Friday, July 10, 2015

Review: "Friends without benefits" by Penny Reid

Author: Penny Reid 
Book 2 in series Knitting in the city 
Main characters: Nico Manganiello and Elizabeth Finney

Before I started this book I was in a bit of a rut... I just couldn't decide what I want to read next... paranormal... historical romance... urban fantasy... something contemporary... I couldn't make up my mind... finally I decided to read something that would make me laugh :) written by author that I already loved before... :) so I decided to start this book... and it was an excellent decision, because the first sentence improved my mood immediately ;) here it is for you guys: "I recognized him instantly even though the last time I had seen him in person he was seventeen, naked and asleep. I was sixteen, haphazardly dressed, and sneaking out his window." Ok, so technically it's two sentences, but you know what I mean ;) not to mention, that her dedications are always fantastic :)

I was afraid that after fabulously amazing, totally surprising and hilariously funny first book this one wouldn't be as good... but fortunately I was wrong :) on the one hand it's so much different than the first, but on the other hand, they were very similar... let me try to explain :) it was different, because the couple in this book and their relationship is not the same as Janie and Quinn's... I mean, Nico reminds me a lot of Quinn, since they both are very stubborn and relentless :) and handsome, let's not forget that ;) but Elizabeth is definitely not Janie... and don't get me wrong, I really liked her and I loved to see her journey and how she changes throughout the book... I just liked Janie a little bit better ;) but only a little bit :) so even though the couple and their story is so much different, the overall feeling of the book, fantastic style of writing and funny comments makes this one excellent addition to the series :) plus, the fact that she cannot pronounce his last name correctly the whole time is adorable ;)

The story of Nico and Elizabeth is... complicated... they have so much history between them... and I don't mean just funny or awkward, but there are also very sad events and memories that makes it harder to reach their happy ending... but I was cheering for them throughout the whole book, even though sometimes I had the need to grab Elizabeth by her shoulders and shook her a little bit to help her realize some stuff ;) on the other hand, Nico and his twinkling eyes had me on his side from the very beginning of the book ;) and he speaks italian... mmm... I think I would have the same reaction as Elizebth if I would hear him speak italian... ;) but I think that we already established my soft spot for guys with accents and guys who speaks foreign languages... ;)

In this book we also get to know a little bit more about the women from the knitting group... and let me tell you... I love all of them and can't wait to read their stories :) fortunately for us, each and every one of them will get her book :) a little break for my happy dance... ok, I'm back ;)  

So I absolutely encourage you to read this book :) I'm starting to think, that lovely Penny Reid will very soon become my go-to author when I want a witty and sarcastic humor, sexy flirting and a story that will grab me from the start and won't let go until I finally knows how it ends :) don't you just love a good series, when books fit together perfectly, and yet each stands on it's own and is different? Cause that's my favourite kind ;) and this is exactly this type of series, so don't wait any longer and just read, read, read ;) 

Last but not least, I also have for you some quotes, because apparently I can't help myself ;)

"And looking like sex on a stick - if sex were Italian and the stick had an unfair amount of charisma - he sauntered towards us."

"I narrowed my eyes. Maybe he would look less appealing and edible if I narrowed my eyes."

This one needs an explanation :) because apparently when parts of Elizabeth's body stops responding to her brain and make up their own mind, they all have one go-to response ;)
"I clenched my jaw and willed my feet to stop.
Brain: Stop, feet.
Feet: ... I like cookies.
My feet kept moving."

And what she says to him, when she walks in on him just in his black boxers baking... ;)
"The torso of magnificence and thighs of splendor. You want to cover up?"



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