Thursday, July 2, 2015

Review: "Michel/Striker" by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright

Authors: Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright
Book 8 in series Bayou heat
Main characters: Michel and Chelsea, Striker and Twelve

What is a better way to start this beautiful (and super hot) summer month... and my birthday month ;) than with a super hot paranormal little romance...? Don't answer that, it's a rhetorical question ;) cause there is no better way :) so without further delay I give you this delicious little dessert for your summer evening ;) ok, now I'm hungry... so I'm gonna go for a little ice cream break and you just keep reading ;)

I was actually totally caught by surprise by this book... meaning I somehow missed the release... to this day I have no idea how that could've happened... I just know, that I was looking for some other book by Alexandra Ivy and suddenly I saw this one... and I was like... Whaaaaat....?!? What is this?!? And more importantly... how did I missed this?!? ;) I guess it will forever be just another one of those mysteries that you never figure out ;) but let us focus on what happened after I finally found the book ;)

It still amazes me, how good of a story both these authors can create in only a few chapters... I mean, I should have known better after reading this series for a little while ;) would I liked to read more about certain couples? Sure... :) but I can say the same about characters from full lenght books, so maybe it's just me being greedy ;) the most important part is that we get a story for each couple, that does not dissapoint... sometimes I would love just a chapter or two more, but all in all, each story is satisfying :)

This book, as all others from the series, is another chapter in an ongoing story :) each book concentrates on a different couple, but there are a lot of stuff that takes place in many of them, a lot of story arcs that spans over a few books... this keeps you very curious about what comes next :) because even if one story arc comes to an end, there is a lot more that starts and keeps you guessing and wondering what's gonna happen ;) I really can't say a lot about characters from this book... I can't say anything really, without major spoilers, so I'm just gonna encourage you to give this series a try if you're a fan of one of the authors... or both ;) and even if you are not familiar with them, but you love a good-sexy-paranormal-shifters story, this one is a perfect fit for you :)



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