Sunday, June 7, 2015

Review: "Shards of hope" by Nalini Singh


Author: Nalini Singh 
Book 14 in series Psy-changeling 
Main characters: Aden and Zaira

I actually finished this book two days ago... I just needed time to digest all of the informations... and emotions... because let me just say... it was truly a perfect book :) I couldn't find bad stuff to say about it even if I tried... and let's be honest, I'm not trying very hard ;) but even if I tried I cannot say one bad thing about it :) but I started to expect this from her books... they never disappoints :) some of them I like a little bit more than the others, because of the main characters, or the story, but all of them are always written in this extraordinary style that entertains me and moves me every single time :) I mean, I always would love to have even longer book, but this one was really long :) I wouldn't mind of course, if it would be twice this size ;) but I'm just greedy :) I always want more of her amazing books :)

I'm pretty sure I will not be able to write about everything amazing thing in this book, because there were just so many... :) and I even started making notes while I read ever since I started this blog, so it would be easier for me to later put my thoughts in writing for you :) but there were just so so soooo many great stuff :) so if I don't mention something it's not that I didn't love it, it just means that it must have momentarily slipped my mind :)

So we established already that I loved the book and it was perfect :) now let's talk some more details... :) but don't worry, if you haven't read it yet, I won't spoil anything for you (but there will be some spoilers from previous books) :) first of all, I think that this book was less of an ending to this big "silence" story arc and it was more of an in-between-beginning-for-this-whole-new-amazing-oh-my-God-what-is-gonna-happen-give-me-the-next-one-now kind of a book :) so on the one hand, we see what are the consequences to the fall of silence and the honeycomb protocol, and we can see how Arrows are handling this situation... we can see how Aden is fighting for all of them, and for the better life he believes they can have :) and on the other hand, we are introduced to so many new characters (that needs their own books like ASAP ;) ) and get to know more about characters that were mentioned before :) it's such a big world that I just can't actually imagine ending to this series... because when you think you know a lot about it... you discover this new places and characters... :) and that always keeps you curious and wanting more :)

Plus the relationship between Aden and Zaira truly is one of a kind :) they are both dangerous and lethal... I would even dare to say that she is more lethal than he in certain situations :) and I really love the journey that Zaira goes through in this book... she changes and grows a lot as a person, and she doesn't even see it... I think what I love about her the most is how protective she is about kids... it's truly beautiful and adorable how awkward sometimes she can be around them, but at the same time how good she is with them :) and we get to see how much more complex Aden really is... he is not just this stoic, calm person... oh no, he is definitely not... ;)

Because I want to share with you some stuff that I really loved about the book, but without ruining the experience for those of you who haven't read or finished it yet, I'm gonna write some words and names, that for those of you who already finished it, all will be clear, without spoiling for everyone else :) ok, ready? :) Beatrice, Alejandro, sea-changelings, RainFire and everyone there, especially JoJo... and don't even get me started about "can I have a hug too?" scene... it was so beautiful, so full of emotions... that I cried... and I'm certainly not ashamed of it :) I think it's my favourite scene in the book :) and of course there were many, many, many more great, amazing things that happens in the book... if I wanted to list all of them, I might just as well put here every page from the book ;)

Last but not least :) if you haven't read the newest newsletter, don't do it! ;) I have, and there was this sneak peak of "Archangel's enigma"... and I knew I shouldn't read it, because it's still three looong monhts away... but unfortunately my curiosity got the best of me... and I read it... why oh why did I read it?!? ;) and know I'm counting days to the release day... apparently I will never learn ;) september cannot come fast enough :) so I'm warning you... learn from my mistakes and don't read it ;) for those of you who are not yet on the list, you can sing up here and I highly recommend it :) her newsletters are always full of informations all put in one place about upcoming books, interviews and of course sneak peaks and very special stories just for us ;)



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