Monday, June 15, 2015

Special greetings from the beach :) vacation time :)

Well... maybe my beach doesn't look exactly like the one on the photo, but it's ok :) the effect that it has on me is the same :) strolling on the shore, with my feet in the water... it's the best way for me to charge my batteries for future challenges :) and it doesn't even have to be on long distance... I can walk twenty steps, turn around and walk twenty steps back, turn around again and so on... ;) it's still relaxing :) and this amazing breeze in the air... and the sound of waves... :) I'm in heaven :) the best proof that this sound relaxes me it's the fact that I listen to it when I do my yoga... when I close my eyes I can pretend that I'm on the beach... ;) but for now, when I'm actually here, I'm gonna charge all my batteries to full capacity :)

I hope that even if you are not on vacation, that you'll be able to find today at least one thing that will bring a smile to your face :) I'm sending you my positive vibes to help with that ;) even though after my walks on the beach, parts of my body are still pale, another are in beautiful red shade :) and the rest is somewhere in between ;)

And a super special hugs and kisses to my first regular readers... in random order :) Elena, Jonell, Susan, Karen, Beata and Ewelina :) you girls are awesome and your words of encouragement means so much to me :) thank you for that :) and of course my most amazing, awesome and one of a kind sister... :) she knows how special she is to me, and since she is here with me, I'm gonna go now, and give her the hug myself ;)



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