in the end, and it's absolutely wonderful :) and let's not forget about the nicknames :) he calls her Watson... yes, Watson as in Holmes & Watson :)

They have this friends/flirty sort of vibes in the beginning... I mean, she definitely has a crush on him... and who can blame her? I would too... ;) he tries to be just friends with her... not because he doesn't want her but because... well, let's just say that he's got a very good reasons for that... mainly to keep her safe... so it's not this annoying "I want you but can't be with you cause I have some stupid imaginary reasons for that" :) it's all very real... but don't worry, the ending is very satisfying :) I mean, his speach when he describes all of it... <sigh> my heart melted... ;) but none of them can't deny the chemistry and the sparks that fly every time they are near each other :)

Not only the main couple is great, I really like the secondary characters too :) Jessie, Jay's friend is wild and absolutely fun :) and Michelle, Matilda's friend is also great :) I mean, how could you not love a girl who introduces to you shortcut TOLO ;) it will be in quotes at the end, so be patient ;) not to mention that Matilda's dad is totally cute :)

This whole book was like "The hooker and the hermit" all over again :) you can definitely see that L. H. Cosway was the co-author of that one :) it was a perfect blend of her style of writing and Penny Reid's ;) but I already wrote an ecstatic review about that one, so let's go back to my ecstatic review of this one ;) I was hooked on this book from the very beginning... I had to very consciously put it aside and very sternly talk to myself to remember that I have stuff to do and can't read just one more chapter... plus, we all know that it's never just one more chapter... ;) be warned, after this book, you might be in the mood to watch "Now you see me" ;) I certainly was, but don't worry, it was a pretty great movie so you're safe :) oh, and if anyone knows about similar books then pretty please let me know :) cause I'd love to read something else like this :) the only thing that would make this book better is if I could get something from Jay's perspective :) but it's just my little suggestion, cause I personally love dual points of views in books :) and I'm really curious what's going on in that head of his ;)

I hope that I infected you with my love for this book... ok, that didn't sound very appealing... ;) let me start that again :) hmmm...... ok, it seems I can't come up with a clever metaphor, so all I'm gonna say is... you definitely should check out this book, it's a super fun read with a beautiful "aaawwww..." ending :) what more could you want? ;)

To be honest I thought I had more quotes prepared for you, especially quotes that actually included Jay, but it seems that I have been mesmerized by him and hadn't written them down... ;) and now I can't find them :) hope you can forgive me for that :) but I dare you to read that book and tell me that you don't forget about stuff every time he appears... ;)

One of Matilda's inner monologues :)
"On the outside I'm all business. On the inside I'm a nervous wreck. How in the hell am I going to act like a normal human being while spending at least an hour in his company? He really doesn't know what he's in for. I wager I'll last about five minutes before I blurt out something stupid, thus rendering the following fifty-five minutes an awkward delight. And when I say 'delight', I mean nightmare."

Some of the texts that Matilda exchange with her friend Michelle ;)
"Matilda: He came to the office looking for a solicitor and left with a landlord instead.
Michelle: Lol. Funny how often that happens. So, when can I come over and meet him? I'll be all like, TOLO come over here and impregnate me with your sexy magician babies.
Matilda: TOLO...?
Michelle: Tits out, legs open.
Matilda: Okay. Sorry I asked."



Friday, August 14, 2015

Review: "Love hacked" by Penny Reid

Author: Penny Reid
Book 3 in series Knitting in the city
Main characters: Alex Greene and Sandra Fielding

Guys... I think I'm in love... seriously... this book was... without a doubt... the best book in this series (and I already read the fourth one so I know what I'm talking about) :) maybe some future book will knock this one from the number one spot but it's gonna be really hard :) cause I loved everything about it... the main characters, the story, the ending... Penny Reid, how the hell do you do it?!? ;) how do you create this complex, smart, funny people... :) and sexy, we can't forget about that ;) her books are romances like I have never read before... and that is a huge compliment coming from me cause I read all the time since I can remember :) and her style of writing is one of a kind :) ok, enough of my girl-crushing on a married woman ;) let's go back to this fabulous book :)

