Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Guest review: "Reaper's property" by Joanna Wylde

Author: Joanna Wylde 
Book 1 in series Reapers MC 
Main characters: Horse and Marie

I'm very proud to present to you our very first "guest review" post :) as I explained previously, this is a review that I created with my sister, about a book that she read :) because it is the first post that I'm writing about a book that I haven't actually read myself, I hope it will all go well :) we had a big brainstorming session about it and I will do my best to describe to you all of her impressions and thoughts :) are you ready? Cause I'm not sure I am... ;) but let's start either way... ;)

First things first... don't you get immediate "Sons of anarchy" vibe just looking at that cover? ;) and let me tell you, they just get better and better... ;) my sister even saw the main character looking like Jax... even though he's blond and Horse definitely isn't ;) but maybe it's because of her withdrawal symptoms after the show ended... ;) she was a big fan :) and just like the show, this series is not for everybody... it's not your typical romance, and it's not your typical group of characters... although we do get a happy ending for the main couple :) their world is darker, more intense and more violent, but it doesn't mean that there is no room for fun, laughter and more mushy stuff ;) oh, and if cussing bothers you, then you should think twice before starting this book ;) just saying, you've been warned ;)

Some of you may be offended by the words "old lady" and "property" when they are used to describe women... I know I would be, if a guy would propose to me out of the blue to wear a vest with "property of..." but it is sooo much more than you think... :) it may seem to you wrong and bad at first, but when you actually get to know more about their world, rules and hierarchy, you start to realize the whole meaning of this... and deeper bonds that are connected to it :) so don't be judgy and give yourself a chance to truly understand it, before you totally reject it :)

This book is like a collision of two worlds... on the one hand, we have this amazing brotherhood of men, connected by so much more than meets the eye... they are one, big family... definitely not your typical family, but a family nonetheless ;) there are rules, that you can't cross without major consequences, but when you become part of that family, they will not give up on you easily... and you get to see what it looks like from the inside, thanks to the scenes with Horse and his brothers... ;) and on the other hand, we get a chance to look at them from the perspective of a woman, who's not a part of their world... she doesn't understand the rules and doesn't know what to expect... just as we :) everything is new :) it's a very interesting mix... :) but don't get me wrong, she is absolutely not some sort of wallflower... oh no, she can kick ass in her own way ;) and as we get to know more about the club, and meet more members, we are getting more and more curious about their stories... fortunately, this is an ongoing series :)

What is the most important thing that you need to know about this book? It's not a simple story... it's full of multi-dimensional characters... their world is complex... so don't judge, before you actually get to know them...;) plus, you wouldn't think that guys with nicknames like "Picnic" or "Bam Bam" can be scary... ;) but they totally are ;) don't worry, it's not just your orgies and guns and strip clubs... although they do own a strip club, but that's beside the point ;) there is also time and place for family barbecues with kids ;) so like I said, keep an open mind ;)

The best compliment that can be said about this book is that my sister read it non stop... whenever she had a free moment, she read... more than a couple of times she almost missed her bus stop ;) we decided that it's a combination of both, fantastic style of writing and extremely captivating story... you just can't put it down... even if sometimes you really should, especially in a public place... ;) fortunately, we now have a very hot weather, so you can blame the blushing on the temperature ;)

I think that writing this post actually went better than I expected... :) so much better, that I convinced myself to read this book ;) so I will definitely put it on my to be read list... maybe not on my short list... although can you still call it a "short list" when there are sooooo many books on it? ;) I hope you will enjoy reading this as much as we enjoyed writing this :)


A and J

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