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Flashback review: Bride quartet series by Nora Roberts

Author: Nora Roberts 
Bride quartet series

I'm super happy to present to you our very first "flashback review" :) to those of you who doesn't know exactly what that means, here's a quick recap :) I'm posting on my blog reviews of books that I'm reading now, so they're usually new... or relatively new, since sometimes I'm discovering new authors and books that I love, that were published some time ago ;) but before I started all of this, I read hundreds of other books :) and some of them I re-read a few times... ok, some of them even more than a few ;) so this reviews will be my way of introducing to you some of the books that maybe you haven't heard about before, but which holds a very special place in my heart ;)

I'm starting with one of my favourite series from a writer that I truly love :) it's a closed series, and all four books take place in a span of a year... it's about four women, who are best friends, have a business together (organizing weddings) and live together... but don't worry, it's a pretty big property ;) now let me tell you a little bit more about each book... :)

The first one, "Vision in white" is about Mac, the photographer, and Carter, who's a high school teacher... and when I say teacher I mean with elbow patches and everthing, professor kind of type ;) Mac lives in the pool house, where she also has her studio :) the way they meet is absolutely adorable ;) his sister is getting married, so he's accompaning her to a meeting :) Mac spills something before on herself, and while she's in the middle of changing, and only in her bra, Carter walks in on her :) and he walks in on her cause he's lost ;) he tries to get out of there so quickly that he actually bumps into the door ;) it's really cute ;) she has a crappy mother and a father who doesn't really care about her, but he's family is sooo much better, especially his sister :) and let's not forget about Bob :) he's a friend of Carter and he thinks of himself as this brilliant date advisor... I mean he even prepares a list for Carter, of things that he should do, so the date would be perfect :) the first book is more of a big introduction of secondary characters... don't get me wrong, Mac and Carter get their story and a beautiful happy ending, but the series just keeps getting better after this one :) the more you know these people, the more you love them :)

The secong book, "Bed of roses" tells the story of Emma, the florist, and Jack who is an architect/constructor :) Emma is a total romantic, with a big, wonderful, loving family... :) she lives in the guest house :) Jack comes from a broken home and has a huge commitment issues... he's best friends with Del (hero of third book and brother of a fourth book heroine) so he and Emma knew each other for a very long time, and it makes difficult to change that dynamic into something more... maybe that's why they hide their relationship from others at the beginning... in this book, since we know most of the characters pretty good already, we get much more fun interactions :) like when Emma's family organizes Cinco de Mayo party and invites everyone :) plus, Emma likes to play matchmaker... meaning she goes out with a guy, but when she gets to know him better, she actually decides that one of her friends would be perfect for him, so she kind of gets them together ;)

The third one, "Savor the moment" is about Laurel, the baker, and Del, a lawyer and brother of Parker, heroine of the last book :) Del comes from a very wealthy family, the property with the house and everything on it, actually belongs to him and his sister... he's more mature and when he decides what he wants, he will go for it with everything he got ;) Laurel lives in the main house with Parker... she's more cynical and distant... she comes from a poor family and believes that she's somehow "worse" and doesn't "deserve" to be with Del... but don't worry, it all turns out great in the end ;) in this book, there are one of the most fun group scenes in the whole series :) the Fourth of July picnic/baseball game and a little they-have-a-mini-orgasm-everytime-they-think-about-finally-having-free-time getaway the girls planned for everyone are just hilarious :) and that getaway includes a game night with a trophy and everything :) can you imagine the competition...? ;) but my favourite scene is with a wicked math ;) let me explain... when Del and Laurel starts to date, they give themselves 30 days without sex to see if it's going somewhere and if there's something more between them, because they don't want to mess up their friendship... and there comes a time, when Laurel does some really wicked math to prove, that the deadline already passed, so technically they're actually late ;)

The last book, "Happy ever after" is about  Parker, the... it's hard to explain with just one word, so let's just call her the organizer, cause she takes care of everything ;) and Mal, an ex-stuntman now turned into a mechnanic :) he's totally this tall, dark and mysterious type ;) and we can't forget about his amazing mom, who has adorable troubles with technology :) Parker on the other hand gives off a little bit colder, more sophisticated vibe... a little bit more "do not mess with me" vibe, that apparently works for everyone else, but not Mal ;) he's the guy, who finally understands her work, and she's the woman, who finally gets him to open up :) it's really quite beautiful :) this one, besides telling the story of Mal and Parker, is a fantastic conclusion to the whole series... :) cause we get to see not only Carter's sister wedding, but also a wedding of our very first couple, Mac and Carter :)

I would absolutely recommend you to read those books one after another, because the core characters appear in all of them... so when you get to know them in the first one, you only get more curious about their story ;) plus there are tons of fun group scenes... :) the girls have sexy breakfast stories ;) a little ritual that they do the next day, after one of them was on a really gooood date :) and of course this kind of a breakfast have to include waffles/pancakes and not oatmeal ;) plus there's this really amazing thing that they do with picking out a wedding dress when one of them gets engaged ;) guys on the other hand have poker nights, which are also super fun ;) and since they often help women during some of the weddings, and there are a lot of weird stuff that can happen there ;) so be prepared for the unexpected ;)

Because the women live together, it gives us a chance to see how close they are with each other :) even though they are all totally different ;) both women and men are diverse, not only in looks, but also in personalities, so everyone will find someone for themselves, that they'll love more than the others ;) the same can be said about the dynamics in each couple and their story of how they got together, so all of you will be able to find a story that moves you more than the others :) to be honest, I'm not able to pick my favurite couple, or book :) they all have something that I love... either a main character, or some truly wonderful scenes :)

Like in life, these books are full of both fun and sentimental scenes... characters, that you would love to be friends with... :) I hope you will give them a try, and fall in love with that series just as I did... but before I leave you, I just have to quickly say a big "thank you" to my favourite sister, who helped me immensly with this post :) you truly are the best and I'm forever grateful to have you by my side :)



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