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Review: "Garrett" by Sawyer Bennett

Author: Sawyer Bennett 
Title: "Garrett" 
Book 2 in series Cold Fury hockey
Main characters: Garrett Samuelson and Olivia Case 

To finish/edit this post I'm gonna need my writing juice, so excuse me for a second... ;) ok, I'm back with my super huge cup of sweet-full-of-sugar iced coffee and I'm ready ;) would you just look at that cover.... <wipes a little bit of drool> sorry, got distracted a bit ;) but I'm gonna say that I spilled my coffee... that's the less embarassing version ;) ok, but back to the book... :)

I have to admit, that I was a little bit afraid, that I wouldn't enjoy this one as much as the first one... Why? I'm so glad you asked ;) do you sometimes get this feeling when you start a totally new series by author you haven't read before and you absolutely fall in love with it? With the writing style, characters, chemistry... oh, the chemistry... ;) but then you're a little hesitant before starting another book in that series... cause you're not sure if it will live up to all the expectations... :) it happens to me very often... fortunately, in this case, I was nervous for nothing :) cause it was amazing :)

I knew Garrett before... a little bit... ;) and he stole my heart with his charm and flirting from the very first scene :) but he is so much more than just this one-night-stand-kind-of-a-guy :) he was just never interested in a woman for more than one, two dates... and I use the term "date" very loosely ;) but throughout this book we discover that there is much more in him than we thought... he's a very brave, strong, loyal person... and when he cares for someone, he cares very deeply... and of course the fact that he's a very skilled smooth-talking guy definitely doesn't hurt ;)

Olivia is a bit of a free-hippie spirit :) it's easy to understand why, when you meet her mother ;) and what a scene it is when Garrett (along with us) meets her for the very first time... :) just wait and see... ;) plus, she has the most colorful friend ever :) Stevie is this totally flamboyant-owns-everything-he-is gay and I loved him from the start.... but this beach/paradise themed thing he did for Olivia at one point in the book was absolutely adorable... :) see how I was able to tell you about it without actually telling you about it? ;) spoilers-free-zone :) I was really afraid that the fact that she's sick will be kept a secret for a long time (and I hate when that happens in books) but fortunately, she tells him all about it pretty quickly... Olivia fights with her illness with the help from her friends... and Garrett when he learns about it, but I really didn't like her asinine idea about Garrett and their relationship that she gets near the end of the book... although I can understand where it came from... I still think it was stupid... but I loved to see who helped her see the true reasons ;) 

I also really love the fact that in this book we have again chapters from both Garrett and Olivia points of view :) and it's just as good as it was in the first one :) I came across couple of opinions, that some people don't like this changing of perspective, that it's hard to keep up with and might be confusing... and I get that... we all have our likes and dislikes :) I just happen to love the switch ;) especially when it is done in a way that you actually see the difference between the characters ;) otherwise, why do it? ;)

But don't worry, this is a book with a very happy ending... I would not recommend it to you otherwise ;) for me, a good book has to have a happy ending for the main couple... they might go through pretty tough stuff, but they have to end up in a good place... and don't start hating on me, cause I have no problem with other books or people who love them... it's just, for me reading is my way of relaxing... a little escape from reality ;) ok, sometimes more than a little cause I tend to disappear from the world when I dive into a really good book ;) that's why a happy ending is a must on my checklist ;) and this one has a truly beautiful one... especially the epilogue, set 41 years later... :) you'll love it :) so definitely don't worry and start reading :)

And since I was going on and on about how Garrett is a charming smooth-talker I just have to give you some examples to back up my words ;) so here they are :)

Part of the first conversation between Garrett and Olivia :)
"'So, do you have a boyfriend?'
Her head snaps up to me and a small grin forms on her face. 'Nope.'
'Nope,' she says as she holds her left hand out and wags her fingers to show me no wedding ring.
She smirks at me. 'No.'
'Potential lover?' I ask, raising my eyebrows.
'No.' she says and chuckles.
'Damn,' I say miserably as I clutch at my heart. 'So there's no hope for me?'
"Not at the rate you're going.'"

And another one some time later (but sooner than you think) ;)
"'So, as far as candy goes... I'm partial to Snickers,' Garrett says out of the blue.
I lift my head to grin at him. 'Is this your attempt at pillow talk?'"

When they are at the beach :)
"'I was thinking,' I muse out loud, sinking my feet deeper into the hot sand.
'See... that's a problem for me,' Garrett rumbles from beside me. 'You're supposed to be relaxing, so quit exhausting that brain of yours.'"

And the last one... don't get me wrong, he has amazing scenes with other people, it's a total coincidence that I picked only quotes from his conversations with Olivia ;)
"'Have you ever wondered what it is that could cause a man like me to give up his philandering ways and only have eyes for one very hot and sexy woman?'
'Just to be clear... that woman we're talking about is me, right?'
Garrett swoops in and gives me a swift kiss, pulling back just as quickly. 'Yes... I'm talking about you, dork.'"



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