Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Review: "Revved" by Samantha Towle

Author: Samantha Towle 
Title: "Revved" 
Book 1 in series Revved 
Main characters: Carrick Ryan and Andressa "Andi" Amaro

I actually didn't plan to read this book so soon, but my sister started it before me, and immediately came to me, like after a few chapters, and said that I have to read it next :) I mean, you should've seen her... ;) she came, told me that, and after I wasn't convinced stood next to me with a scary face... ;) like for real... scary-kind-of-scrunched-up-furrowed-brows-and-everything face ;) so I didn't have a choice and after bursting with laughter, I started it ;) and she was right... again :) this is actually the first book that I've read that takes place around Formula 1 and racing and I really enjoyed it :) so if you know about some others, please let me know ;) but before I make you do my job, let me recommend this one for you ;)

I have to honestly say, that I loved this book... even with the push-and-pull connection between main characters... I was afraid that it would be annoying, but to my surprise, it wasn't :) it actually made a lot of sense... both of them has their issues, hurts and fears that goes way deeper than they admit... plus, they're young, so the lack of proper communication with each other is understandable... ;) and it is a really intense world :) but you cannot argue with the sizzling-hot chemistry that they have together.... ;) so I was rooting for them the whole time... even if sometimes I really wanted to smack one or the other to help them realize things a little bit faster ;)

Even though Andi had this whole I-want-to-be-with-him-but-can't vibe, I really liked her... because I understood where this whole stuff and problems were coming from... and it wasn't just your stupid, made-up drama... no, she actually went through some traumatic stuff as a kid... and it's not a big spoiler, since it's in the prologue, so I'm gonna tell you... can you imagine what it must do to a ten-year-old, if you witness the death of your race car driving father during a race? So I couldn't judge her... I mean, she could handle the explaining part better, but hey... if it were too easy, the book would be half as long ;) and Carrick.... my oh my Carrick... he's just a poster boy for a bad-boy-but-still-cute-and-charming driver.... I mean, with the blond hair, blue eyes, that smile and that accent... come on, he's got an irish accent... I mean seriously, how many times one can read about a hottie with an accent, before one starts to consider moving to another country to find someone with that kind of an accent... ;) and I really loved how he kept calling her by her full name the entire time... can you imagine kept hearing "Andressa" with an accent? I would have a crush on him too ;)  

Besides the main couple, secondary characters in this book were really great :) I'm seriously girl-crushing on Petra right now ;) I hope she will get her book or at least throughout the series we get to read about her happy ending :) and it's not only her... there's also Benny and just so much more that I'm not gonna list them all here ;) but I am gonna say, that I can't wait to get my hands on the sequel :) cause Leandro makes a very memorable appearance in this book and I'm soooo curious about his story :) fortunately, it was published just days ago :) and my sister already inhaled it and said, that it can also be read as a standalone... sure, you always get a little bit more depth of the characters if you read them in order, but hey, if you're more curious about the story between Leandro and India, go ahead and check it out ;) you can look forward to my review of that book probably in a near-ish future ;) oh, and a fun bonus about "Revved" is that throughout the whole book we get names of artists and song titles in some of the scenes, which really helps with setting the mood, and picturing it all in your head... at least it worked really well for me :)

And because I love you so much I'm gonna again leave you with a few quotes, that I hope will help you see how amazing this book is and what a great connection Andi and Carrick have :) so you get even more curious and you'll read it sooner ;)

"'You're Andi... my new mechanic?' His eyes are wide with surprise.
I have to suppress the smile I feel. Tilting my head to the side, I put my hands on my hips. 'I am.'
'Well, fuck me. I was expecting someone...'
'With a penis and a deep voice? Sorry to disappoint.'"

"'So you missed me then?'
I turn my face to look at him. 'With every fiber of my being.' I deadpan.
A smile tips up his lips. 'A simple yes would have sufficed.'
'Why be simple when you can be amazing?'"



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