Friday, July 17, 2015

Review: "Alex" by Sawyer Bennett

Author: Sawyer Bennett 
Title: "Alex" 
Book 1 in series Cold Fury hockey 
Main characters: Alex Crossman and Sutton Price

I found out about this book thanks to the wonderful people from "The locker room" facebook group :) seriously, if you love sports themed romances... and even if you don't ;) you should check it out :) I would thank personally the individual who recommended this series, unfortunately, I can't find the thread, so it has to be anonymous :) either way, I really hope that you will read it and know that you made my day, when you helped me discover this amazing books... and I say books, cause I already started another one in this series ;)

Now back to the book... it was fantastic :) truly wonderful... :) there were chapters from both, Alex and Sutton points of view, which immediately bumped it higher on my favourite books list ;) I really love this jumping between main characters, to see what's in their heads... especially when it's done as good as in this case :) this is a story of a really gooooood romance... between two people with hard pasts... she overcame it and came out of it stronger than ever, and he's still fighting his demons... it's all very complex, but I love characters with depth, and not just this shallow people that you sometimes get :) but what I loved the most, and what I think may be the biggest plus of this book is honesty between Alex and Sutton... there is no playing games... to grand promises... no pretending... there's just this "there's something between us so let's see where it's going" :)

Now about the main characters... :) Alex really is kind of a douchebag... and that's just me being polite ;) at least at the beginning, he acts that way... I mean, from the start I actually love that he's honest about himself, and doesn't pretend with anyone... but there's a reason fans call him "MVP" which in this case stands for Most Valuable Prick ;) he's an amazing hockey player, but hates the game... he don't get well with his teammates... the only reason why he's still on the team is because he really is that awesome :) and it's truly fantastic to see how he changes throughout the book... how he discovers new sides to himself, that even he didn't knew he had... and it's all thanks to Sutton... ;) but don't get me wrong, it's nothing that she does consciously... it's just how she is... I think she is one of my favourite female heroines in romance novels... :) she's so put-together, knows what she's worth... she's this truly inspiring, radiant person, who influences people all around her :) it's actually really adorable to see how Alex is different around her... without actually realizing it at first ;) and what is one of the best qualities in her, she can totally stand her ground... even with Alex :) she's not intimidated by him at all :) although maybe it's because she doesn't know about his all-star-arrogant-hockey-player ways, since at the beginning of the book, the only thing she knows about hockey is that it's played on ice ;)

Secondary characters in this book are also super fun :) I love her adorable family... and yes, there is such a darker past there with her birth father, but her "real family", how she calls them, is absolutely wonderful... :) her brother is just the best kid ever ;) and as the book goes on, and Alex starts to interacts more with his teammates, we get to know more about them... and this is the moment when you feel really happy to know, that it is an ongoing series :) cause let me tell you.... I'm super curious about other books :) but I'm actually glad that the second book is about Garrett, cause he stole my heart a little bit in this one ;) especially because after joining the team, he totally ignored Alex grumpiness and everything else and just didn't left him alone, until they were friends :) so I can't wait to read about his story, and the girl who will finally get his attention for longer :)

I have to admit that the ending and epilogue were so cute and adorable, that I think I was actually going "aaaawwwwww" for most of the time reading them ;) but it was sooo sweet :) I can't say more about it, because I don't want to spoil anything, so you just have to trust me... :) and have I ever disappointed you before? ;) so believe me when I say, that this book is an excellent start to what very quickly is starting to become one of my favourite sports-themed-romance series of all time :) it's smart, sexy and hilarious all in one excellent package and I'm very glad that I can share these books with even more people, who maybe haven't heard about them before... and that thought is truly scary... ;)

And because I love you so much... maybe even as much as I loved this book ;) here are two quotes for you ;) I would give you more, but there were too many to choose from, so let this be just an appetizer, and the rest of them you can enjoy when you read the book ;)

Part of the first conversation between Alex and Sutton :) (Alex starts)
"'Look, you might as well know I'm here under protest.'
'Really?' she asks, her voice satiny smooth but filled with sarcasm. 'I would never have guessed.'
'You'll find out soon enough that I'm not easy to work with.'
'I've had experience with difficult people.'
'I probably won't show up half the time you're expecting me and the other half I'll be a prick.'
'At least you've given me a heads-up.'
Christ. Didn't this woman knew when to be daunted by something?"

And another one, just a little bit farther down the road ;) (Alex starts)
"'You're like the good little angel that sits on my shoulder telling me positive things and acting as my conscience.'
'And that's a bad thing?' I ask with a laugh as I kick my tennis shoes off.
'Well, the corrupting little devil is usually dressed in a really sexy outfit and that is so much nicer to imagine.'
Snorting, I pull on the first skate and start to tighten the laces. 'I can be corrupting too, you know. I have layers.'"



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