Sandra is my new favourite character from the knitting group :) she is an absolute blast ;) I love her jokes... sometimes corny, sometimes really inappropriate, but always said in the right moment to brighten the mood or difuse some sort of situation :) she have one of the best inner monologues with herself... why did I add that last part...? Who could she have inner monologues with besides herself...? ;) anyway... ;) back to Sandra :) she's a psychotherapist who reads her horoscope everyday :) and they are often written in the beginnings of chapters :) and Alex... <sigh> oh Alex... <another sigh> ok, get a grip woman :) sorry, but I'm so in love with him that I needed a moment to gather my thoughts... it didn't help, but I'm gonna try to write something anyway ;) he's this absolutely sexy, mysterious guy... with a voice that melts all of you... right along with your panties and inhibitions... ;) and it is truly a gift to be able to write a character in a way that I can hear his voice... :) so that's another reason for my girl-crush ;) his a guy full of contradictions, maybe a little weird... but there is a very good reason for all of that :) and if me loving him also makes me weird, than... I really don't care ;) you can call me weird :) I don't mind cause I don't think of myself as an absolutely normal person ;) just ask my sister... ;) or maybe don't... she knows all my stories... ;) and some of them should never be said out loud ;) but back to Alex... <sigh> sorry but I just can't help myself :) I would love to tell you more about him, but I think it will be more fun for you, to discover him and all his secrets, or at least the one that he shares, while reading the book :)

Not only the characters are awesome... and by that I mean also the secondary characters, cause we get, as usual, appearances from ladies from the knitting group and their significant others :) and that group is always a delight :) but the story... :) the story is fantastic in this book... you have a mystery, a romance, an action-packed finish, twists and turns along the way... :) I don't want to go into any more specific details, cause I want you guys to be able to be surprised while you read the book :) cause I love this little things... get to know what's going on bit by bit :) so just believe me when I say that it's awesome and very satisfying :)

I don't know what it is... it must be a lot of awesome reasons all at once... the characters, the story, the ending, Alex... <sigh> oh my god woman, pull yourself together ;) sorry for that ;) all of it just clicks for me in this book :) besides, who doesn't love a good Wookie costume reference? ;) and this is the book where we learn the reason why Fiona's book has the word ninja in the title ;) and by the way, I'm sooo looking forward to read that one :) so people, if you're looking for an awesome read that will make you laugh out loud inappropriately in public places and go "aaawwww...." in another places look no further... this is your winner :)

There were so many amazing quotes in this one that I had a really hard time picking just a few :) but I did my best ;) if you want more, bump this book to the top of your "to be read" list ;) but I do hope I already gave you enough reasons to do that ;)

I love her reactions to Alex at the very beginning of the book ;)
"'I'm Alex, and I'll be serving you tonight.'
Be cool. Be cool and act cool. Be chill, act chill, be ice. You're an ice cube. Just be cool."

And another one ;)
"My heart rate increased inexplicably. I felt like a skittish rabbit. This was noteworthy, as I usually felt like an optimistic octopus."

One more reason why I love her :)
"We stood silent, inches from each other, sharing the same breath.
'Three years is a long time.' His voice was achingly seductive.
I frowned because I was confused, but I managed to whisper, 'Yes. And fettuccini noodles are too thick.'
He frowned, but his attention didn't waver from my lips. 'What does that have to do with anything?'
'I don't know. You said three years is a long time. I thought we were sharing random opinions.'"

And another one why I adore Alex... <sigh> ;)
"The laugh tapered slowly, but his large smile remained. 'You're pretty witty.'
'I think you meant to say <you're pretty and witty.>'
'No. I said what I meant.'
'I don't think I can approve of that response.'"

And the last one that will leave you absolutely swooning... maybe Alex doesn't talk much, but when he does... ;)
"Remember that I've been watching you for over two years. You are the most exquisitely beautiful woman I've ever seen. And I'll never say that you're pretty, because that word is pathetically inadequate."



Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Review: "The darkest touch" by Gena Showalter

Book 11 in series Lords of the underworld
Main characters: Torin and Keeleycael

First, a little dedication... ;) so this one is for my lovely sister :) since it's so hot that half the time I have to turn off my computer I read really a lot lately :) thanks to that, I have tons of reviews just waiting to be edited and posted :) yesterday I asked her what she would like to read next, and this was her choice :) so I hope you'll like it ;)

I actually started this book some time ago, a few weeks after it was first published, but read only a few chapters and stopped... I couldn't read more... and that's only cause I was in a wrong mood for that book at that time... cause when I read it now, I couldn't put it down... :) it's like I was reading two different books :) and I'm glad I took that break... cause otherwise I wouldn't appreciate it as much as I did now... :) cause it was so awesome... ;) so that's a lesson to remember: never force yourself to read a book if you're in a wrong mood... even if you've waited for that book a long time... it's just not worth it ;)

