Friday, July 31, 2015

Books I can't wait to get my hands on ;) july/august edition

Ok, to be fair, I should have posted the "july" edition of this post before the month in the title started... ;) but I take full responsibility for this... it was the result of a few things that came together in the same time and some books slipped through the cracks... but don't worry, I was able to find them ;) let me explain... :) at the end of june, when I should have done it, I was actually away on vacation so my mind wasn't very concentrated ;) plus, some of the authors I actually discovered in july, so it would be impossible for me to write about them earlier... or would it??? Sorry for that weird joke :) and last but not least, apparently if you do not update your "read" list on goodreads, it does not have the magical ability to read your mind and send you notifications about authors that you secretly read... ;) I know, I was shocked too ;)

So all in all, I decided to combine the july and august edition, so you won't miss some really cool books :) and it actually turned out ok, since I have for you three books from july and one from august :) but just you wait for the september edition... cause let me tell you... there are books that I'm gonna be raving to you about... ;) it definitely will be another long-kind-of-babbling-but-I-hope-still-cute-and-charming post ;) but that is not for another month, so let's dive into this one first :)

First... and if you can buy just one book this should be it ;) is Penny Reid and her newest book "Truth or beard" :) it's a contemporary-sort-of-romance and it's the first book in her new series Winston brothers which is kind of a spinoff from the Knitting in the city series... or to be more accurate, the fourth book in that series, when we meet the only sister of the seven siblings in that family :) if you follow my blog on a regular basis... and I think that you really should ;) you may know that I'm halfway through that first series :) but even though I haven't read all of her books, I feel confident enough to recommend it to you :) she has the most amazing, quirky, funny and wonderfully weird style of writing :) and I mean it in the best way possible ;) plus, if you're not doing it already, you have to start following her on facebook :) her posts are hilarious and I just adore how much she interacts with her fans :) I actually have a very interesting news about her, but I will share it with you at the end of this post so pretty please, be patient :)

Second book that came out in july, and I'm definitely looking forward to try this one, is "Stolen and forgiven" written in collaboration by Alexandra Ivy and Carrie Ann Ryan :) it's the first book in a new series Branded packs :) I'm very curious about this one, since I love another series written in collaboration, Bayou heat and since Alexandra Ivy is the co-author of both of them, I feel pretty safe that I'll like this one too :) plus, I'm recently in a mood for some paranormal-shifter-sort-of-romance so this one is perfect for me :)

The last july book that I want to tell you about is another contemporary romance, but based in the world of F1 racing :) it's actually a sequel to "Revved" by Samantha Towle and it's titled "Revived" in fact I'm finishing this book at the moment, so you can expect a full review in the near-ish future :) I always recommend to read series of books in order, but if you are more interested in the second one, you can start with it :) and let me tell you, that I'm loving this book just as much as the first one, and it's a very good sign :)

The one and only book from august that I want to tell you about is "Rage and Killian", the newest addition to fantastic Bayou heat series by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright :) it's a paranormal romance series with shifters, a bit of magic, and sizzling chemistry ;) I'm always looking forward to new stories in this series, cause they all feel like another chapters to this bigger story... cause we get to see how the main couple come together, but there are always so much more happening in the meantime and we never get enough answers to satisfy our curiosity... :) and even if we do, we have tons of new questions ;)

And now for the very exciting news that I have for you ;) recently Penny Reid posted on fer facebook a calendar of some sort ;) it includes all of her future books for two years ahead :) if I would come up with the idea to sign up for her newsletter, I would have known about it sooner ;) so are you ready for the best... news... ever...?!? ;) there's gonna be more books after "The hooker and the hermit"!!! :) if you loved this book almost as much as me... because let's be honest, no one loved this book as much as me... ;) but I will graciously allow you to love it almost as much as me... ;) then you are now just as excited and thrilled as I was when I first read the news ;) I think I actually squealed... ;) at this point I don't even really care who will be the main couple :) I'm just infinitely grateful there will be more ;) the original picture came without all of the hearts and exclamation marks... these are just my goofy way of showing excitement ;) 



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