Saturday, July 4, 2015

What's next... my little ideas ;)

Hello to all of you my lovely readers... :) I'm writing to you on this beautiful and hot weekend... and I don't mean just summer-hot... no no no... I mean heatwave-hot... so if I'm gonna start babbling or stop making sense, I'm totally blaming the weather and temperature ;) I think the only reason I'm able to put like half a sentence coherently together, is because I'm drinking my super sweet and yummy iced coffee :) I allow myself just one of these babies per day, cause the way I make it, it's full of sugar ;) so I drink just one cup... one huge, gigantic cup... ;)

I wanted to share with you my two ideas about future posts, that will happen very soon :) I have a lot more of them just bouncing inside my head, but they are still in the developing stage ;) and of course if you have some ideas or suggestions, please let me know :) I would love to hear what you think :)

Ok, so the first idea is a "flashback review" :) all of my posts that are titled "Review..." are about books that I finished recently, and I'm writing them with the characters and details fresh in my head :) but before I started this blog I read tons of other books... ;) so my idea is this... from time to time I will post "flashback review..." in which I will tell you more about a series of books, or just one, that I read earlier :) and recommend you something that you maybe missed... or haven't heard about before :) there may be a little less details, but rest assured, all my impressions will be spot on ;) because even if I may not remember all the details, I definitely remember how a book made me feel, if I loved it or if I'm gonna go back and read it again :)

The second idea is a "guest review" :) it's a little hard to explain... or maybe that's the temperature talking ;) ok, let me try again ;) every post titled "guest review..." will be about a book that I haven't personally read, but about a book that my favourite sister read ;) we are gonna have a very lenghty and detailed discussion during which I will write down our thoughts :) after that I'm gonna do my best and put them together in a nice little post ;) then she will edit it with me and I will post it here :) we are after our first brain storming session, and I have a lot of notes :) so our first "guest review" will be posted sometime next week and I hope you'll like it ;) since I never tried it before, we are all gonna see how it will turn out... but I'm hoping for the best :)

Ok, I'm gonna go ahead and finish when I'm still making some sense ;) I wish you all a happy weekend :) take care of yourself and talk to you soon ;)


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