What I love about this series is "recap sentences" ;) what's that, you ask? I just came up with the name for it ;) but basically, it happens in a series of books... the farther you are in it, usually the more stuff happens with a lot of characters... more connections between people and consequences of actions taken three books ago :) it's not a problem when you read all of the books one after another (like when you discover a series that already has 10 books published and you can read them at once) cause then you pretty much remember all that you need to... but when you're up to speed and then have to wait about a year for the new book... not to mention that you read other books in the meantime... well... then some of the details... or most of them, like in my case ;) can slip your mind :) and that's why I love "recap sentences" in this particular series :) cause they always provide just enough information that you can get up to speed, but not too much that you get bored... ;) it's just a little something "he's doing this" or "she's there doing that" and "they went there and are trying to get this done" here and there to help jog your memory :)

I was very curious about Torin's story pretty much from the start... I mean, how the keeper of disease, who with every touch starts a plague and kills can be with another person... I was curious and a little bit afraid at the same time.. cause I really wanted for him to have a great story... and an even greater woman by his side... and boy oh boy was I not disappointed.. ;) it was absolutely worth the wait :) Torin, as the rest of the guys (and I do mean that as a group of people, cause there is a woman among them), is a warrior... they are all brave, strong and powerful... but what I love in this series, that in the most cases, their women are much more powerful than them :) so they are not just this helpless damsels in distress just waiting to be rescued :) oh no, they are kickass ;) and Keeley is not an exception... in fact, I think she might be the most powerful of them all up to this point :) not to mention that she is very old, which means she knows a lot of stuff :) it's kind of funny when she tells him from time to time "you know that you can do this and that since you have something, right?" ;) and I absolutely love how her looks changes depending where she is :) and Torin's T-shirts... :) other warriors makes them for him and they all have some sort of pun related to them ;)

All of the books are intertwined, but the further we go in the series the more they are connected... we have not only the warriors, but along the way we meet new characters that definitely will have their own book... cause if not, I'm gonna start a riot ;) and some of them will surprise you, cause you wouldn't expect to root for them ;) this series already has 11 books, and the quality of the story is still amazingly high :) it's not that obvious, cause in some cases you see that author doesn't exactly know where she/he wants to go next and it's not as fun to read as it used to be... but not in this case :) it's going really strong and I can't wait for the next addition :) and the one after that... and one after that ;) you see where I'm going with it? ;)

I hope that I interested you enough to give this series a try ;) cause I can't really say much more about the main characters, beside the fact that they meet in prison... and that's pretty much it... ;) sorry, but any more additional information like whose prison, why are they there, how they escape, what's the solution to this whole I-can't-touch-you problem, what happens with others characters in this book (and believe me... the answer is a big, fat A LOT ;) ) what we find out about... stuff... I really can't say anything, cause all of it is spoiler-ish ;) and even though I can't go into any details, I can and will say that you absolutely have to try this series :) but start with the first book (this is a perfect example of a series that you absolutely have to read in order because they are all heavily connected), cause you don't need to read the novella to understand the world and the rules :) it's a nice addition, but I advise you to start with the full lenght story :) and if you're still hesitating, here are some of the awesome and funny quotes fom the book... :) I have to say that Gena Showalter has the ability to keep the perfect balance between the emotional moments and the ones that makes you cry from laughter ;) and believe me, there are much more awesome quotes in this book besides this small example ;)

When Keeley figths with a bad guy :) the bad guy starts
"'Not so haughty now, are you, female?'
'Someone has a toilet-paper word of the day, doesn't he?'"

Part of the conversation between Keeley and Torin :) she starts
"'I'm going to do it. I'm going to hit you with a blast of power, and you're going to writhe in the worst pain of your life. Nothing will ease you.'
'Great.' Then, when she hesitated, he had the gall to add 'I'm waiting...'
'You should be running.'
'Why? Do you want to stare at my ass?'"


