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Review: "Zack" by Sawyer Bennett

Author: Sawyer Bennett 
Title: "Zack" 
Book 3 in series Cold Fury hockey 
Main characters: Zack Grantham and Kate Francis

This is the third and final book available in this series... I mean as of today... cause that first part sounded a little bit ominous ;) so let me be clear... there will be more :) in fact, the fourth book is just around the corner ;) and by that, I mean september, but still... it's not that far away... ;) sorry for the confusion, but it's sunday, so be nice and just let this one slide... ;) if you read previous books... or not, but it's in the blurb so it can't be counted as a spoiler, Zack lost his long time girlfriend, and a mother of his son, in a car accident... this book picks up around four months after that accident... Zack is starting to get back to the team and now he needs a nanny, since the season starts soon... enters Kate :) well, not literally, since it's actually Delaney, Zack's sister who picked her, but you get what I mean ;)

I think the best word to describe Zack in this book is guilt... he's feeling guilty, because he was driving the car... because he survived and Gina died... so he's feeling guilt, and nothing else... fortunately for him (and us, cause otherwise it would be pretty depressing book) this changes with the arrival of Kate... oh, Kate... I absolutely love her... I mean, all of the characters that Sawyer Bennett created are amazing and it's a pleasure to read her books, but I think Kate is up till now my favourite character in this series :) she's smart, super funny in the most geeky, dorky way possible :) as she calls herself at one point, and I agree that it describes her perfectly, she's adorkable ;) she instantly has this amazing connection with Ben, Zack's son, but it's because she's great with kids :) she's confident, understanding and very honest... I seriously cannot find something that I didn't love about her :) so they are like night and day, at least at the beginning :)

Their "relationship", cause I can't use that word in a normal way, since it starts as just-sex-with-strict-nothing-more-rules type of thing, especially since there's Ben, that they have to think about, is complicated... plus, he thinks that he will never be able to give her anything more... but in time, she gets under his skin... unfortunately, because his mind is consumed with dark thoughts and guilt, which you can totally understand given what he went through, he doesn't really see that at first... and I especially hated his way of treating Kate when she starts to be friends with Sutton and Olivia... I mean this whole servants-don't-socialize-with-my-friends thing (he doesn't use those exact words, but the meaning is pretty clear) is horrible... I mean seriously, in what century we live in... ;) so sometimes he's an ass, but you can understand his confusion and struggle... and his speech to Kate at the end of the book is really moving ;) so I forgave him everything ;)

Besides the main couple, we can't forget about little Ben... he is so cute that he'll make you smile a lot of times ;) and of course people from previous books also makes an appearance :) and we meet Ryker, the hero from the next one... and let me tell you... september can't come soon enough ;) I cannot wait to read his story... :) and Sawyer Bennett does that to me with every book in this series... I read one, and she puts this bits and pieces about future characters in it, so I have to read the next one... when the situation happens again... :) and the vicious cycle is complete ;) so now I can only hope that she will write and write these books forever ;)

I'm definitely in some sort of contemporary and/or sports-themed books mood ;) I can't read anything else, even if I try... and let's be honest, I don't try very hard ;) cause I keep finding awesome books that are the beginnings of an even more awesome series... and I can't stop reading... ;) hey, I'm not complaining, just stating facts ;) so join me in this amazing reading journey and give this book a try :)

I have some quotes for you today, although there aren't as many as I would like, but it's only cause Kate babbles a lot ;) and when I say a lot I mean really, really a lot ;) and I can't put here a quote, that would be longer than my whole post ;) but believe me, she's amazing ;) her whole attitude makes her a friend that all of us would love to have :)

As a proof, some of the nicknames that she uses on Ben and Zack :)
"Mr. Tadpole Climbing a Beanpole, Miss Sparkly Skates, Hell On Skates"

Part of the conversation between Kate and Sutton :) (Kate starts)
"'Do you think I should try to talk to him?'
She gives a snort and picks her fork back up to attack her salad. 'Talk to a man? Seriously? You don't have much experience with them, do you?'
'Don't you talk to Alex?' I ask with a grin.
'Of course I do,' she scoffs. 'But it's a battle half the time. And trust me, that's a man thing.'"

And as the last one... who says that during sex? ;)
"'Oh, Jiminy Crickets,' she mutters in her soft southern voice, and there's a grin a mile wide on my face as I look down at her.
'You're such a dork,' I tease her. 'Who says Jiminy Crickets while they're being fucked?'
She laughs softly. 'I do. And you haven't started fucking me yet.'"



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