Saturday, August 8, 2015

Guest review: "Reaper's legacy" by Joanna Wylde

Author: Joanna Wylde 
Book 2 in series Reapers MC 
Main characters: Ruger and Sophie

It's another review of a book that my lovely sister read :) and just as before, after lenghty and detailed brainstorming session I will do my best to write down and share with you her thoughts and impressions :) also, I feel the need to warn you about the strong language in the book and the use of the word "property" when they talk about a woman... I explained it in the review for the previous book, so let me just quickly say this... it's a harsh world, and no ring will ever mean as much as a vest with that words... it's one of the most powerful symbols they can offer... so don't reject the whole concept just because you don't like one word :)

Because it's the second book in the series, we get to know the characters a lot better... :) there is definitely much more depth and layers to them than you might expected... :) not to mention introduction of a lot more :) especially ladies... ;) we get to know more partners of the riders... kind of like they have their own little club inside the official one ;) and the best secondary character of the whole book is definitely best friend of Sophie, ex-stripper named Kimber :) apparently she has the best lines in the whole book ;) and since you know more about other characters, naturally you get more and more curious about future books and stories... especially since there is a lot happening in this one, that affects the next one... they are very connected to one another... and yes, I will at some point post a guest review of the third book, cause my sister read it and claims that it's the best one in the series so far :) so be patient :) or not, and just read it before my review ;)

We also get to see a bachelorette party and a wedding for a couple from the first book... and let me tell you this... it's something all right... ;) I mean, who chooses "Put some sugar on me" as their song... and it appears on their wedding too... ;) some very fun and interesting couple, that's for sure... ;) and let's not forget, that during the bachelorette party a lot of stuff happens, cause there is someone who constantly says "your marriage is doomed if you don't... <insert some sort of a challenge here>" :)

Now to the main couple... the best way to describe their relationship is to say that it's complicated... but it's understandable, since the situation between them is not simple... I mean, when a guy helps to deliver your baby on the side of the road... a baby that he's half-brother is the father of and the mother giving birth is just a teenager... nothing ever again can be simple between them... not to mention that you can understand both their sides in this kind of I-want-you-but-I-don't-want-you-it's-complicated situation... he's this super tough guy, with tattoos and piercings... a lot of piercings actually... in a very curious places... ;) and there is apparently a tattoo of some sort of dots on his arm, that we get the explanation of at the end of the book... and it's adorable ;) but other than that he's this tough guy who doesn't want to settle down, cause he can't promise her that he will be faithful... and she's not a part of their world, and she doesn't really want to be... especially cause she wants to keep her son far away from it... not to mention that neither one of them wants to mess the situation up because they both care very much about her son... and they are both proud and stubborn, so it takes a lot of time for them to actually reach a happy ending, but they achieve it nonetheless :) I'm told that book ends in a truly beautiful epilogue :)

This time I decided to give you guys some quotes that maybe will help you get the tone of the books a little bit better ;) so let's all say "thank you" to my sister for finding them :)

Part of the conversation between guys :)
"Rumor is, you saved her ass. Fuckin knight in shining armor. Might wanna trade your bike in for a pretty pink unicorn to ride, seein' as you're such a special snowflake and all."

And this one is from Kimber about her husband ;)
"He owes me. He gets to play poker every single weak, and when I was pregnant I told him that if I was sober, he should be sober too. He totally ignored me. Also, he bought me a minivan. A fucking minivan. What kind of man does that to a woman?"


A and J

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Review: "Revived" by Samantha Towle

Author: Samantha Towle 
Title: "Revived" 
Book 2 in series Revved 
Main characters: Leandro Silva and India Harris

Even though this is a second book in this series, you can actually read it as a standalone if you're more interested in this one than the previous one :) I read it in order (and usually recommend to do just that) because there are always this little things that you can appreciate more when you already know a couple from their own book ;) but it's not like you're gonna be confused reading this one if you're not familiar with the first one ;) it very much stands on it's own :)

Now to the actual book... I really liked it :) I was both, really looking forward to reading it, and a little bit hesitant about starting it... but it's my regular feelings before starting a second book in any series... cause you never know if it will be as good as the first one... the one that captured your attention and stole a few hours of your sleep ;) well... this one definitely is as good as the first one... I'm not sure, but it's possible that I may have loved it even a little bit more actually... ;) maybe it's because they were both adults... I mean, Carrick and Andi were both in their twenties but there was a lot of drama that didn't need to be there, because of their lack of proper communication... and here we have like grown up adults :) and yes, there is drama and complications, but they are more serious and harder to overcome... and I do love that not all of it just magically solves itself by the end of the book... there are actual consequences to their actions :) it makes all of it more real to me :)

So about that main couple... ;) we briefly met Leandro before, and if you read the first book (and even if you didn't it's in the blurb, so I am not counting that as a spoiler) you already know that he was in a very serious car crash in one of the races... he barely survived and it took a year for him to come back to health... at least physically, cause mentally he's in a very bad place since he can barely sit in a car, let alone race in one... enters India :) she is a therapist and was referred to Leandro by Carrick and Andi... which may surprise you to know, but know Carrick and Leandro are unlikely friends :) she's a single mother of a twelve-year-old son and has an awesome twin brother, Kit :) they are both in their early thirties, so they're both also more mature than the first couple... and there is definitely more serious drama involved in their situation... the first half of the book is the big introduction to them, to their story and in what places both of them are in their lives... then stuff happens and in the middle of the book we jump ahead seven months when the really interesting things start to happen ;) Leandro and India definitely have chemistry... and my oh my, what a hot-sizzling chemistry it is... ;) I swear, at one point I was actually shouting (in my head of course, cause it would be weird to shout it out loud ;) ) at India to finally stop resisting... :) even though she has very good reasons to do so :) they start with a strictly professional relationship... and she really does help him deal with his problems :) I mean, you can call it strictly professional if you ignore all of that little-but-not-so-subtle-hot-flirty-thing between them ;) I loved their interactions from the start and I think you might love them too :)

I absolutely loved the secondary characters in this book :) Kit, India's twin brother was truly amazing, and I sincerely hope that he will get his own book... preferably the next one ;) because he ends up with someone that we know and love... ;) it's in the epilogue, so I'm not gonna spoil you and say who it is here, but I'm guessing that after you read it, you're gonna be hoping right alongside with me that he's book is next :) and I can't even start to talk about Jett... her teen son, although his twelve so technically not a teen yet ;) he's obsessed with F1 and just this sweet and very smart kid :) I love his relationships with India and Kit... and later with Leandro :)

Amazing bonus in this book, at least for me, is the fact that we get to read chapters from both Leandro and India perspectives... it was a good idea, cause we got a better look inside both of their minds and what drives them to act the way they do :) plus, it didn't hurt that Leandro is yet another character with an accent... <sigh> and apparently I'm a total sucker for a guy with an accent as long as it's spoken with such charisma and confidence ;) and the fact that we get not one, but two absolutely adorable epilogues definitely didn't hurt ;) so even though there is much less actual F1 in this book, as oppose to the first one, which is totally understandable, especially since India has nothing to do with that world and Leandro is unable to race at first, it is a truly great sequel and I hope that Samantha Towle has many more books in store for us in the future... ;) so what are you waiting for? Go read, read, read... ;)

But if you are still hesitant, I have something that will definitely get you more interested ;) a few quotes... and it was very hard to pick just a few, cause there are so many good ones in the book... but I tried my best ;)

Some of the thoughts that goes inside of Leandro's mind, when he sees India on a date ;)
"She's on a date? I feel like I've just been punched in the chest. Is this the guy she was on the phone with the other week? The one she said 'I love you.' to? The guy looks like a dick. Sure, I can't see him properly from here, but he's definitely not good enough for her. No man could be."

And some of India's thoughts to prove to you, that she's so much more than this cool and distant therapist ;)
"Oh God. I cover my face with my hands. What I have done? How could I let that happen? But he was all wet from the shower, he smelled so good, his chest was bare, showing a sexy smattering of dark hair, and he had a six-pack and the V. The V! And he spoke to me in Portugese. Portugese! How the hell was I supposed to resist that?"

And part of the conversation between India and her son ;)
"'So, you stayed at Leandro's last night?'
My face floods with embarrassment. 'Yes. No! I mean, no.' God, I hate it when he fires a question at me when I'm distracted.
'You know, Mum, lying to your only son is a terrible thing to do. I'm pretty sure that lies between a mother and child are the beginning of a potential downfall. I mean, you lie, and I could feel hurt and rejected. I might rebel. Start hanging out with the wrong kind of people. Smoke. Do drugs. Who knows where it'll end?'
Shaking my head, fighting a smile, I sit down in the chair opposite him. 'Nicely played. When did you get this smart?'
'I've always been this smart. I learned from my super smart, very pretty mama.'
'You're on a roll this morning.'"